A transsexual regrets his “gender-reassignment” surgery

The term transsexual refers to people whose gender identity is different from their biologically assigned sex. Often, transsexual people alter or wish to alter their bodies through hormones, surgery, and other means to make their bodies as congruent as possible with their gender identities. This process of transition through medical intervention is often referred to as sex or gender reassignment surgery aimed at making the person’s body as congruent with the opposite sex as possible.

It is estimated that there are about 800-1000 MtF (male to “female”) gender-reassignment surgeries in the U. S. each year, and that many or more are performed on U.S. citizens abroad, e.g., Thailand, where the cost is much lower.

However, the plain truth is that no amount of surgery can alter an individual’s chromosomes, i.e., DNA. Biological males have XY chromosomes, whereas biological females have XX chromosomes. No matter the surgical mutilation — of excising a man’s penis and testicles, inserting implants to simulate breasts, gouging out a wound to simulate a vagina — the post-surgery male-to-“female” transsexual is still a biological male. No matter the excision of her breasts and the pumping of her clitoris with hormones to simulate a penis, the post-surgery female-to-“male” transsexual remains biologically female. For no amount of surgical mutilation and hormone “therapy” will “create” an ovary, uterus or milk-producing breasts to a MtF transsexual; nor can FtM transsexuals acquire sperm, testicles and a real penis. Those are determined by  birth — by our chromosomal DNA.

That is the lie of “gender-reassignment” surgery. That is why psychiatrist Joseph Berger, M.D. says from a medical and scientific perspective, there is no such thing as a transgendered person.

Below is an account of a male-to-female transsexual named Walt Heyer who became even more miserable to the point of suicidal after his “gender-reassignment” surgery, until he found Christ and finally understood that his desire to be female was an expression of self-loathing, the genesis of which was his deeply unhappy childhood.

As you read the account below (in italics), note how Heyer refers to his desire to be female as something alien inside him which became more and more insistent. Those words are colored red for emphasis.

Walt Heyer (l) and his post-op alter-ego Laura Jensen (r)

Peter Balinski reports for LifeSiteNews, Nov. 3, 2011:

Walt Heyer was a little boy growing up in California in the mid 1940s, interested in cowboys, cars and steel guitars when one day, his grandmother fancied that he wanted to be a girl. She naively made for him a purple chiffon evening dress that he would wear when he visited her.

According to Walt, donning that purple chiffon dress triggered something that put him on a 35 year long path that led through a dark valley of “torment, disillusionment, regret, and sorrow.” His gender identity confusion led him into alcoholism, drug addiction, and attempted suicide.

Ultimately, Walt would resort to vaginoplasty “gender reassignment surgery” to make himself appear like a woman, something that he came deeply to regret and that he now counsels gender confused individuals to steer clear of. “He (God) had made me a man, the way I was, and no knife was ever going to change that,” Walt told LifeSiteNews.com in a recent interview.

In his 2006 book, “Trading my Sorrows,”  Walt recounts that the purple dress was only the first of many influences in his life that made him ashamed of being male. There was the sexual molestation he suffered at the hands of his uncle that he says made him feel ashamed of his genitals. There was the severe discipline from his father—practically indistinguishable from physical abuse, he says—that made him feel incapable of being the boy his father wanted him to be.

Walt remembers never feeling good enough for his parents, never being able to please them, and never receiving the affirmation that he greatly desired.

“What I desperately wanted was affirmation from my parents for what I excelled in, and to find my own niche where I could express myself, develop my talents and do something I enjoyed,” explained Walt in his book.

The little boy who had no self-esteem began to despise himself and his body. Walt began to find consolation dressing as a girl, and keeping it secret from his parents. Dressing as a girl became his hiding place where he felt safe from the painful conflicts and discipline dispensed by his father and mother.

As Walt moved through adolescence, he says the girl inside his head grew more powerful and demanded more of his time. Despite the fact that Walt enjoyed eye-catching cars and dated attractive girls from his high school, no matter how hard he tried, he could not drive away the obsession to become a female. After high school, Walt moved out of his parents’ house so that he could enjoy cross-dressing in the privacy of his own home. By now he had amassed a number of female outfits but he was still deeply ashamed of his secret habit.

Walt ultimately married, became rich, and from all outside appearances, was living the American dream. He kept his continuing escapades into the world of the female a secret.

