1/3 of Dutch physicians are willing to kill the mentally ill

The Netherlands

Jane Collingwood reports for PsychCentral, April 15, 2015, that according to a survey by the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research in Amsterdam, as many as a third of medical doctors in the Netherlands are prepared to euthanize (“physician-assisted suicide”) people who are not afflicted with a terminal illness, but are merely mentally ill.

The survey was undertaken in 2011-2012 by Dr. Eva Bolt and colleagues at the EMGO Institute. They sent questionnaires to 2,269 randomly selected general practitioners (family doctors) and specialists in elderly care, cardiology, respiratory medicine, intensive care, neurology, and internal medicine, who were asked if they had ever helped a patient who was suffering with cancer, another physical disease, a mental illness, dementia, or without a severe physical disease but was “tired of living” to die. 1,456 (or 64%) of the 2,269 completed the survey.

The study found that:

  • A large majority (86%) of those who had completed the survey indicated they would consider “helping” a patient to die.
  • 77% (and more than 90% of GPs or family doctors) had been asked at least once for help to die.
  • 6 out of 10 doctors had actually helped a patient to die:
    • 56% had helped a cancer patient to die.
    • 31% had helped euthanize patients with a non-cancer physical disease.
    • 7% had helped euthanize a patient who did not have cancer or another severe physical illness.
  • As many as 34% of medical doctors who took the survey said they would consider helping a mentally-ill patient to die.
  • That percentage increased to 40% for patients with early-stage dementia. Strangely, the percentage of doctors who would consider euthanizing patients with late-stage dementia was lower — at 33%.
  • As many as one in five (18%) doctors said they are prepared to euthanize someone who is not ill but is “tired of living.”

Full results of the survey are published in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

The current situation in The Netherlands is that euthanasia or assisted suicide is legally permissible “for those whose suffering is psychiatric/psychological in nature.” The Termination of Life on Request and Assisted Suicide Act, effective April 1, 2002, legalizes euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide (EAS) under very specific circumstances. Several stringent conditions must be fulfilled including that “the patient’s suffering is unbearable with no prospect of improvement.”

A team of researchers at Netherlands’ Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre had explored the legal definition of “unbearable suffering,” but concluded that “Unbearable suffering is difficult to assess, so evaluation of the current knowledge of unbearable suffering is needed in the ongoing debate about the conditions on which EAS can be approved.” So the researchers proposed their own definition for “unbearable suffering” in the context of a request for a physician-assisted suicide to mean “a profoundly personal experience of an actual or perceived impending threat to the integrity or life of the person, which has a significant duration and a central place in the person’s mind.”

Blah, blah, blah.

Culture of Death by Wesley J. Smith

According to Wesley J. Smith, J.D., writing for Life News, as many as 42 mentally ill patients and nearly 100 early-stage dementia patients were euthanized in the Netherlands in the most recent year for which statistics are available. The killings were justified by the “assisting” psychiatrists as a “liberation” for the patient and the doctors.

Those numbers are the ones reported. How many were killed surreptitiously cannot be known.


15 responses to “1/3 of Dutch physicians are willing to kill the mentally ill

  1. Wow! What a slippery slope! Who will be there to speak up for the patient if the family is in agreement that the “patient’s suffering should come to an end???” Dr Eowyn, this is an excellent article! Thank you for bringing it to us, even though it is rather sad to contemplate.

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  2. ahh public health care at it’s finest, obamacare/amercide needs to pick up the pace.


  3. psychiatrists or any MD, diagnose and “treat” patients with euthanasia aka state-sanctioned murder…sounds like HUGE conflicts of interest. I wonder how many patients were killed off just because docs felt their lives no longer mattered and if the docs have a financial incentive as well?

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  4. Hey, Holland: This is your nation, this is your nation on progressive moral relativism, any questions? (Last time people thought like that in your country it was 1940- 45 and they were called the SS.) Have you no shame?

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  5. The Netherlands just seems to sink deeper and deeper. What is so horrific about this particular aspect is that there are so many people that can and DO recover from mental illness.
    I watched an excellent show on EWTN about a year or two ago on the whole Euthanasia thing there. I had no idea it was as bad as it was. People are being euthanized because they are afraid of suffering. This might be a 70 year old wanting to have themselves killed before anything is really wrong with them because they are so afraid of what life may bring. Also there was witness from the housekeeper of a priest who was often called to the hospital late at night to give last rites. Without fail the person who was given the last rites was always dead the next day. The priest was oblivious until his housekeeper said to him, ” Don’t you think it strange that everyone you give last rites to is always dead the next day?” We all know that God defies the prognostications of doctors and many people either pull out of their downward spiral or at least linger longer than the doctors expect them to. What the housekeeper was alarmed over was that planned euthanasia was taking place on a consistent basis and the priest had no idea what he had been party to. The final thing that blew me away was that if a elderly person calls for an ambulance because they have had a heart attack or whatever, if they are over a certain age, the emergency medical technicians have the right to euthanize on the spot instead of taking them to the hospital. I kid you not.

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    • the biggest problem these people, and anyone really, has is placing fear over faith….fear is a vacuum. With Jesus there is nothing to fear because you have given up control to Him. satan rules in fear…it is through fear that he controls and when people give that control (fear) to Jesus, satan has no control over them because they are filled with the Holy Spirit.

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  6. If THAT’S really how they feel,they should START with their OWN suicides,because that “logic” proves THEM every bit as sick as those they would choose to kill.

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  7. That’s messed up.


  8. Perhaps we should start encouraging commie-libs to vacation in Scandinavia?



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  9. You know it’s curious –and granted that I was tired from work and had just settled in front of My Monster– but when I first read this in its email format, I thought it was: 1/3 of Dutch Physicians Who Kill Are Mentally Ill” and I thought: ‘Well, I guess they would be!’
    Sometimes mistakes reveal more truths….

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  10. The culture of death has spread its tentacles across post Christian, neo-pagan western society. The insulated Americans better pay close attention thinking it won’t be here.

    If you have been following any news at all you would have heard the latest assault on life from Dr. Deaths Obama and Sebelius with their mandate killings under the guise of Obamacare. -Excerpt from
    Netherlands Door-to-Door Euthanasia Service…America, Who Did They Learn From? http://wp.me/p1amkx-RO

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  11. Those docs from Holland could have a field day over here with those who voted for Barry twice


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