What is Obsidian, the company that allegedly “wrote the script” for Sandy Hook?

In an interview with Alex Jones, school shooting consultant and former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig claims that Obsidian, a company in Washington D.C., “wrote the script” for the fake Sandy Hook school massacre of December 14, 2012. (See “Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig”)

 H/t “Barry Soetoro, Esq.”

I don’t know how Halbig came to this conclusion, nor do I know if Obsidian indeed is the script writer and orchestrator of Sandy Hoax. But this is what I found out about Obsidian.


Obsidian Analysis Inc.

  • ranks #217 in the 2014 Inc. 500 listing
  • 5th-fastest growing private company in the District of Columbia
  • Although Obsidian Analysis Inc. is among the Inc. 500, curiously Wikipedia does not have an entry on this company.

Meaning of Obsidian

The dictionary says the word “obsidian” has only one meaning. It is a noun for a hard, dark (black or blackish green in color), opaque, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization.


Note the black pyramidal shape in place of the letter A.

Obsidian logo

Here’s a picture on Obsidian’s website making clear its corporate symbol is a black pyramid. The pyramid has occult Illuminati associations.



Just as I was thinking that what’s missing in the pyramid is the single eye — also an Illuminati Masonic symbol — here’s the eye! Obsidian Analysis Inc. is located on Eye St. in D.C.! You can’t make this stuff up.

1776 Eye St NW 4th Floor | Washington DC 20006 | p: 202.459.0500 | info@obsidiandc.com

I’ve been to Washington, D.C., at least 5 times, but I don’t recall there being an Eye St. So I searched for “1776 Eye St. NW, Washington DC 20006” on Google Map, and just I had suspected, there is no Eye St., but there is an I St.

Here’s a screenshot I took from Google Map (note Obsidian’s proximity to the White House, a mere 2 blocks away!):

Obsidian on Google Map

Now ask yourself this question:

Why would Obsidian Analysis Inc. present its address on its website as 1776 Eye St., instead of 1776 I St.?

What is Obsidian Analysis Inc.?

Obisdian says its clients are government (U.S.) and private sector. Obsidian describes itself as:

Obsidian Analysis provides superior management consulting services to decision makers across the full range of security and resilience domains. Our capabilities cover the entire life-cycle of decision making – from analysis and assessment; to planning; to course of action development; to incident operations; to evaluation; to training and exercising; as well as to stakeholder outreach and engagement.

This is interesting — “Exercise, Training, and Education“:

Obsidian Analysis provides expert, professional, and relevant exercises, training, and education to clients in both the government and the private sector. Obsidian supports and develops high-impact crisis simulations and exercises across a variety of security and resilience challenges: including Cybersecurity, natural hazards, terrorist attacks, as well; as climate adaptation. Obsidian applies a rigorous methodology to help organizations test plans, evaluate capabilities, and assess relationships among key partners and stakeholders. Obsidian has developed, executed, and evaluated 155 crisis simulations and exercises from the local level through the Federal Cabinet, including the President of the United States.

Obsidian Analysis plans, directs, and coordinates Training and Education programs that enhance the knowledge and skills of our clients’ workforces. By rigorously assessing training and education needs, Obsidian training and education programs focus resources on building the most relevant and mission-critical knowledge and skills.

Obsidian’s Leadership Team

Many of what Obsidian calls its “leadership team” of 20 (16 men, 4 women) formerly worked for BAE Systems (formerly Detica and DFI Government Services) and/or some agency of the federal government, typically DHS, NSA, or FEMA. Below are the 3 top leaders.

Note: BAE Systems is a British multinational defense, security and aerospace company headquartered in London, with operations worldwide. It is among the world’s largest defense contractors — the second-largest based on applicable 2012 revenues.Its largest operations are in the United Kingdom and United States, where its BAE Systems Inc. subsidiary is one of the six largest suppliers to the US Department of Defense.