Walt says he was living three distinct lives of “successful, hard-drinking businessman, picture-perfect loving father and husband, and twisted transvestite.” On the inside however, Walt experienced fragmentation and disillusionment. Everything in his life began to unravel.

He turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism, but this only increased his desire to become a woman. He says he allowed the girl inside his head to express ‘herself’ more and more as he desperately grasped for moments of relief from life’s raging sea of pain and trouble.

Ultimately, Walt pinned his hopes on sex surgery as the solution that would make his pain go away permanently.

The Surgery

First came the large breasts, implanted by plastic surgery. Then came the procedure that Walt regrets the most, the surgical transformation of his male reproductive organ into the appearance of a female reproductive organ.

Walt had hoped that the procedure would alleviate his “debilitating psychological distress” and that it would stop, once and for all, the conflict that had tormented him since childhood. But to his dismay, rearranging his private parts and changing his appearance did not effect the corresponding change on the inside.

After the surgery Walt’s mind became a battleground of conflicting thoughts and desires that he could only describe as “aggravating, distressing, depressing, discordant, distorted, [and] unpredictable.”

Every day after the surgery, it became clearer to Walt that he had made a “huge mistake.” His addiction to cocaine and alcohol, in an attempt to numb the emotional pain, only increased his misery, depression, and loneliness.

Walt now knew that the surgeon’s knife and resulting amputation had not changed him from a man into a woman. He realized that the surgery was a “complete fraud.” He felt that he had no choice but to live life as a surgical woman, an “impostor.”

Suicide attempt

At this point, he hit rock bottom. The surgery had destroyed Walt’s identity, his family, his social circle, and his career. He felt that there was nothing left for him but to die. Walt, who went by the name Laura Jensen, tried to hurl himself from a rooftop, but was stopped by a passerby.

Homeless and penniless, the broken “transsexual” would have ended up living on the street had not a good Samaritan given him a place to sleep in a garage. This new friend encouraged Walt to attend Alcoholics Anonymous where he realized that he needed to tap into a “higher power” if he was to come out on top of the mess he had gotten himself into.

Walt began to realize more and more that he truly was a man, but one that was wrapped in a “woman’s masquerade.”

“I was well aware that I was now on the scrapheap of humanity, a thrown-away life, distorted by my own choices. Alcohol, drugs, and surgery had rendered me useless to anyone. I had failed miserably as the man God had created me to be.

Out of the Valley of Darkness

Through the help of some newly discovered Christian friends, Walt began a journey towards healing and the discovery of his true identity as a man. Walt realized that the key to winning the battle that raged inside of him was sobriety. His mantra became: “Stay sober—no matter what—stay sober.” He put away the bottle and turned to Jesus as a new-found source of strength.

Once, during a time of prayer with his Christian psychologist, Walt says he spiritually experienced the Lord, all dressed in white, who approached him with his arms outstretched, scooped him up and said, “You are now safe with me forever.” It was at this moment that Walt knew that he would find the healing and peace that he so greatly desired in Jesus.

Walt told LifeSiteNews in an interview that those who are struggling with their identity as a man or woman and think sex surgery is the solution “need to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist and get into therapy and dig down deep to find out what is causing this desire, because there is some underlying psychological or some psychiatric issue that is unresolved that needs to be explored—whether it was sexual abuse, whether it was physical abuse, [or] whether it was modelling.”

“It may take a year to explore the deep issues that are going on and then, when you do that, you can bring the person to a point where they can begin to understand their gender and begin to accept their gender and want to live out the gender that God gave them.”

As a now old man, Walt believes that if he could go back in time and say a few meaningful words to himself as a younger man, he would tell that younger man to avoid the sex surgery, and to discover the root cause behind the desire for surgery.

Walt believes that his story witnesses to the power of hope, that one must never give up on somebody, no matter how many times he or she fails or how many twists and turns there are on the road to recovery. Above all else, says Walt, one must never “underestimate the healing power of prayer and love in the hands of the Lord.”

Contact Walt Heyer
E-mail: waltsbook@yahoo.com

Indeed, as Walt Heyer’s biographical account attests, there is evidence of transsexuals being prone to psychological and behavioral disorders, i.e., they have a high rate of co-morbidity:

  • The federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says transsexuals engage in HIV risk behaviors (having multiple sex partners and unprotected receptive or insertive anal intercourse) and “are among the groups at highest risk for HIV infection.”
  • Many transsexuals reported high levels of alcohol and substance use. The CDC says “among newly diagnosed people, 50% of transgender women had documentation in their medical records of substance use, commercial sex work, homelessness, incarceration, and/or sexual abuse as compared with 31% of other people who were not transgender.”

