Citizens confront Newtown Board of Education about Sandy Hook hoax

Newtown Board of EducationNewtown Board of Education

On May 6, 2014, former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig (see “Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig”) and retired professor Jim Fetzer (who has written extensively about Sandy Hook for Veterans Today) were in town to confront the Newtown Board of Education about the alleged massacre of 20 students and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.

Halbig had traveled far, all the way from Florida. There were others who also had traveled long distances to attend the board meeting.

This is what they said:

Halbig1. Wolfgang Halbig emphasized that he is a national school safety consultant and one of the first to donate money for the Sandy Hook tragedy, and that he had contacted the superintendent and other officials with questions, but received not even one response back, nor was even one document released despite Freedom of Information Act requests.

Halbig: “To this day, you have refused to answer phone calls, and you have refused to answer my FOI (Freedom of Information) requests. And you’re in public education…and you use the word ‘honesty’ in your presentation. Where’s the honesty in this room? No matter how tragic that event might have been, people in America deserve the truth…. The questions I ask are not offensive to any parent who lost a child that day. They’re not offensive to Connecticut state police. They’re not offensive to ANY ONE! They’re such simple questions! Why no trauma helicopters? Why would you not let paramedics or EMTs? These are your children and you won’t let paramedics and EMTs into the building? You got 27 children declared dead within 8 minutes? [Halbig meant 20 children and 6 adults] Who does this? … Ladies and gentlemen. You are the board members, you are the leaders of this community, you are the superintendent. Respond! You have a great secretary. But I sense that she’s afraid — she’s afraid to call me back. That should not be happening in any school district. We are not here to disrupt this meeting. We want the truth.”

Halbig then points out that the Newtown Board of Education say they’re teaching children about character, responsibility, and honesty, but by their actions, they’re “modeling” their lack of character, responsibility and honesty.

Fetzer2. (Beg. at 3:55 mark) Jim Fetzer said that during his research into Sandy Hook, he discovered that the school had 626 students. Subtracting the 20 who were killed that day, that leaves 606 students in the school. “Where were they on the day of this event?” Assuming a school bus seats 50 students, that means there should have been at least 12 buses. “But we don’t have footage or report of these large number of buses evacuating the students.”

Fetzer then lists some other reasons why “some people are skeptical of this event”:

  • The final report from the state police does not include the names and ages or sex of any of the victims.
  • The Newtown clerk entered into secret arrangements with the state legislature to avoid releasing any death certificates.
  • The state attorney general fought against the release of 911 calls.
  • Those involved in dismantling the school [after the massacre because of asbestos infestation] were subjected to lifetime gag order.

Fetzer: “All of this suggests that there is something there to hide.” Fetzer asks why and how those 626 students could be allowed to inhabit a school that was a “toxic dump” known to be loaded with asbestos and other biohazards, so infested that it was completely torn down after the shooting.

(See “Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?”and “Workers tearing down Sandy Hook school sworn to confidentiality”)

3. A Gulf War veteran (dressed in a Paul Revere costume) from New York said that within days after the Sandy Hook shooting, Connecticut passed one of the most restrictive gun control laws. He said he’s not saying the shooting didn’t take place, but he wants proof.

4. A man from Infowars did not dispute that Adam Lanza had perpetrated the shooting. Instead he emphasized how law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut and elsewhere are being “penalized” because of Sandy Hook, and the importance of the Second Amendment to freedom and the American way of life.

5. (Beg. at the 10:54 mark) A bespectacled man, with white hair and beard, “Dave Williams from Carson City, Nevada,” spoke about Second Amendment rights and the questions that Wolfgang Halbig had raised. He said, “If there’s nothing to hide, the best thing to do is disclose information and there’s no suspicion that something is being hidden. I don’t understand why he’s [Halbig] gone 11 months with legitimate requests and has received nothing.” Then he reminds the board that in our “information age” of websites like American Free Press, Infowars, and Veterans Today, the board members can disclose information to these sites with confidentiality.