Kevin O'Prey1. Kevin P. O’Prey, Ph.D.: Co-founder, chairman & president of Obsidian. Ph.D. in Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.A. in International Relations from Grinnell College. Author of several books on international security; formerly a fellow at the Brookings Institution, Managing Partner of the Palisades Group, and President of DFI Government Services.

matthew-travis2. Matthew Travis: Co-founder and executive VP of Obsidian. Former president of Detica, Inc. (formerly DFI International). A former naval officer, Mr. Travis served as engineering officer aboard USS CARR (FFG 52) and as White House Liaison to the Secretary of the Navy. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Mr. Travis also earned a Master’s Degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University and an Executive Education Certificate from Harvard Business School.

Jason McNamara3. Jason McNamara: VP of Obsidian. Former chief-of-staff of FEMA. B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from Johns Hopkins University; M.A. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy from University of Delaware.

For all the posts FOTM has published on Sandy Hoax, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.



52 responses to “What is Obsidian, the company that allegedly “wrote the script” for Sandy Hook?

  1. Forensic PROOF: Sandy Hook = Gun Grab Hoax

    Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook, then DIED AGAIN in Pakistan 2 years later.

    Sandy Hook LEAD INVESTIGATOR, William Podgorski, vanished at age 49.

    Famous “Sandy Hook Evacuation” photos are fake.

    Veronique ‘Pozner’ HALLER is a long-time Gun Grabber, pretending her “son Noah” died at Sandy Hook.

    To learn more about Sandy Hoax, watch the Documentary, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook,” HERE:

    David Wheeler (and Francine Wheeler) are ACTORS pretending their son (Ben Wheeler) “died” at Sandy Hoax.

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  2. Dr Eowyn . . . Bless You for continuing to keep us abreast of these false flag operations. It is beyond my comprehension.

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  3. I clicked on the “Obsidian” link you showed to their web page; after reading it, I thought I was going to have to go put on a fresh pair of panties. This stuff is scary. Check out their flowery objectives, etc. etc. also how they wonderfully describe their employees, etc. This is really creepy stuff!

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  4. All I can say is that with all the ways they “scrud up”,they aren’t very good script writers. LOTS of details they never should have missed. Didn’t they think we’d be going over this operation minute by minute? Maybe they’re tied in with the outfit that put in the O’care website-looks like their work.

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  5. It seems the Obsidian organization is as deep black and sinister as the igneous rock it’s named after.

    Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimum crystal growth.


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    • Brilliant, TD! There’s also the obsidian black helmet of Darth Vader. I’m also reminded of Black Ops:

      A black operation or black op is a covert operation by a government, a government agency, or a military organization. This can include activities by private companies or groups.


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  6. Traildust….. nice pics of the ‘evolution’ of ‘Barack Obsidian’, the nontransparent black glass president. ….. Molded by unseen hands.

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  7. This is just so gross! To be constantly screwed with by the people whose wages we pay with our taxes is just horrible to me. It’s really gotten to be like a damn circus side show or a bad soap opera. 😧

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  8. Is it possible that Lenny Pozner might work for Obsidian? Lenny Pozner and Veronique Haller claim their son (Noah) “died” at Sandy Hook. But 2 years after Newtown, Lenny’s same “son” DIED AGAIN in the Pakistan school shooting. That Pozner kid DIED TWICE, in two different school shootings?? How many more “school massacres” will Noah Pozner die in, before America wakes up to these Gun Grab hoaxes?

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  9. I added this to my post:

    Just as I was thinking that what’s missing in the pyramid is the single eye — also an Illuminati Masonic symbol — here’s the eye! Obsidian Analysis Inc. is located on Eye St. in D.C.! You can’t make this stuff up.

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  10. :O How weird is THAT?? Not very,considering the rest of the story….

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  11. I just added more info:

    I’ve been to Washington, D.C., at least 5 times, but I don’t recall there being an Eye St. So I searched for “1776 Eye St. NW, Washington DC 20006” on Google Map, and just I had suspected, there is no Eye St., but there is an I St.

    Scroll up for screenshot I took from Google Map (note Obsidian’s proximity to the White House, a mere 2 blocks away!).

    Now ask yourself this question:

    Why would Obsidian Analysis Inc. present its address on its website as 1776 Eye St., instead of 1776 I St.?

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  12. Dr. Eowyn, you and the rest of FOTM are doing the Lord’s work in your continuous battle against the devil and his plan to destroy us and all our progeny (and sending them to hell for eternity.) You know that, but should be reminded and many others informed.

