Physicians say aborted human fetal cells used for measles vaccine may cause autism

3 months old human

Jay Carpenter, M.D., writes in Crisis magazine, Feb. 13, 2015:

In recent days a controversy has arisen over whether parents should be required to vaccinate their children. Some politicians [notably Sen. Rand Paul] with presidential aspirations were criticized for defending the rights of parents to make that decision. As an internal medicine doctor, I believe strongly in the efficacy of vaccines. I also believe strongly that our vaccines (and all of our medical advances) should be safe and derived in a morally principled fashion.

There is an ethical concern about the measles vaccine issue that I do not believe the American public is aware: a component of the current MMR vaccine is derived from an aborted fetal cell line. As such, there is a large group of Americans who will not avail themselves of this “tainted” therapy.  The unfortunate truth is that there are ethical, morally acceptable alternative vaccines that are simply not made available to Americans.

Measles is a viral disease that can lead to infection of the brain (encephalitis) in 1 in 1,000 cases, resulting in serious neurologic complications and sometimes death. In addition, it can lead to other problems such as pneumonia. Vaccines for measles are now commonly combined in the MMR vaccine with vaccines for rubella and mumps. These diseases can also result in deadly complications. Vaccination can nearly eliminate the risks from these viral infections.

In order for vaccines to be made for viruses, the virus must first be isolated, then grown in a cell line to provide sufficient numbers of the virus. That viral material is again isolated and put into a vaccine to be injected into the recipient. In isolating the virus after it is grown in a cell line, particles from the cells, including particles of the host DNA in which it was grown, are collected and become part of the material that is injected into the recipient. When the cell line used is of human origin, legitimate concerns about the consequences of injecting another’s DNA into the recipient have been raised and not yet answered.

The rubella virus used in the rubella component of the MMR vaccine was obtained from a fetus that was aborted in the 1970s. To make the current MMR vaccine, it is grown in a human cell line, WI-38, that was derived from a 3-month-old fetus that was electively aborted in the early 1960s because the parents felt they had too many children. The cells from that original fetus have been kept in culture media, and have given rise to multiple daughter populations that are use in making vaccines.

The strain of virus used in the measles and mumps components of the MMR vaccine were derived from the blood of living children who had the disease in question and is grown in chick embryo cells, hence, there is no ethical concern about these components of the vaccine.

Prior to 2009, Merck, the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine used in the U.S. and in many other countries, made available individually separate vaccines for mumps and measles that were derived from the ethically acceptable sources as described. In 2009, they stopped making these vaccines available, despite reassurances to the contrary. Since then, Merck has refused to license these vaccines to other companies who were interested in making them available to the public. It has been since 2009 that the incidence of measles in this country has risen, so it is not inconceivable that legitimate ethical concerns have been at least one factor for the decline in the rate of measles vaccination.

The ethical problem is not isolated to the MMR vaccine. Cell lines from aborted fetuses are used in the vaccines for Hepatitis A, chicken pox, shingles, rabies, some small pox vaccines, some polio vaccines, some combination polio vaccines such as Pentacel and Quadracel, and in some of the new Ebola vaccines. Additionally aborted fetal cells are utilized in some treatments for hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. The fact is, that none of these need to come from such sources, but could be made from other cell lines readily available in research circles.

For instance, the Kitasato Institute in Japan makes MMR vaccines that are ethically acceptable. Regrettably, the FDA decided not to allow their importation into the United States. Individuals can travel to Japan to receive these vaccines, but obviously, that is not a sensible solution to improving vaccination rates significantly.

Politicians and some in the media have suggested mandating vaccinations of children against the moral objections of their parents. Those same public figures would serve us better by helping to promote the manufacture or importation of vaccines that are derived ethically. Parents and their children deserve wholesome untainted vaccine alternatives to promote the health and the safety of their children.

MerckMerck KGaA, the original parent company of the American Merck & Co. Inc., is headquartered in a glass pyramid. Hmm. . . .

Note: Merck is a U.S. pharmaceutical company and the 7th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, the company was established in 1891 as the United States subsidiary of the German company Merck KGaA, founded 1668. Merck & Co. was confiscated by the US government during World War I and subsequently established as an independent American company.

