Obama’s NSA refuses FOIA request on Malaysia flight 370 on grounds of classified info

It is now one month 18 days since Malaysia Airlines flight 370, with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board, disappeared.

Repeated searches in the south Indian Ocean 2,000 miles southwest from Perth, Australia have found nothing. Speculations abound as to what really happened to MH 370, from the plausible to the bizarre, including:

  • The plane actually landed in Pakistan.
  • The plane actually landed on the U.S. military base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
  • Muslims or Iran hijacked the plane.
  • The Israelis hijacked the plane, which (or a plane identical to MH 370) is now in the Tel Aviv airport, to be used in another fake 9-11 attack. (H/t FOTM’s josephbc69)
  • The U.S. military shot down the plane.
  • The Chinese shot down the plane.

All along, I’ve maintained that, given U.S. satellites and the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive surveillance capabilities, the Obama administration knows precisely what had happened to MH 370, but is not telling. Notice that at no time has the White House offered its radar and satellite tracking information to help in the search.

Now we have evidence that the NSA indeed knows but isn’t telling.

On March 24, 2014, the gutsy and indefatigable attorney Dr. Orly Taitz made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the NSA for any and all documents relating to missing Malaysian Flight MH 370.

This is the letter Dr. Taitz received in response (click image to enlarge):

NSA FOIA1Here’s the most important paragraph in the NSA’s letter:

We have determined that the fact of the existence or non-existence of the materials you request is a currently and properly classified matter in accordance with the Executive Order 13526, as set forth in Sub-paragraph (c) of Section 1.4. Thus your request is denied pursuant to the first exemption of the FOIA which provides that the FOIA does not apply to matters that are specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order to be kept order in the interest of national defense or foreign relations and are, in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order.

Taitz points out that “Typically when the government does not have any records, it would respond to FOIA request attesting that there are no records in question, however this is not what happened in the case at hand. NSA did not deny existence of the documents, but stated that it is classified.

Executive Order 13526 – Classified National Security Information was issued by Barack Obama on December 29, 2009. Here’s EO 13536’s Section 1.4, Sub-paragraph c:

Sec. 1.4.  Classification Categories.  Information shall not be considered for classification unless its unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause identifiable or describable damage to the national security in accordance with section 1.2 of this order, and it pertains to one or more of the following:

(c)  intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology;


24 responses to “Obama’s NSA refuses FOIA request on Malaysia flight 370 on grounds of classified info

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  2. Well, well, well; the order actually reads:
    (c) intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, cryptology, buffalo wing pizza or chili cheese fries;

    I just knew Moosh was behind this!


  3. Ericmuetterties

    Would we expect anything less? They know EXACTLY where that plane ended up.


  4. Like

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  8. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. All the NSA said is that if they have any information, the method of obtaining it is classified and revelation of the information, or the fact that they have information, would reveal and compromise the method of collection.


    • And it is not as if this is new NSA behavior or as if Orly Taitz’s FOIA request is being singled out. The NSAA pretty much rejects every FOIA request and with similar justifications.

      The Liberty Crier, 7 July 2013: NSA Rejecting Every FOIA Request Made By U.S. Citizens


    • And just exactly what is that method of collection that has to be preserved? It seems that this administration’s response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act is to provide secrecy under the continuous method of an Executive Order. This is a very convenient tool for the current monarchy.


    • Don`t talk rubbish…if they have information relevant to the disappearance of HUMAN BEINGS they should release it…again,don`t talk rubbish.


  9. I imagine the truth is that it was landed on diego garcia, emptied and then flown out to “israel”/the whore of babylon, although I don’t know what use they would necessarily have for it, unless they think people are stupid enough to fall for another “plane hijacking” malarkey story. “course it could also be that the plane landed at diego garcia, was loaded up with guards to keep the tech “hostages” from pulling anything, and then transported them to neo-babylon, likely for interrogation and data-mining.


    • I think it’s at Diego Garcia, too, Seumas. Here’s a good video about some heinous plans involving a double. The identical plane was parked in Tel Aviv since November 2013. Lots of people (there) know about it. My elderly dad used to work for Boeing. He said there was only one reason for the plane to go to 45,000 feet for awhile. Stay at that altitude and slowly release the cabin pressure. They all go to sleep, and no one revolts. No survivors. Pretty gruesome thought. http://www.bollyn.com/are-the-israelis-planning-another-9-11-using-the-missing-777/


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  11. Why would there be a secrecy order on an accident or even a hijacking? Do people think this is normal? OK, maybe the fact that there’s a secrecy order about Sandy Hook, and no one seems to mind. That must be it. We have really been dumbed down as a society.


  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. I reiterate what I said to Dan above. The silence by the monarchy with regard to this tragedy is most deafening, and the lack of assistance offered reaffirms more questions.


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  14. I just discovered that a site called MyCityAsia (http://my-city.asia/blog/obamas-nsa-refuses-foia-request-on-malaysia-flight-370-on-grounds-of-classified-info/) reproduced this post, “Obama’s NSA refuses FOIA request on Malaysia flight 370 on grounds of classified info,” word for word, but WITHOUT identifying my post as the original source, my name as the author, or provide an embedded link back to FOTM. In so doing, MyCityAsia is pretending they wrote this post.

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • After I wrote a comment on MyCityAsia protesting their reproduction of this post WITHOUT citing me and FOTM as the source, I received an email of apology from the editor-in-chief, M. Lutz. The post on MyCityAsia is now revised, identifying FOTM as the source. This is my response email:

      Dear Mr. Lutz,

      I accept your apology.

      I blog at no pay as a public service. All I ask is that other bloggers and writers observe the rules and etiquette of journalism by citing and identifying their sources. I hope you will use this sorry incident to instruct your information sources of “colleague Students and other volunteers” to observe those rules.


      Dr. Eowyn
      Fellowship of the Minds


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  17. Larry Fields

    Flight 370 satire?/hoax article

    The missing Malaysian Airlines ‘Flight 370′ has been found by police in Saudi Arabia, bringing to an end a 12-day search for the Boeing 777.

    Prince Sahram Al-Sandshoo of Jeddah was arrested by local law enforcement agencies when the missing plane was discovered in his garden. Suspicions were heightened when Al-Sandshoo placed an advert on eBay offering a ‘Used Boeing 777 Black Box Recorder’ for sale. The Saudi authorities immediately requested a search warrant to enter his 40-acre property on the outskirts of Jeddah, the city he has princed for the past 43 years. Al-Sandshoo is a world-renowned collector of aero-memorabilia, most famous for his acquisition of ‘Wright Flyer’, one of the earliest examples of an aircraft by the Wright brothers.

    In a news conference the Malaysian Prime Minister, Perdana Menteri announced, “We have finally located the missing aircraft in Saudi Arabia. The passengers are all OK and are in good spirits.

    You can read more at canalina.com.

    Larry’s comment:

    Prince Al Sandshoo, as in sand in my shoe? Give me a break. I didn’t think that the article was the least bit funny. Canalina.com gets my Mal Gusto Award.

    I hope that the families find the strength to carry on, that the truth eventually comes out, and that they get some closure on this tragedy.


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