Fraud & corruption ate most of $1.4 billion U.S. taxpayers spent on rebuilding Haiti after earthquake

On January 15, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the already poverty-stricken Haiti, killing more than 200,000 and leaving over 1 million homeless.

Obama immediately promised to help rebuild the Caribbean island country, in addition to $100 million in rescue and relief aid. At the time, I had asked in a post whether America can afford the largesse, given:

  • America’s enormous national debt of $12 trillion, which has since ballooned to $16+ trillion;
  • Our nearly broke “entitlement” programs of Medicare and Social Security;
  • The failure of past U.S. foreign aid — we are the world’s largest foreign-aid donor to Haiti — to improve conditions on the island;
  • Pandemic and endemic corruption in Haiti, the third most corrupt country in the world.

Despite all the above reservations, individual Americans and the U.S. government poured donations and aid to Haiti. Do you remember how former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton teamed up and flew to the Caribbean island to drum up charity donations for earthquake relief?

Clinton & Bush to Haiti March 22, 2010Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush survey Haiti’s earthquake damage, March 22, 2010.

According to the nonpartisan Washington watchdog Judicial Watch, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund collected huge sums of donation of $34 million and $54.4 million, respectively. Congress also approved $1.4 BILLION of taxpayers’ money to help Haiti bounce back from the earthquake.

More than 4 years after the earthquake, however, there is little to show for the millions of dollars that have been poured into “reconstructing” Haiti, most of the money having disappeared into fraud and corruption. 

Most of the money has flowed through the famously crooked—and scandal-plagued—United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which is charged with providing economic, development and humanitarian assistance worldwide.

Last summer, a federal audit revealed that hundreds of millions of dollars have gone to wasteful projects on the island with the single largest chunk—$170.3 million—going to a failed port and power plant adventure heavily promoted by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

This month USAID’s Inspector General published a report blasting the agency’s outrageous Haiti housing effort, which is rife with all sorts of serious problems and has exceeded costs and deadlines:

  • For $55 million USAID was supposed to build 4,000 houses outside Haiti’s capital by 2012 but only 816 have been constructed even though funding increased to a startling $90 million.
  • USAID failed to provide adequate oversight of contractors doing the work and severely underestimated costs.
  • USAID failed to keep complete records as is required in these sorts of projects.

On its website the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund claims that it has helped Haitians transform their own country and that the money has helped promote smart, sustainable economic development. Yet four years later news report after news report reveals that a large number of Haitians still live in deplorable, shanty town tent cities and an ongoing epidemic of cholera has claimed thousands of lives.

Judicial Watch concludes that all of that “Makes you wonder if someone is pocketing the money.”

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Note that Maxine Waters and Wyclef Jean are both black, as are Haitians.


9 responses to “Fraud & corruption ate most of $1.4 billion U.S. taxpayers spent on rebuilding Haiti after earthquake

  1. I don’t wanna sound cold-hearted,but with this kind of thing being relatively common wherever the US throws huge money we don’t have,to help other Countries “recover” from disasters,I think we should just keep to ourselves,Governmentally,and let the People of the US,and all the OTHER Countries of the world,take care of the Foreign Aid deal for a while. I’m sure they can get plenty of help from the UN,right?


  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. It is an absolute crime that our donated monies were used in fraud schemes instead of going for the reconstruction and rebuilding of Haiti because of their tragedy. Horrible!


  3. Why is anyone surprised? Are you sucker-dupe sheeple too stupid to learn? Any time politicians or ex-politicians are involved in anything money-related, there will be fraud. Bush 1 = Clinton = Bush 2 = Obama = pathological liars serving as frontmen for what is essentially a crime syndicate that hijacked the US govt. a long time ago. Same goes for the person who will be “elected” in 2016. All of the frontmen get their payoffs after they leave office, which is why Bill “I feel your pain” Clinton is now worth at least $50 million.


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  7. Why after such a long time,after the earthquake that happened in 2010 why are the black people in Haiti suffering so much,money was donated for the people why are they not in proper living environment ,such as home with running water, electricity, school etc.But the money is going into people bank account for private vacations,buying island,etc.while there are paving a way for them self,give someone else the job to get it done so the people that was affected will be able to focus on a more positive in October 2016 a flood devastate Haiti,and now they need more money to rebuild .I am mad to know why the government hasn’t address this the money can be use asap.Free the billions of dollars to improve Haiti

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