In addition to Dr. Jay Carpenter’s warning (above) about Merck using aborted human fetal cells to derive its MMR vacines that include the measles vaccine, another physician, Dr. David Brownstein, maintains that the current measles vaccine, specifically the human DNA from aborted fetal cells, may be causing the recent increase in autism. He writes:

There is concern that the increase in autism that has occurred may be due to the introduction of human DNA–from fetal cells–in the MMR and chicken pox vaccines.(3) A scientific review from Dr. Helen Ratajczak, a former scientist at a pharmaceutical firm, reviewed the body of published research since autism was first described in 1943. Dr. Ratajczak stated, “What I have published is highly concentrated on hypersensitivity. The body’s immune system is being thrown out of balance” by the increasing number of vaccines given in a short period of time. She also felt that the introduction of human DNA contained in vaccines has markedly increased the risk of developing autism. Presently, human tissue is used in 23 vaccines. Dr. Ratajczak feels that the increased spike in autism may be related to the introduction of human DNA into the MMR and chicken pox vaccines. She goes on to state that the foreign DNA from vaccines can be incorporated into the host DNA which causes the immune system to fight against the foreign cells. This could start an inflammatory process that never ends, leading to chronic illnesses like autoimmune disease and allergies. Maybe this is why we are seeing so many children with severe, life-threatening allergies to common foods like peanuts.

Is the measles vaccine 100% safe? No way. I wrote about the problems with the MMR vaccine in past blog posts. I showed you research by Dr. Andrew Wakefield which found measles virus in the lymph tissue of 12 autistic children. These children never had measles, but they were vaccinated with the measles vaccine. Dr. Wakefield felt that vaccine could be causing the gut inflammation that most autistic kids suffer from. For that crime, he was prosecuted by the media and the medical profession. I wrote to you in August, 2014, ( that the Center for Disease Control—CDC—altered a 2004 study which hid the data that supported Dr. Wakefield’s research. A CDC whistleblower and author on that 2004 paper came forward to announce the 2004 paper was a fraud; the CDC hid data in the paper which showed a clear link between the early administration of the MMR vaccine and autism.

[…] I am still waiting for the highest levels of our Government to examine the CDC fraud. We need the U.S. Congress to call an open hearing to address this matter. Until this matter is resolved how can you fault any parent for questioning the safety of the MMR vaccine?

Perhaps Dr. Wakefield’s research was fraudulent (I have studied it and I don’t think it is). Until we know the truth from the CDC, a parent cannot know for sure whether the MMR vaccine is safe to give their child.

One last comment. Both of my much-older-than-I sisters had measles. Back then, it was a benign illness that everybody got. Just like chicken pox. That generation did just fine with measles. They did not suffer the plethora of autoimmune, allergic and chronic illness that the younger generations suffer from. Perhaps we need to do research comparing vaccinated with non-vaccinated populations. Unbelievably, this work still has not been done. There has not been a single randomized, controlled study of a vaccinated versus a non-vaccinated population.

H/t California Catholic Daily and FOTM’s MomOfIV

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24 responses to “Physicians say aborted human fetal cells used for measles vaccine may cause autism

  1. Will add this to yesterday’s Vax Post.

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  3. I disagree with our author on one point very strongly. They suggest that we would better our efforts to import vaccines, instead of fighting for the right to accept or decline vaccines.

    I am strongly against vaccines all together. I have personally NOT had a vaccine for over 35 years, and the result of my “ignorance” (according to doctors) is a long period of extremely good health. I have never had the flu, (or even the common cold), in all that time, and have not had any of the diseases these vaccines are supposed to protect us from.

    I do NOT advocate vaccines especially in children since their immune systems operate on a roller coaster type of cycle until they are in their late teens. It’s basically playing Russian Roulette with a child to vaccinate them. These days, I hear they even vaccinate infants. I think that is reprehensible.

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  4. Nothing good will ever come from something that had child sacrifice as a means of obtaining it. These vaccines are tainted with the sacrificial blood of unborn children and therefore are not safe.

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  5. that glass pyramid is indeed very interesting….it’s amazing how all of this evil is connected

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    • Right you are, MomOfIV, and isn’t is amazing how blatantly “in our faces” the power elites are, flaunting these traditional occult symbols? They must feel that more than 500 years of propaganda from their side has succeeded in blinding us mere useless eaters….

