Human foot sold as food?

A reader of FOTM sent me a query on Facebook about a disturbing claim that China is selling human feet as food:

Facebook question

My first reaction is: “Why would the Chinese sell human body parts as food in Europe?” – because the price “7,28 €” is in Euros.

So I did some research on the Internet.

Thankfully, this disgusting rumor isn’t true.

The “human foot” is a piece of “art” devised by a German photography studio called Stoeker Fotographie. On its main page, you’ll see various categories of the studio’s photographs: “People”; “Bodyart”; “Feetart” . . . .

Click “Feetart” and you’ll be brought to a page of thumb-nail photos of feet, among which is the human foot as food.


Words cannot suffice to describe how revolting I find this “art” piece.

Sadly, that people can think the Chinese actually are selling packaged human parts as food is a testament to all the real food abuses from China. See “USDA approves import of chicken processed in China despite safety concerns” for an alarming list of “Made in China” pet and human food contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, and outright poisons.

Lest you think cannibalism is something only primitives commit, two Dutch TV hosts allegedly had a piece of flesh cut from their respective bodies. The plan was to cook and eat each other’s flesh on the air. Later, the TV network said it was all a “hoax” to “raise awareness of organ donation.”


Then there are these real incidents of cannibalism by:

The line between civilization and barbarism is frighteningly thin indeed.


12 responses to “Human foot sold as food?

  1. traildustfotm

    As “combat veteran” of art school (I’m not a combat veteran, and am not pretending valor, just humor), with a bad long term case of PTASD (Post Traumatic Artistic Stress Disorder), this picture is making me flash back to a time 45 years ago when every other week we had to witness an assault on our senses and consciences, masquerading as an art show…

    the horror…




    • I can just imagine the horrors you saw. Only those devoid of artistic talent & skills would resort to SHOCK as “art” — another realm in our post-modern world of anti-nomianism, i.e., devoid of genuine standards and values. I’m reminded of the utterly talentless Yoko Ono, an artist in her own mind. LOL


      • traildustfotm

        Thanks, Dr. Eowyn. Yoko is a perfect example of what I’m saying. And in those days there were a lot of Yoko wannabes. 😀


      • traildustfotm

        In fact, this kind of “art” caused such a revulsion in me, that it took years after art school for me to return to my original love of painting.


        • Euewww…Didn’t want to open this: turned out to be visual commentary on shock art, & as an art/history teacher, I’m glad I did! Thanks traildust, you reminded me to teach abt arts of the collective memory /appreciation: global cultures NEVER relied upon shock to display talent, artisanship, skill, creativity, aesthetics. The word, “masterpiece,” comes fr Middle Ages, transitioning into (now known as) Renaissance: artisans/artists had to PROVE they’d learned skills/artistry/creativity/perfection by presenting their “masterpiece” to their guild–or they could NOT do business. No shortcuts accepted! Isn’t that what we ALL want? No one wants a “hit & run” plumber who talks/looks /acts/displays “flash.” We want the REAL stuff. We want a “fix” that lasts! Well, don’t we also want enduring art & craft in our homes, public lives, medical arts, & so on–instead of the “flash” of a slick salesman devoid of skill/ artisanship, an imposter, a lazy practitioner, that leaves us empty & wondering? I want my plumbing done w/excellence. I want my heart valve fixed w/excellence. I want my home to be built w/excellence …my drive concrete put in w/excellence…& so on. I want my art to be enduring, meaningful, excellent in skill. Shock art is a shortcut. It is also short-lived, easy to forget 5 minutes after you see it…& TRITE. Though I teach middle school, which maybe proves I’m maybe crazy….one thing I can say about that is….this age group is still academically/ creatively innocent. They NEVER present “contrived” art! In fact, I OFTEN develop my best lesson plans fr something one of them did that amazed me….I am so thankful they are free/open to show me their souls, joyful in learning & art…I get the BEST “stuff” fr them. I understand & rue that, in HS…they will be more/more sucked into “peer” & “expectation” scenes…& spend years mucking around doing “stuff” they THINK is expected/ required of them …instead of being themselves.


  2. On the list of cannibalism,let us not forget the most infamous example in “recent” history-the Donner Party,Sierra Nevada Mountains,of Ca./Nv.


  3. That is an awful example of very poor taste.

    …….I just could not resist………….besides, it was meant to be funny anyhow……wasn’t it?


  4. A mí me parece igual de repugnante que se maten animales y se descuarticen para alimentar a humanos


    • “It seems to me equally disgusting that animals are killed and dismembered to feed human”

      I agree, esp. given the atrocious conditions in the corporate food-animal industry wherein chickens and pigs can hardly even turn around in their crowded cages, which is why I’m a vegetarian. I can never understand people who get so adamantly sentimental about pet animals, but eat the meat produced and slaughtered by corporate factories. To quote English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in 1781, what should concern us is not whether animals have “the faculty of reason, or perhaps, the faculty for discourse?…the question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?

      Human beings are omnivores and can do perfectly well on a meat-free diet. Just make sure you get your vitamin B-12!


  5. [est you think cannibalism is something only primitives commit, two Dutch TV hosts allegedly had a piece of flesh cut from their respective bodies. The plan was to cook and eat each other’s flesh on the air. Later, the TV network said it was all a “hoax” to “raise awareness of organ donation.]

    You have got this WRONG!!!
    Two seperate shows by the same BNN broadcast tv station.

    1) Show to donate a kidney …. this was NOT real in the end and to raise awareness o forgan donation

    2) Dennis Storm en Valerio Zeno DID eat a VERY SMALL piece of each other. VERY small removed by a Chirurg TINY small piece …. they where not put in jail after a debate.

    “Kannibalisme is als zodanig niet strafbaar,” stellen de ministers. “Wel zou er bij het verkrijgen van mensenvlees onder omstandigheden sprake kunnen zijn van andere strafbare feiten. Het OM ziet geen aanleiding om tot vervolging over te gaan.”

    In het programma Proefkonijnen aten Storm en Zeno een stukje vlees van elkaar, dat ze operatief hebben laten verwijderen van hun zij en bil. Een kok heeft het vlees bereid.]

    Show was called Guinea Pigs
    And almost all what is written about this show and the Donor Show is exaggerated


  6. My goodness..! I thought it’s real…I was about to imagine about its taste after seeing those spices and other stuffs behind..! eeew…


  7. That is nasty sick people Out there


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