Shocker, not: Sarah Silverman lies, forced to apologize

Sarah Silverman

Daily Mail: Comedian Sarah Silverman was forced to apologize after she was caught exaggerating a story about being paid less than a man for a gig – to highlight the gender pay gap.

The comic and feminist campaigner recalled an incident at the New York Comedy Club when she claimed she was paid less than her male counterpart, for a piece she recorded a wage-discrimination-activism video for Levo League.

But Silverman has been forced to apologize after New York Comedy Club owner Al Martin revealed the story was false, because Silverman had been paid less purely because she appeared as a guest on the show and wasn’t meant to receive anything – her male counterpart Todd Barry was booked for the slot.

Silverman has since publicly apologized to Martin and revealed she fabricated the story. But she stressed that critics should not use the story as a way to undermine the gender pay gap campaign.


‘To the maniacs who want to use this as a chit against women’s issues, I ask that you please don’t. Because that would be super s****y,’ she said in a statement, according to National Review. 

In the video, released on April 6, Silverman accused Martin of paying her $50 less than Barry to perform.  She claimed while both did 15 minute back-to-back sets she was paid $10, while Barry went home with $60.  ‘So I went back inside and I asked the owner Al Martin and I said, “Al, why did you pay me $10 and you paid Todd Barry $60?”‘ she said.  ‘And he, it was so perfect. He goes, “Oh, did you want a $60 spot?” It was symbolic, I didn’t need $60, but, you know it was pretty s****y.’ She added: ‘If you work a job and a man is working the same job, then you should be getting paid the same.’

However Martin revealed what really happened in a Facebook post – prompting Silverman’s apology.

She said: ‘When I was interviewed by Levo, they asked me “Do you remember a time you were paid less for the same job” and this story, being just that, popped into my head.’ The comic said she regretted mentioning Martin by name getting caught, who had always been ‘so lovely’ to her. She also admitted her anecdote lie had not been a good example of the gender pay gap. 

In a Facebook post Martin said he fully accepted Silverman’s apology and invited her back to perform. He wrote: ‘It takes a big person to apologize and and today Sarah proved she is that kind of person.’

Silverman came under criticism last month after she posted a list of ten ‘rape prevention tips’ on Twitter.  Critics blasted the comic for offering ‘tips’ to potential rapists while dozens of men responded by branding her sexist for suggesting that all men desire to rape women.

The sarcastic set of rules, which focus on the perpetrator of the crime rather than the victim, also include ‘if you are in an elevator and a woman gets in, don’t rape her’, as well as ‘when you encounter a woman who is asleep, the safest course of action is not to rape her’.

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9 responses to “Shocker, not: Sarah Silverman lies, forced to apologize

  1. Lying, no surprise. I have ever cared for her, she is one nasty piece with a nasty mouth. I find her exactly zero on the funny scale.

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  2. Wow! what a genius! It’s amazing the media allows this satanic atheist lying so-called comedian whore to offer “advice” on situations she has never encountered. Maybe her next “advice” column should be how to be a lady, how to endure 40 weeks of pregnancy, how to give birth, and how to be a mommy and housewife. Or better yet, how to be a true Christian. Oh, wait, it would be more lies coming out of her filthy mouth because she has never done any of that.

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    • She should get a paid vocation to Syria or be invited to perform naked in the streets of Sweden.Give her some time ,and she will see her true face in the mirror.I think she always make sure to say something disrespectful about Jesus in December because of her childish womanhood and real weaknesses as a Jewish who doesn’t give a rat’s # to her heritage.


  3. This is the same Sarah Silverman who declared, “Did we Jews kill Christ? Hell, let Him Come—I’d kill Him again!” to laughter and guffaws from her audience.
    Sarah SIlverman can GO TO HELL! The sooner, the better!

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  4. Sometimes Society must look in the mirror and ask why?


  5. And let us not forget this, from Sarah Silverman:


  6. I’m sure Progressives find her hysterically funny,but then,we KNOW how perverse their “sense of humor” is…


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