Obama blocks military servicemembers from Infowars. Orly Taitz site hacked


Two websites openly critical of the Obama administration are being censored.

The first is the news website Infowars.com; the second is the site of Dr. Orly Taitz, the attorney who has filed one lawsuit after another on Obama’s birth certificate, his strange Connecticut-issued Social Security number, and other suspect documents.

U.S. military service embers are denied access to certain Internet sites deemed by the federal government to be objectionable because the site advocates violence, hate, or racism.

Yesterday, Infowars.com discovered that the Navy’s internal intranet system, Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), is blocking more than 707,000 servicemembers worldwide from accessing Infowars although the website neither advocates violence, hate, nor racism.

Paul Joseph Watson reports for Infowars, June 19, 2014, that the NMCI is the largest internal computer network in the world, second only to the public Internet in size.

Infowars received a document (see below) entitled “Access Denied by NETWARCOM Policy,” from a servicemember which shows that the NMCI is blocking http://www.infowars.com in order to “safeguard the security posture and/or to maintain the operational integrity of the NMCI.” The block or censorship has the approval of the Naval Network Warfare Command Battle Watch Captain.

Navy censors Infowars

Infowars also received an email from another active duty member of the U.S. Military confirming the block:

“Hello, I visit infowars every day @ home and at work to keep up to date with latest news that I cannot find in the mainstream media. I am active duty military and my fellow comrades and I follow infowars and which usually ends up in discussion. Just recently my comrades and I have noticed the Infowars website has now been blocked on all our computers. I believe its another attempt for the govt to censor out the truth. I feel this story should be shared and at least infowars should be notified. As for my comrades and I we feel like its another attempt to take our freedoms which we fight for. Thank you for everything you do. Let the truth be told and never quit. If there is anything we can do please let us know.”

Nor is the Navy intranet’s censorship of Infowars unusual. Watson writes that Infowars routinely receives emails from users who are unable to access the website because it has been blocked by filters used by government facilities, transport hubs, large corporations and other institutions.

Meanwhile, the website of the courageous and indefatigable Dr. Orly Taitz has been hacked since yesterday. If you go to http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/, you’ll get the message:

This site is temporarily unavailable.

In an email, Dr. Taitz writes: “My website is down, Obots hacked into it and [my server] network solutions suspended the service. they demand I delete all visitor traffic stats and the whole blog in order to reinstate the account, which is insane. I might need to go to another service. Please, let me know, if any of you can help.”


26 responses to “Obama blocks military servicemembers from Infowars. Orly Taitz site hacked

  1. Network Solutions was the original core of the, mostly military, internet, before we were all allowed to play online. Perhaps they’ve been compromised by the ruling regime. If so, a different hosting company would be a good idea. It might be wise to choose a hosting company based in the UK. Think of how many times we get our stories from UK media, due to the fact they are not so immediately under threat from Obama.


  2. They are getting desperate. Watch out too…there are plane loads of refugees headed to the US. nothing to stop them.


  3. Oh wow, talk about a Twilight Zone moment! I just tried to share this at Facebook and got “Service Unavailable”


    • Feel blessed! I was CANCELLED by those fascist facers about a year ago, and took it as a signal honour.

      As we enter the hot days of Summer –when the murder rate increases rapidly for every degree above blood heat, a fact long-known to police– expect the SWAT & DHS teams to be out in force, even when nothing’s happened — yet!

      ALL veterans are pre-targetted as ‘potential terrorists, so be on yr best behaviour as long as possible. After that, be sure yr backs are covered and you have witnesses.


      • traildustfotm

        They are nothing more than a giant spy machine anyway. Don’t feel bad about disconnecting from Facebook.


        • Agreed, and I figured that out about six minutes after they came online, which is why I exposed them early on.

          I told Lela, my oldest daughter, a very sharp coil engineer, to get out and disregard them, but she went for it as a ‘convenient’ way to send a gazillion grandchildren snaps. As if I hadn’t seen them 1000 times before….


      • Very sorry to hear re Taitz’ website. Not techie enough to offer a solution. But after Lavabit closed it’s private email service, there was a lot of talk re overseas companies standing up to offer similar email & web host services, privacy guarentees, etc., so I agree w/the idea of offshore hosting. Some were geared more toward business (pricey!). Can’t remember exact names, but I think several were in the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.


        josephbc69 wrote:
        “…the hot days of Summer –when the murder rate increases rapidly for every degree above blood heat, a fact long-known to police…”

        Good to know! Do you mean 98.2 as “blood heat”? Not being a fan of Summer, I get cranky at 75+ degrees. Full blast the AC!

        Two “revelations”: Maybe Depopulation is why the “Green” Govt. wants control of everyone’s thermostats. Let people fry & kill each other off.

        Secondly, maybe that is why God intends to use a similar tactic during the Tribulation when there is nobody but the Bad Guys left, let them all fry & kill each other off:
        –“And men were SCORCHED WITH GREAT HEAT, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.” (Revelation 16:9)
        –“And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbour, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbour…” (Zechariah 14:12-14).


    • As a rule, I don’t go anywhere near Farcebook.

      And I haven’t logged into Twitter in nearly two years.



  4. Finally after 5 tries, I got it posted at FB.


  5. traildustfotm

    I see we have a troll.


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  7. I wish Orly’s site would come back up so she can tell us how she sucked Charles E.Lincoln’s dick a few years back.


  8. Morally, the Obama Administration has proved, time and time again, that it cares not one bit about morality, or truth, or justice or anything else resembling human freedom. This is the action of a desperate tyranny, plain and simple. And this is true regardless of anyone’s opinion about either Alex Jones or Orly Taitz or anyone else.
    Tyranny is moral disorder with a very long etiology to unfold before it implodes or gets defeated. How long this will last is anyone’s guess. They cannot ban conservatives or libertarians outright, but only incrementally: They just moved against net neutrality, the corporations are looking at taking over the internet, and they will tax and meter our use of it. This is how these monsters work.
    We’re stuck in a Wagnerian melodrama here. How many more decades it will last is anyone’s guess.


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  10. Obama and his nasty Chicago thug administration should be hauled out of our government by rented planes and dropped into Muslim countries to fend for themselves.


  11. You have to be racist if you are unwilling to kiss Obama’s backside.


  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. I also learned from some of the above commenters. This spying and preclusion of freedom of speech lends more credence to affirm the position that the king and his administration wish for the demise of our Constitution and its bylaws and other applicable laws related to it.


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