Idaho gun road-sign is a photoshop

Idaho sign

Did you receive an email with this pic, or seen it on a blog (here and here)?

If so, please don’t forward the email, because the sign is fake. How do I know? Because:

  1. The governor of Idaho is C. L. “Butch” Otter, not Nick Waite.
  2. Idaho has never had a governor named Nick Waite:

I’d received this as an email. That Idaho’s governor is not Nick Waite is easily verifiable, and yet many people fell for this hoax.

Truth is sacred. Please don’t perpetuate this hoax by forwarding your email to others.



8 responses to “Idaho gun road-sign is a photoshop

  1. I would wager this Nick Waite is the photoshopper, and that this would be his slogan were he to become Gov. of the state. To which I say: Vote for Nick Waite!


  2. The ‘sign’ may be a Photoshop prank, but I like the thoughts, and I’m sure many more do as well.


  3. LOVE IT!!


  4. I have had others put something like this sign on my Facebook page, but it wasn’t for the state of Idaho. I have come to believe very few pictures any more. So many are photoshopped which I hate. When you photoshop a picture it becomes a lie. Just my opinion, others may not agree, and that’s okay.


  5. I sure miss the good ol’ days when you could actually believe what you see with your own two eyes.


  6. Trust, but verify. No matter who sends me an e-mail, I always (well, 95% of the time) check out what they sent. I sympathize with Judy and truckjunkie and I hate that I have to question friends and family. Thankfully, many of them have started asking me to check things out before they send them on! All of that said, I do love the sign, wish it was real, and wish there were a whole lot of them scattered across the country.


  7. Heck! I was all ready to vote for Nick Waite for President! I wish I had verified the information before I forwarded the picture…I just “assumed” (and we all know what assuming does) that this sign was real…it sure looked real! If I had been using any sense though, I would have realized such straight forwardness (especially from someone in politics) would be a hoax!


  8. Well, the sign is a fake…BUT, it’s message is dead on.


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