6. (Beg. at 12:25 mark) A man from Rhode Island said he’s noticed “8 dozen, if not more, inconsistencies” about Sandy Hook. As an example, he questioned why there was no triage — carts on the ground, ambulances — at SH school, which normally would be undertaken at mass trauma events. But the school was blocked: no one could get in or out. Then the man put the board members on notice: “We’re here for a reason. And this is not going away. Like Benghazi won’t go away for Obama, this is not gonna go away, until you guys investigate this for yourself, find out the truth, and we all find it out together.”

7. (Beg. at 15:12 mark) Another man, with a grey beard and baseball cap, from New York, made the point that making public perpetrator Adam Lanza’s visage “at the scene” of the Sandy Hook shooting does not affect the reputations of Connecticut state politicians or police. He said, “Simply show the perpetrator at the scene” and Lanza’s autopsy “to prove that he really existed, besides a hat and a shirt.” “Why leave all these questions in the air when you have something that’s clearly been photographed, clearly available, and should be made available to the public” and put to rest “a lot of the controversy.”

accountable8.(Beg. at 16:16 mark) A dark-haired man, in a brown-and-tan striped sports shirt, from New Jersey, said he’d contacted several people about Sandy Hook — people who are good friends of his, in law enforcement (police departments and federal government) “who have experience analyzing evidence.” Dark-haired man said although he can’t share with the board what these people told him because they “would most likely lose their jobs,” what he can say is that according to what these people have shown him, “things do not add up.” “There are too many inconsistencies,” including images that have been altered, forensics, and police reports that don’t add up.

He said: “It’s getting to a point where more and more people in this country are realizing that there’s something wrong. I understand that there’s a lot of people who genuinely believe that more gun control is the answer. And when you genuinely believe in something, you reach a point where you’ll do anything to get to that objective. The end justifies the means. However, doing anything dishonest never ever justifies the means. And I will tell you that, if you receive orders that would be considered unlawful, YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

The last two speakers were:

9. A woman, Michelle Murphy from Houston, Texas, who ranted about how all mentally ill people, especially bipolars (which she is), should not be judged by what “one deranged person,” Adam Lanza, had done.

10. A dark-haired man with a goatee identified himself as “Jim Fitzpatrick, a Newtown resident,” and said he was offended by the “circus” of conspiracy kooks (referring to Halbig, Fetzer, et al) attending the board meeting.

Note how polite Halbig, Fetzer, et al. were, only to be met with SILENCE and non-response from the board.

So Halbig, Fetzer, and the guy from Nevada, had traveled thousands of miles to attend this meeting, for nothing.

Halbig is right:

All the officials — school, town, state — will just continue to stonewall. The only way we can make them talk is if they’re sued in court.

H/t FOTM’s Gingercake

For all the posts FOTM has published on the Sandy Hook hoax, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.


46 responses to “Citizens confront Newtown Board of Education about Sandy Hook hoax

  1. can you say “hoax” boys and girls? the gestapo will do anything to persuade people they need your guns. Actually, its their create a crisis when you need one, it depends on what they need or what they want.


  2. Thank you for all the good work of yourself and the rest of the FOTM staff.


  3. A possible angle investigators should consider. Connecticut residents as a matter of state history know that a far larger tragedy involving innocents occurred in 1944 when over a hundred people died in a circus fire. If you look it up on wikipedia they show an autopsy photo of a child victim. We have far more proof that someone actually died in the circus fire than we do that anyone died in Sandy Hook.

    In addition, there was also an infamous CT home invasion crime in which a mother and two daughters were raped and murdered. Crime scene photos (e.g., of one of the daughter’s burned bed) were made public.

    These prior events should be rubbed in the noses of those officials who are stonewalling. None of the specious arguments advanced during Sandy Hook ever prevented evidence in notorious cases from being revealed in the past, so why start now?

    Why is Sandy Hook so special that a near-complete embargo is placed on crime scene evidence and response procedures? In the past the public had access to this information! This isn’t how Connecticut handled situations in the past, why is it appropriate now?

