Wednesday Funny: Dogs who destroy their homes

Some dogs trash the house because they have separation anxiety.

Some dogs trash the house because they like rolling around in garbage.

And then, of course, some dogs trash the house because they are just perverse.


H/t Life With Dogs: and FOTM’s silent reader CSM


16 responses to “Wednesday Funny: Dogs who destroy their homes

  1. And right there at the top is a little miniature Schnauzer, and we have two of them. Thankfully, neither have destroyed anything and they’re still under two, but we have 5 of them buried in our backyard, and one of them ripped out the back of an old loveseat. Still love them to bitsies, but never had to clean up a mess like any of the pics above, yikes….and that one was smiling about it!

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    My favorite one is the three dogs all laying there looking like….. wasn’t me!

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  3. OMG!! I would lose my mind if I came home to that type of destruction. My dogs have ripped up their own beds which is a hellish mess to clean up and mine live in the heated attached garages. I can not imagine that mess in my house. 😳😳😳😳😳

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  4. Awww, the babies were just bored! I’ll never forget coming home to find my husky/poodle mix had actually tarred and feathered himself by tearing up the garbage-his coat covered in coffee grounds and other garbage. All for a few food scraps, bless his heart.

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  5. They must be welfare dogs on section 8, they don’t appreciate all the freebies they have 🙂

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  6. It might be separation anxiety. I have seen dogs left in motel rooms who tear the place up trying to get back to their owners. I think they assume their owner left them by accident. Same thing could happen at home if the owner doesn’t get back when he was expected. Or the dog needed to go potty. Or the dog just likes to dig.

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  7. Some of us pet humans are better trained than that. We recognize the dog’s destructive tendencies,and just set our homes up to be dog-proof.(Auto-closing doors,everything of any value locked into closets or attached to the walls 5 feet above floor levels,living room furnished with milk crates,cinder blocks and aluminum slats bamboo flooring and 5 foot high plexiglass wall covering,etc.) Then we give them plenty of “indestructible” chew toys,feed them foods so healthy and costly that WE have to cut back on OUR grocery buying to afford ’em,let them take us for walks (“drags”),to show their buds how well they have us trained. In return,we get to hang with dogs whose farts will burn the paint off your truck,but will gladly give their lives to protect you. Pretty good deal.

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    • LOL! And after all those renovations it becomes their house which they so graciously allow you to live in. Of course you will be expected to work for them while staying in their home. You’re right Truck, it’s a GREAT deal!! 😀😀😀😀

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  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. How could anyone be angry with such beautiful creatures, in spite of what item they decided to chew on.

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  9. We have two Goldens, and the older of the two just LOVES to destroy rolls of toilet tissue (so, you won’t see a roll of it out in the open here). From Day One, she’s been that way. The old saying, ‘they chew until they’re two’ doesn’t exactly apply, but she doesn’t bother anything else in the house….. just paper. Once, she started rooting around in an old jacket I had laying around. She pulled out a five dollar bill and destroyed it.
    Paper….. DOA around here.
    But, unconditional love…… that’s both of them.

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  10. Really enjoyed the pics! I noticed that one of the “culprits” is a Boston Terrier, of which we’ve had seven down through the years. None has done the extent of damage shown here, but we did have one who chewed a brand new Thompson Chain Reference Bible while we were gone one evening. Some pages were completely torn out and others just damaged. I still have it for study purposes, and am constantly reminded of “Rowdy.” At the time we were heartbroken.

    It is amazing what we put up with just to have their unconditional love and companionship.

    A number of years ago there was a cute documentary on PBS, I believe. It was entitled “Canine Conspiracy” and traced the history of dogs down through the ages. The “conspiracy” part is really amusing. Centuries ago dogs were left mostly to fend for themselves by hunting their own food, roaming the streets, etc. Then because someone of royalty discovered how fetching they could be, the canines found that all they had to do was be very likable, so that people would take them into their homes, dote upon and feed them. No more would they have to be homeless and hunt for food. LOL


  11. Some of the doggies look quite proud of their accomplishments 🙂


  12. That is why you crate them while you are gone ! Four dogs my goodness !!


  13. I like the pit bull with the black fur over his eye!


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