According to UCLA’s LGBT research think tank, the Williams Institute, those who identify themselves as transgenders comprise a mere 0.3% of the U.S. adult population. The small sample means that we simply don’t have a lot of scientific data on them, including long-term follow-up of transsexuals who have had “gender-reassignment” surgery.

But there is a Swedish study of 324 post-op transsexuals from 1973-2003, which was published in the journal PLOS One, Feb. 22, 2011. The conclusion of the team of 6 researchers is sobering:

Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population. Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism . . . .

In other words, after they’ve had the so-called “gender-reassignment” surgery, compared to the general population, transsexuals are more suicidal, have more psychiatric problems, and have a higher death rate. That in turn suggests that, instead of “fixing” their gender-identity problem, “gender-reassignment” surgery made things even worse.

All of which constitutes compelling evidence that transsexualism is a psychological/spiritual, not biological, disorder.

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20 responses to “A transsexual regrets his “gender-reassignment” surgery

  1. Walt has a long history of being used and abused (his grandmother, father, uncle). I imagine he was constantly searching and longing for love and used Laura as his escape from the pain…. SRS (sex reassignment surgery) only masks the pain, it does not correct it. My heart aches for these tortured souls. As I have said before, they are being used to help purport an agenda to move further from Christ and control population especially for males who choose to become eunuchs. Instead of finding and treating the cause (which is usually a lack of the Holy Spirit in the soul and acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior and pure love), our government exacerbates the problem by forcing acceptance and even offering surgery to “correct” the “problem”. The further we move away from Christ and moral righteousness, the closer we move towards sin and collapse as a country. Do not let society dictate what is morally right, especially when society has become defunct in morals.


  2. Heartbreaking. But, though the outer man is perishing, the inward man in Christ is renewed day by day. Getting a tattoo as an unbeliever is something many regret. The seriousness of gender reassignment surgery is much greater. I pray these young impressionable people are delivered from this rising movement.


  3. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.


  4. traildustfotm

    Thank you for sharing Walt’s story of pain, tragic decisions, and ultimate redemption, Dr. Eowyn. We sometimes become so frustrated and angry at the negative trends in our society that we miss some amazing things that the Lord is doing.

    “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” – Luke 19:10

    Please, if you are the artist who painted this beautiful picture, let us know, so we can give you credit.


  5. Never felt like clobbering a Grannie before until now. How cruel (or utterly ignorant) of Walt’s grandmother to mess with his mind in his formative years. You’d think grownups would have better sense. Don’t they remember being a kid themselves? Have they not yet learned that everything they say & do (or don’t say/do) toward the child is literally molding & shaping how they will turn out later? Nobody is born screwed up &/or crazy. Crappy ignorant parenting is THE BEGINNING of what “creates people,” for better or worse.


    • Now progressive left/liberal educators do much the same thing and call it “healthy”… talking about gay sex and transgenderism in Kindergarten, what the heck?


  6. Meant to add: Praise God that at least one (Walt) was saved from the sewer of debauchery & emotional torment! When I sigh wondering How Much Longer, Lord?, do we have to witness this massive LBGT downslide, I usually answer myself that there are still many to be saved. And here they all are… in several headlines I’d already collected the past few days (the one dated 6/26 goes perfectly with your male/female- chromosomes/DNA facts):

    6/29/14: 300,000 flock to streets for LGBT Festival in London – check the photos: one of their faggy-floats in the parade is a “re-enactment” of the JFK Assassination – go figure!:

    6/28/14: “Sponsorship [by USA big business/corporations] of gay pride parades on the rise”:

    6/28/14: “Homosexuality: A White Voodoo View” [surprisingly, Mr. Voodoo gets it right!]:

    6/28/14: “U.S. takes gay rights global, despite unsure welcome” [expect Stars & Stripes & Rainbows at an Embassy near you!]:

    6/26/14: “Transgender Activist Wants All Children Born Genderless” [now they’re bashing OB/GYNs who announce at birth, It’s a Boy! or It’s a Girl! I kid you not!]:

    6/25/14: “The Real Hate: Foisting ‘Gay Pride’ on Society” [No holds barred from Makow in this one!]:


  7. Walt remembers never feeling good enough for his parents, never being able to please them, and never receiving the affirmation that he greatly desired.