    Assuming for the sake of argument that SH really happened the way that it happened except for the single fact that handguns were used instead of an assault rifle, this fact change would exposed SH as perhaps the largest anti-constitutional-rights scandal in the history of the US. But since no independent entities have been given access to the evidence we will never know if the government is telling the truth, will we?


  4. “All the officials — school, town, state — will just continue to stonewall. The only way we can make them talk is if they’re sued in court.”

    Yes, this is the best way now: force their black hand in this psy-op.


  5. I think we need to have a major movement for the repeal of the Patriot Act. I think that secret crap is what is keeping the press and others muzzled. Pressure your congressmen to stop this monster.


  6. The thing that initially attracted me to FOTM is that this blog has always been a leader in ferreting out the pesky facts about Sandy Hook. Keep up the good work!


  7. From the real time of the event, nothing felt right, the school felt closed, no ER vehicles, refusing help from nearly EMTs, the way vehicles were parked in. From all the things happening in Conn since, proves that state is for sale to further the agenda. There was a Governmental notice printed and sent out in Sept. before about a drill being held that day in the area.
    Compare with Columbine, we were shown everything about everyone from day one. Over and over, over. This event, nothing but an incoherent medical officer that was making zero sense.
    I believe those silent and naysayers all gained plenty of money. Those people in that town knew that school was not in use. Shame on them all for remaining silent.
    The Dr. did a great column exposing the so called donated Christmas trees hiding behind the Fire Dept.


  8. The parents were too happy, and tearless. Nobody died. If you look at the children being interviewed on many of the hoax videos on youtube, none heard 140 rounds fired from an AK47 or whatever rifle was supposed to be fired. None of them heard shots. Come on people. Zionism is a multiracial cabal that rules the western world. This cabal planned and carried out the Sandy Hook Hoax.


  9. I think the investigators and others who came to speak at the school board meeting did not do so in vain. We knew when confronted those involved were not going to admit their involvement. For the kind of money these school board members made, we can hardly expect any of them to admit their complicity at a town meeting. What Halbig, Fetzer and the others did was to reinforce to the evil ones that this hoax has been exposed and many Americans now are informed of it. Eventually, someone involved will make a mistake and talk to the wrong (right) person. These events are tied directly to the president and his henchmen which is why it’s so important the Benghazi investigation uncovers the same. If Gowdy and his team can prove what we have been suspecting, then it would provide impetus to bring down the whole “house of cards” on false flags and the other festering scandals.


  10. “A man from Infowars did not dispute that Adam Lanza had perpetrated the shooting.”
    No surprise there, as they are disinfo co-intel hacks.

    We had what looks eerily similar here in Georgia, at a FedEx facility. It’s been over a week, and all that’s been released are photos of loads of law enforcement surrounding the place (S.H. 2.0??). Take a look at this gallery, for instance…EIGHTY-ONE photos, LOADS of “law enforcement” standing around, and that’s about it. [“Hundreds of authorities” present according to the captions – even the KSU (Kennesaw State University) police make a cameo! Apparently their jurisdiction stretches FAR off-campus.] NO emergency vehicles (sorry, but fire trucks blocking access to the facility don’t count), NO stretchers, NO victims, and scant media coverage for such a tragic event.

    Enjoy a poignant moment with those in picture #41 as three employees (well, they’re wearing the uniform at any rate) have a lighthearted conversation as possible crisis actors hug just feet away from them. Another is #51 and #52, capturing a swat-style cop armed to the teeth looking relaxed, with a bit of a smile! And even more brazen – this one with four of them having a laugh as one shoots the photog the old stink eye:

    Don’t even get me started on the bizarre “suicide letter” from the “shooter!”

    The whole thing is so bogus, I’m not aware of it going nationwide…yet.


  11. The stonewalling is going to continue into eternity. No one in this or Connecticut’s government is going to answer any questions. We have never been told the truth about ANYTHING, from the sinking of the bombing of the Battleship Maine to date!
    Don’t expect anything to stop. The school board here is someone’s puppet theatre. And Americans will take anything, including the destruction of their own lives and mass genocide. But let’s be optimistic.


