Animals Who Accidentally Saw You Naked

owl 1

chipmunk 2

kitty 3




window dog



bulgy eye kitty


odd ball


Hope this gives everyone a laugh today!


16 responses to “Animals Who Accidentally Saw You Naked

  1. I like the lab next to the coon with the, “have ye no shame?” look on it’s face.

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  2. Poor little animals, I wonder if they send out the eye bleach memo??😳

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  3. HA HA HA HA! These are HILARIOUS, Kelleigh! I love every single one, esp. the first one of the owl.

    In truth, I really do feel self-conscious when I undress in the presence of my cat. I even turn my back to him. Sometimes I wish I too am covered with fur like him. LOL

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  4. Sorry about that, little critters. Nobody should have to look at me naked.

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  5. Good one Kelleigh


  6. You all make me laugh again. Laughter is so good for us, and I laughed out loud when someone sent me this in an email, so I thought we all needed a good laugh before the weekend. I don’t let my dogs in the bathroom with me when I get dressed…they always want to lick the lotion off my legs…(miniature Schnauzers do that)

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  7. LOL – I love the mouse pic, but the frog struck cross-eyed is perfect.



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