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  13. “Dr. Downey?!” Stella, get in here, I am calling AccountTemps, you’re fired!

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  14. Ironic, Pozner/Haller a legal counselor to a nation that has, by law, its entire population, French, German, and Italian-speaking, armed as she strives to disarm the country that protects her.
    Just an idea, name all those who should have obsidian as their birthstone.

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  15. Gadzooks! Did you all know that the natives in Mexico and all Central and Southern American had only copper and obsidian with which to make their best cutting tools?

    As copper is too soft to hold an edge for long, obsidian was the preferred blade-making material, especially for cutting out the hearts of sacrificial victims. A sharp one would be good for at least a 1,000 hearts, beats Gillette by a mile!!

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  16. Does anyone know what Wolfgang is up to these days? I know there was a lawsuit coming. In the meantime, his gofundme page was discontinued, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get his updates on his sandyhookjustice.com website. Nothing new comes up on my searches either. Is he even still at it?
    As far as Noah Posner, that’s them laughing at us saying catch me if you can,
    Thanks for keeping all of this current., Dr. E.

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  17. Josephbc69, thanks for that information, it suggests Dr. Carter, medical examiner, as one who may be a candidate for an obsidian birthstone.


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  19. As I write this, I have yet to find any “investing” data on the company itself, however as for mr. “dr.” kevin p. o’prey, found quite a lot, have a look: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2813332&privcapId=2797812 brookings, carnegie, council on foreign relations, he is definitely a NWO boy. Also here are some people he knows: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/relationship.asp?personId=2813332&privcapId=2797812 although this is by no means all the info available, and it might be a little old if it doesn’t show him connected with the obsidian thing. Also here is what I found for Travis (McNamara doesn’t show up.): http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=23572187&privcapId=129316
    I did notice, with regard to BAE, that they recently released a rather spooky tool, the “Corporate Security Analysis Service” which “optimizes open source and social media feeds to detect malicious or inadvertent leaks of sensitive information and intellectual property, potential insider threats, social engineering attempts, smear campaigns, and other issues of concern. Companies can also use the service to gauge a local population’s sentiment and gain a broader understanding of the geopolitical environments in which they operate.”, Also, you folks remember Mr. “see people naked body scanners” chertoff? He’s on the board of directors for BAE (see here for his profile on businessweek: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=66323073&privcapId=83907974&previousCapId=874091&previousTitle=BAE%20SYSTEMS%20PLC ) . Maybe Obsidian is a front for BAE?

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  20. Forgive me if scanned this and missed but did anyone notice the ‘1776’.

    Kind of waving a finger or two in our faces no?

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    • anon,

      I noticed the 1776 too! And you’re right, it’s Obsidian doing Obama’s one-finger salute at us. As if developing and executing “simulated crisis events” (Sandy Hook!) has anything to do with the American Revolution and what our founders fought and died for.


  21. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most interesting post. This is absolutely amazing! I appreciate all of your extensive research.


  22. The work of FOTM is done by few and well by even fewer. Those who appreciate this blog, tell everyone else who is not yet beyond understanding.



  24. CT Gov Malloy is covering up the (Fake) Sandy Hook shooting. That’s why Malloy locked down all Death Certificates across CT.

    AR15 wasn’t used at Sandy Hook:

    Adam Lanza (school shooter) didn’t exist:

    Newtown parents are ACTORS:

    500 (Sandy Hook) STUDENTS MISSING on DASHCAM:

    Sandy Hook EVACUATION was fake:

    Nancy Lanza home — planted gun evidence:


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  32. Just this past week, (Feb. 4), Obsidian became one with Cadmus, a conglomerate based in Waltham, MA, outside Boston. “Cadmus” is famous in Greek mythology for “sowing dragons’ teeth” – as in fomenting conflict. The mythical Cadmus is also credited with bringing the alphabet, and thus civilization, to the world. But in this case, I suspect the product is disinformation and deception. Cadmus is also said, by certain sources, to be one and the same as Hermes, the silver-tongued. The Obsidian saga continues under a new name, but with the same players. For instance, the ginger-haired Mr. Travis and his coeval Mr. Prey are now on the executive team of Cadmus. God help us!


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