    ….sadly, it all starts here. 😦

    Dear God… I feel for this man! it is stories like this that make me want to put a large band-aid on it just to stop the bleeding from inside. Thanks for this powerful moving story…


  8. By his own testimony, Walt Heyer was never a transsexual. He never claims to know that he had a female identity. What he had was cold parents. He had a natural need to be accepted and loved unconditionally for who and what he was, as all children do. But that was not available to him from his parents.

    Into this sad situation, a manipulative grandmother interjects herself into the picture. We do not know what sick need this fulfilled in her. At this point it hardly matters. But it creates an escape world for Walt. He has found the one place where he finds favor with an important adult in his life. It is likely that Grandma showed a marked preference when he wore that dress.

    In a desert, even a drop of water is better than none at all. Walt shows evidence of other addictive behaviors. His cross-dressing was not based on an innate knowledge of gender identity. It was an obsession to take away pain, one of many drugs of choice. There was always inner conflict about this habit. There was always a desire to end the habit, but like any addiction, powerlessness to overcome it in his own strength. And so the addiction grows stronger and stronger.

    This is not the testimony of a true transsexual. It is the testimony of an addict. Walt was a victim of parents and grandmother and whoever misdiagnosed him to allow him to have surgery.

    At some point, victims still need to take responsibility and face their demons. Praise the Lord that at first through AA and then by accepting Christ, Walt has been delivered from those inner demons.

    But please read his testimony carefully. Never once does he claim a female identity. Despising one’s masculinity is not the same as knowing that one is female. He is running away from, not going toward something. Cross-dressing was never his identity. It was a counterfeit refuge that could only provide temporary relief.

    So praise God for his deliverance from addiction and suicidal desires. Praise the Lord that he is a victorious overcomer. But don’t call this a case of a transsexual being cured. That is as big a lie as the lie when he was misdiagnosed. And no lie is of the truth. (1John 2:21)


  9. Take the opportunity to view any of Sy Rogers’ videos at syrogers.com
    You’ll say “but he’s so gay,” but he is not. He used to be. He still has very gay mannerisms. He is now a very powerful minister of Christ. He was set to have sex reassignment surgery. Luckily in Australia, or wherever he was at the time, they made guys dress like a girl for a whole year to see how they liked it (before surgery). During that time he “fell in with” a great group of Christians who loved him as he was. He met Christ and everything changed. I saw him speak in my town, and my husband and I cried like babies. If you ever have a chance to see him in person, it’s well worth it. And btw, the bad past was because of abuse.


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  13. Catalina Baldwin

    I’d like to point out that genital reconstructive surgery for transgender persons greatly reduces their risk of suicide when compared to the risk before surgery. The risk of attempting suicide before gender-affirming surgeries is stated to be anywhere from 41 to 55%, whereas the risk afterwards is much less certain, with conservative estimates being 2% and generous estimates being 20%. Based on the old adage, “the truth lies somewhere in the middle”, that reduces the risk of suicide by four times, and in areas of the country that are less anti-LGBTQ, that risk lowers even greater.
    I’d also like to note that Walt is a very publicized exception to the general rule of transgender persons. For those who experience true gender dysphoria, and not post-traumatic gender dysphoria, the chances of “regretting” gender-affirming surgeries is quite low. The only unfortunate part is that it is hard to clinically distinguish between post-traumatic gender dysphoria and genuine gender dysphoria.
    Genuine gender dysphoria is a function of brain structure, neural maps, and neurochemistry. All of this was created precisely and exactly by God, and its effect is someone whose gender (brain sex) is different from their genital sex. Indeed, it is far more nuanced than this, taking into account intersex, hermaphroditic, and nonbinary individuals, as well as those with a chromosome pair 23 that does not fall into XX or XY categories, or those who have XY chromosomes but are born with the female sex, but in general, approximately 0.6-0.8% of the population has this incongruity between sex and gender.
    Now, God, who makes no mistakes, has created millions of individuals whose sex and gender do not align, and the reason behind this is not only physical, but ishe quantifiable, in terms of neuron counts and neural microstructures.
    My suggestion to those who are questioning their gender, are transgender, or have someone close to them who are transgender, is to have them pray to God, not aiming for an outcome, but for guidance. In doing that, God has revealed that despite giving me a male body, He has given me a female mind, soul, and spirit, and that accessing medical advancements to align my body with who He created me to be is not sinful, but neutral in nature. As long as my identity does not get in the way of worshipping God as the one true God, He has revealed to me that he created me this way. Many, many individuals are the same way.
    Do not let the story of one person discredit the stories of millions. Do not let one voice saying what you want to hear prevent you from acknowledging, accepting, and showing God’s love to many others.