  12. Thanks for posting this. Here are a couple of other articles from Fetzer on Sandy Hook:

    And there’s lots of info on the Sandy Hook Hoax posted here:


  13. The battle runs from Sandy Hook throughout the world for globalism. It runs from town to state to nation, to UN, for whom Veronique Posner worked indirectly-directly, as through the Swiss consulate in D.C, Throw in the shadow power Serco while at it. And how about those great acting troupes employed with taxes from the citizens who will be put into into lifelong slavery, and, if given chips, eternity in hell. If that doesn’t tell one that there is a devil, and that he hates mankind, nothing will. I am waiting to hear complaints from clergy nationwide. Anything on television? Very little on the radio.


  14. How many people sent money to help the families? This is fraud ladies and gentlemen. If we could expose just ONE of the false flags that have been perpetrated on the American public and the world it could be a game changer. It could be the one thing we need to wake up those still skipping through life completely unaware of the danger these lies will result in. I would sue the recipients of your donations for fraud and make them either offer up the proof and return the money they ripped off from no doubt thousands if not millions of people. We cannot win this battle without God on our side so get your lives right with the Lord.


  15. savethefuure, I think many things have been exposed. Problem is we are the ones exposing them. When I say we I mean the good folks out here on the Web. The MSM have been silent and dare I say in cahoots with what’s going on. So Joe sixpack puts on the 6 O’Clock news and sees all is well in the world.
    They are told little kiddies were gunned down. End of story.
    Except the media also tells them whacko people (Us) make up crazy stories and further traumatize the parents.
    Boo on us they say. We just have to keep shining the light on the truth. Sooner or later we’ll expose the rat’s in the daylight. It can’t go on forever.


  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most fascinating post! I am so grateful for Fetzer and the other individuals for confronting, in person, the board. Indeed, their silence is deafening screaming fraud!


  17. The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects.


  18. i like to know which governmeent agencies within the federal system and the legislature of the state of Connecticut including the stazi police are going to jail or be hanged , this is what i want to know. this is a scandal of anything i have ever seen and it goes straight to the governor which he had full knowledge of and most likely 100 % input into. democrats love taking guns away from law abiding citizens people and they will do anything for their cause, lie, cheat, steal and yes murder if it has to be, pure Saul alinsky chicago style thuggery we are witnessing.


  19. Forensic Proof: Sandy Hook = HOAX.

    Robbie Parker (Newtown crisis actor).

    Liked by 1 person

  20. HOW is this criminal “government” getting away with Treason? Staging fake “shootings” to trick Americans out of their guns is Nazi-level deception — literally. It’s like the Reichstag Fire. Where does this end??

    Here’s Obama with Newtown “mother” Scarlett Lewis:

    CT Police received $Millions from the White House (in hush money).

    Wayne Carver (CT Medical Examiner) helped Gov Malloy lock down ALL public records across CT (to hide the Sandy Hoax GUN GRAB plot).

    AR15 Wasn’t used at Sandy Hoax. Look at this Forensic Proof. See the metal powder in the school foyer, from the Police shotgun’s breaching round?


  21. I left comment re: Dr Wayne Carver on the Chem Trail link on the FOTM website..Please check it out I have a credible explanation for the Coroners bizarre behavior

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  22. How the urban myths have piled up, from “Oswald shot President Kennedy” until today! If the Shadow Masters have their way, lies will prevail throughout eternity.
    On a good note, the Shadow Masters will not have their way.


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  36. If Sandy Hook never happened how are they keeping an entire town quiet??


    • Money to some and death threats to others.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not to mention those who are complicit don’t want to go to jail.

        In the end, it’s easier to explain “how are they keeping an entire town quiet” than to explain the many, many anomalies Sandy Hook skeptics have pointed out, e.g., where are the 500 to 600 students that were supposed to be in the school that morning? TV news videos taken from helicopter don’t show them, nor do the dash cam videos in police cars parked before the school.


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