Pajama Boy Approved: Men are now wearing ‘fancy’ sweatpants to work

What every professional man should wear to work...

What every professional man should wear to work…

Business Insider: Sweatpants are getting fancier, and more and more men are starting to wear them to work.  Tapered sweatpants, called jogger pants, were last spring’s hottest trend in menswear. At the time, most men were wearing them casually with sneakers and t-shirts.

A year later, nearly every men’s clothing retailer is selling jogger pants, and the styles and materials have been trending more upscale. On retail websites and in-store displays, models and mannequins are now shown wearing the pants with dress shoes, blazers, and cardigans. The men’s sweatpant, it appears, has not only graduated from the couch to post-gym lunch, but also to the office.

A recent downturn in denim sales is partly to blame for the newly-approved versatility of the sweatpant, according to IBIS World analyst Will McKitterick. “Fashion denim is cyclical,” McKitterick told NPR. “So it seems we’re in a downturn period right now, and that’s not too surprising coming off the large amount of sales we’ve seen over the last 10 years.”

Denim sales were down 6% last year, according to market research firm The NPD Group.

The surging popularity of womens’ yoga pants over the last several years has also facilitated the dawning of fancy men’s sweatpants.  Retailers like Lululemon paved the way in showing women how to transition the tight, stretchy workout pants to activities beyond the gym. It wouldn’t be long before men would want their own version. 

No, no and no

No, no and no

Nordstrom now offers 200 different varieties of jogger pants for men, half of which cost more than $100. There’s a $599 leather pair from Zanerobe, a $295 herringbone French Terry option by Todd Snyder, and a knit pair from Vince for $245.

Men can find cheaper versions at Gap, Express, Bonobos, and Betabrand.

pajama boy

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25 responses to “Pajama Boy Approved: Men are now wearing ‘fancy’ sweatpants to work

  1. PATHETIC , ‘nough said

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  2. The way the man in the first photo is dressed makes him look like a homeless person, with the exception that his clothes are obviously newer with no wear and tear. What an accomplishment, huh?

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  3. The office will now have The People of Walmart sense of style. This is basically showing up in your PJ’s and its gross. Stretch pants of any kind are not good for the body, they lie and tell people they’re not gaining weight. Fitted pants keep one honest and slimmer. The workout pants need to stay in the gym where they belong.

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  4. These things work GREAT for those who haven’t yet learned how to dress themselves. Why not simplify their lives even more and let them wear their pink “footie” pajamas to work. I wonder what they change into after work or on days off-a Tux,or just the basic diaper?

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  5. I am all for comfort but I leave that when I am out with other human beings. As a kid, my mom would always say, “it doesn’t matter if your clothes are old. Just keep it neatly pressed and wear them fresh.” Personally, it is also a sign of respect and consideration. You wouldn’t go to work in your robe right? That’s a stretch but you get what I’m saying.

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  6. Sweatpants to work are the continuation of the relentless infantilization of American men. I fear Truckjunkie is right: pink “footie” pajamas are next!

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  7. Yoga pants for men! (No. Just no.)


  8. well, when you put it that way…LOL


  9. Well…I’ll be sure to let FOTM know when it all filters down to middle school…for the last few years, we’ve had to contend with…basically…11-13-yr-old girls coming to school in black tights without pants & a bikinni top with cut-up T-shirt “over” it. Then, there were the years of little boys with pant-waists “sagging” (hell—SUNK) down to their knees so I was privy to their underwear and “whatever” peeked out (!)….So…are you warning me that NOW, I might have a wave of little boys showing up in their PJ bottoms /flimsy “sweats” to school? I’ve just lived too long 😦


  10. I suspect the next ‘fashion statement’ will be like the TV commercial. Adults going around in public wearing only adult diapers.


  11. Ack! They look like long underwear.
    What has happened to our men? I remember when our male celebrities/movie stars were Steve McQueen, Jack Lord, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Men looked like the original Brawny paper towel man!
    Now we have Johnny Depp.
    I blame fluoride and soy.


  12. I’m not gonna SAY what I blame this BS on-you’ve all heard it from me too often already. It STARTS with a D.


  13. Business Insider: Sweatpants are getting fancier, and more and more men are starting to wear them to work. Tapered sweatpants, called jogger …


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  15. I can’t believe this !!!!!
    It’s sooooo ugly !

    Kids in my school used to get beat up if you dressed like that!


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