    • “I’d like to point out that genital reconstructive surgery for transgender persons greatly reduces their risk of suicide when compared to the risk before surgery.”

      Source URL, please.

      As for your undergoing genital mutilation surgery, you do know that no amount of surgery can ever alter your chromosomal DNA makeup? If you think surgery actually changed you from male to female, going by your chosen name/alias of Catalina, you are just deluding yourself. Do your breast implants produce milk? Does your “vagina” — the surgical wound gouged into your body — actually lead to a uterus and ovaries? And please don’t drag God into this, as your justification.


    • “I’d also like to note that Walt is a very publicized exception to the general rule of transgender persons.”
      There are many stories like his/hers. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=regret+transitioning

      “For those who experience true gender dysphoria, and not post-traumatic gender dysphoria, the chances of “regretting” gender-affirming surgeries is quite low.”
      And what is your source for this statement?

      Liked by 1 person

    • “Genuine gender dysphoria is a function of brain structure, neural maps, and neurochemistry. All of this was created precisely and exactly by God….”

      Uh, no. A boy’s belief that he’s really a girl is a mental illness. It should not be indulged.

      What causes this insanity? It may indeed have a physical origin. Is it vaccines? The chemicals in plastics? The additives to modern “foods” a mother might eat? Chemtrails? A combination? I don’t know what causes this very, very, recent form of mental illness, but the very last thing we should be doing to these sad individuals is affirming them in their insanity

      Perhaps the brain has been altered by these inputs, but blaming God for it is like blaming the plumber when an idiot tries to flush down a diaper.

      For a surgeon to mutilate a lunatic’s genitals goes against the medical oath, “first, do no harm.” Should people like yourself be placed in insane asylums (do we even have such places anymore?) before they can mutilate themselves? Probably. You need help to be restored, mentally, to the sexual identity your DNA makes you. If you are a sexual pervert, that’s another problem you will have to deal with. But fundamentally, you need to come to grips with the fact that DNA is DNA. Every cell in your body bears witness to who you really are. You can’t imagine that away. God won’t agree with you if you try.

      Certainly, though, your reference to God is quite apt, although entirely misguided in the way you structure it. The mentally ill need God, to be healed. You are mentally ill. Do not, I importune you, impute your illness to God’s design for your life. If someone threw a beaker of acid in your face, it would be a sin to blame God for it. That’s what you are doing here. He did not make a mistake when He assigned you your DNA. He knew what He was doing.

      If in this modernity, the physical inputs–combined with genetic potentialities–has created in a few unfortunates a bizarre feeling that a boy is a girl or a girl is a boy, we should stop Monsanto (and all the rest–particularly the government) from causing that, and in the mean time, through the agency of the Body of Christ, via the Holy Spirit, seek these pathetic individuals’ healing. Your healing is not going to come through the mutilation of your genitals. It is by means of the cure of your insanity. Boys who think they are girls are insane. Hiring a man with a knife and a chemist to change their physical appearance can’t alter that reality.

      Now, if your mental illness causes you to act in sexually perverse ways, you should stop that behavior. God has a book out, friend. Read it. Sexual perversion does not make Him happy. It says it right there, in the Bible. Your mental illness might lead you to sexual sin, and God certainly understands that, but it does not absolve you from personal responsibility.

      And at the very least, we should not call Bruce Jenner “she,” or Chastity Bono “he.” Reinforcing an insane person’s delusions cannot help them.

      Now, if you have already hired the butcher to carve up your genitals, on one level it’s too late–but don’t drag God into it. One can rob a bank, or murder someone, and repent, but even God can’t undo the fact that the deed was done. Many transexuals deeply regret what they did to their bodies, and return to living as God created them, even though they can never get their genitals back. But at least they stopped being insane.

      Did you not read the article?

      Liked by 2 people

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