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    • MomOfIV,

      I was searching for Merck’s logo and saw the glass pyramid. I was agog. Merck and their ilk really are “in your face” with their occult symbols because they are confident that most have eyes but do not see. 😦

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      • and they are the same people whom the world entrusts it’s health and lives and the children’s health and lives every day…as sheeple get sicker and sicker and wonder if the newest advertised drug will “cure” them (by the way, those pharmaceutical commercials should be illegal)


  6. Wonderful post! I would agree, with the sharp rise in autism–why would any parent risk their precious child to the possibility of this disability. Our government is trying to steal parent’s rights to choose what is best for themselves and their children. The fact that another human being was sacrificed (even if it was a willing sacifice on the part of the parent’s) in order to manufacture the vaccine is beyond being acceptable. We don’t mix “blood types,” why would we mix someone else’s DNA and think we would 100% of the time a good result.

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  7. I agree with ArmyVet;Every time we “inoculate” a child,we weaken their immune system,just like every time we get treated with Penicillin,it weakens our immune system and whatever we’re being treated for will develop a little more resistance to its “benefit”,making the illness stronger and us weaker.

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  9. Yet another reason to be Pro-Life…..
    Interesting that the abortion supporters aren’t called ‘Pro Death’, something they have in common with the muslim fanatics who revel in Death, Pain, and Misery.
    They do not value Life. They don’t give a damn about others. They only value their own worthless asses and their degenerate agenda.
    Sad, seeing that image of the poor, defenseless aborted ‘infidel’.
    If I had the power of executive privilege, I would decree that all abortion providers, their assistants, and supporters be neutered, so their demonic genetic lines would be ended.


  10. Anyone advocating mandating vaccination of U.S. citizens is an idiot, a commie, or very likely both. Those same creeps are forcing us to import unscreened and unvetted individuals into our country: 100,000 a month.
    Game over for Ben Carson, who I really thought knew better, or should have just kept his mouth shut, rather than try to sound authoritative. Those are stats are propaganda. And the Catholic Church further abandons the Word in favor of a commie agenda that has tax exemption as a perk.
    This country is so screwed

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  11. The whole System is doing its best to turn us into CANNIBALS!
    Can there be ANY doubt that the rulers at the top are literally SATANISTS? (And their lackies the “Satanistas.”)


  12. Steven you are so right. We live in a country and world that is totality evil thru and thru. Lord Yahshua please come quickly, Amen.


  13. human products are recycled everyday: blood and blood products including albumin, and insulin and body parts, hearts, livers, kidneys and even stool. Have you ever heard of a stool transplant? Well it does happen. Most human body parts are retrieved from cadavers, not live people, so one has to look at the entire picture, not just vaccines.


    • This post is not about “human products” being “recycled everyday.” This post is about something specific — aborted human fetal cells being used to make measles vaccine — to which your comment about “recycled human products” is irrelevant.

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  14. Okay, first of all, I work with special needs children for a living and let me tell you something: Autistic children are absolute gifts.

    You people all sound utterly insane. How can you compare a fetus with a living, breathing child? FETUSES ARE NOT BABIES. They are not children. They are tissue. No one should ever, EVER be shamed or made to feel bad for procuring an abortion. EVER.

    Abortion is not murder. You want to know what murder is? If you fail to vaccinate your child and they are exposed to a deadly, incurable, but easily preventable disease.

    The fact that anyone actually believes any of this anti-vaxx nonsense is completely and absolutely BEYOND me.

    ACTUAL children need vaccines. To deny them to your child should be considered child endangerment and your children should’ve taken away from you.

    If you’re not willing to vaccinate your kids, then you don’t deserve to have them. Period.

    I am utterly and sincerely sorry for all your children and I hope someone does something to save them from your blatant ignorance and stupidity. They don’t deserve to die b/c their parent is an imbecile.


    • “You people all sound utterly insane. How can you compare a fetus with a living, breathing child? FETUSES ARE NOT BABIES. They are not children. They are tissue. No one should ever, EVER be shamed or made to feel bad for procuring an abortion. EVER.”

      So thinks Sarah’s mother who made the mistake of carrying Sarah to term and giving birth to her.

      By the way, the HUMAN BEINGS whom you call “fetuses” can feel pain. Explain that to a mere lump of tissue.


    • So tell me why does “tissue” have a heart beat? Or is that a qualifier of “children” you choose to ignore until a “fetus” can breath on their own?

      Why don’t women have “fetus” showers?

      Love your Alinsky tactic to describe a “procurement.” Whatever gets you through your day working with those special children.

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  15. So, even though humans have existex thousands of years without vaccines, and humans are made in God’s image, you support them because you study internal medicine?

    There is no “safe” vaccine… western medicine is about money and you should know better.



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