America needs a voting test to screen out the abysmally stupid

The test is a simple one, with only ONE very easy question.

If you can’t correctly answer this ONE question, you don’t get to vote.


Here’s the question. It’s a straight forward question. No tricks.

How long does it take to drive 80 miles at 80 mph?

Daffy Duck waiting

Now watch the two men in this 3:41 minutes-long video trying, but failing, to give the correct answer:

There are other Americans — black, white, and colors in between — like the two in the video who can’t answer that simple question.

And they vote.

God help us.

I know liberals object to voting tests, claiming that the tests are racist because they discriminate against blacks. In effect, liberals are tacitly admitting that blacks are more cognitively-challenged (translation: stupider), which is, of course, racist!

But I challenge liberals to justify letting anyone vote — black, white, and all in-between colors — who can’t correctly answer this simple question.

H/t Clash Daily and FOTM’s maziel

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23 responses to “America needs a voting test to screen out the abysmally stupid

  1. This is troubling.


  2. It’s scary how ignorant some people are in matters of every day life. One has to wonder how they survive. I do agree that if you can not answer basic questions you have no business voting in this country. Last election the liberals had people in our local nursing homes “helping” the residents vote. The horrible part was many of those residents had varying degrees of dementia and Alzheimer’s and of course every vote was a liberal vote. I think this was abuse of these people but it’s typical for the party that cares so much for children and the elderly.


    • Hi Northerngirl I figured out how long it takes to go 80 miles going 80 mile per hour (80 times 80) = 900 so it takes 900 hours to go 80 miles{):-) This is not really a laughing matter too Americans have been dumbed down and by design. See Charlotte Iserbyt’s website she has written a book. “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”


  3. Apparently they took Common Core math.

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  4. Son of the Rabbit People

    We can’t screen out the abysmally stupid from the voting process. Why, the abysmally stupid are a core Democrat constituency!

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    • I have to admit. My cousin 4X removed sent me this video weeks ago( this is a story in itself….we descend from a PA Civil War soldier who served Sumter to Appomattox, believed in Union & that there should be NO slavery on the face of Earth…and was killed at age 45 or more in the final days…leaving 6 kids….who were “farmed out” to grow up b/c their mom had no way to provide for them and an unscrupulous, bastard “guardian” stole their” orphans’ pensions” they were supposed to receive from the government in order to go to a “soldier and sailor’s orphans’ school”…. and, IRONICALLY, paid for his OWN biological kids’ educations…one of whom became a LAWYER….It’s taken us 150 years+ to “put the family back together” again through the internet….) My cousin-removed and I recoginize the dismal state of affairs these days…for which our family sacrificed over generations…aNd every time I/we see something like THIS…or something like the riots in Ferguson, MO….we feel we have been thrown UNDER THE BUS again and again. No one EVER speaks to the fact that thousands of folks died to end American Slavery and guarantee equality and to further the rights of ALL human beings in the USA…some giving their LIVES to do so…at the cost of their chilldren, grandchildren’s lives, too. IT was a generational thing, as much as slavery was. And THEN…to see the corresponding disregard for education, FREE education…whatever FORM it might come in….to see the total lack of basic regard for common elements….for law and decency ascending…NOT descending… the Rev. Martin Luther King woulld have taught and led……as our ancestor died for and his children suffered for as a result…is so sad, so depressing…so DEFEATING and alienating…and HUMILIATING.


  5. I saw a video of voters who couldn’t answer who the vice president was they had voted for leaving the polls…


  6. It doesn’t even take a GED to qualify for welfare.


  7. Depends on how many times your wife makes you stop so she can use the restroom.

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  8. I watched the video and as far as I’m concerned, these two men were more stupid than Nancy Pelosi. I’m sorry, but it was PAINFUL to listen to them.
    I was a high school English teacher in New York City for twelve years and I tried to teach these people. In a nutshell, this was my experience: As I am a white male, they would not listen to me, yet, a teacher of color could tell them the same thing and they would listen. In two different situations, at two different schools, they interrupted me (politely) and said, “Our parents teach us race hatred.” That’s the moral/intellectual caliber many of these people are. And there are plenty of white people like that out there, too.



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  10. I understand your point but to answer your question here’s a video that preceded the one on your site.


    • She gives new meaning to the expression “dumb blonde.” Thank you for helping me make my point that it’s not just the 2 blacks in the video who are abysmally stupid.


      • We have a problem in America, we have dumbed down vast populations of our youngs. We teach them to care about whales, Polar bears, the enviroment, bullying, etc. but we can teach simple math or comprehension.

        Our schools tell our kids that we don’t have to learn things, after all what the internet for. This is not going to end well, if we maintain this path.


      • Dr. Eowyn please see my reply to Northerngirl it contains my mathematical formula for solving the 80 miles problem.


        • 1. Answering the question of how long it takes to drive 80 miles at 80 mph requires a mathematical formula?

          2. Your answer to that question is 80 times 80?

          3. You think 80 X 80 = 900?

          4. Your answer is it takes 900 hours to go 80 miles at 80 mph?

          Please tell me you are jesting about all the above (1, 2, 3 & 4).


  11. ZERO Critical Thinking skills, ZERO Common Sense–not good for our Country’s future.


  12. It’s too late.




  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post! I love it!


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