Long-haired maggot-infested welfare parasite turns down $80,000/yr job

Take a good look at the pic below:

Welfare slug Jason Greenslate

Welfare slug Jason Greenslate

His name is Jason Greenslate and a real-life exemplar of what Rush Limbaugh calls the “long-haired maggot-infested dope-smoking” carbuncles infesting America.

Greenslate is 29 years old, able-bodied, and is on welfare.

But he’s no ordinary welfare parasite.

When was the last time you had lobster for dinner?

Well, here’s news to all you suckers who still pay federal income taxes: Greenslate buys LOBSTERS with food stamps your hard-earned dollars.

Greenslate is a California surfer and rocker. He signed up for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), i.e., food stamps, and receives $200 dollars a month in taxpayer money for food.

Why does he qualify for SNAP? As Greenslate put it simply, “I don’t got a paycheck coming in, so I qualify.”

All he has to do is provide his birth certificate and Social Security card and fill out a form once a year.

The parasite recently was interviewed on Sean Hannity, and turned down Hannity’s offer to help him find a paying job. Here’s the account on Fox News Insider, March 13, 2014:

Wearing sunglasses and smoking an electronic cigarette on set, Greenslate told Hannity that he hasn’t worked in a year for pay, but that he considers his band practice his job. 

Hannity pointed out that Greenslate rides around in a Cadillac Escalade and frequents strip clubs, all while receiving government assistance and not working at a job that actually pays. 

When Hannity asked Greenslate who he thinks pays for his food stamps and free health care, Greenslate said, “Government, taxes, us, the people.”

“Not you, because you’re not paying taxes,” Hannity responded.

Hannity went on to point out that nearly 60 cents out of every working Californian’s dollar goes to taxes. “You’re taking their money and you just don’t seem to care,” Hannity said.

“Who says I don’t care?” Greenslate asked, adding that he was “thankful.”

“I want to thank the United States of America, and the situation — the way things are set up,” said Greenslate.

Hannity concluded by asking Greenslate, “If I could get you a job that would pay you $80,000 a year driving a truck in North Dakota, would you take it?” 

“No,” Greenslate replied. 

Not only is Greenslate a lazy greedy welfare bum, he’s also crafty. The address for him on 4 people search engines is a P.O. address:

PO Box 2569, La Jolla, CA 92038

The addresses for his relatives — Jimmy Leroy Greenslate, 78; Carolyn Ila Greenslate, 77; Kevin Greenslate, 55; Barry Greenslate, 52 — are either the same PO box adrress or absent.

The long-haired maggot-infested welfare parasite is right on one thing:

In the end, it is THE GOVERNMENT — the POS in the White House, the useless millionaires in Congress, every 50 state governments — who make possible and are enabling this welfare abuse.

H/t The Economic Collapse and FOTM’s swampygirl


19 responses to “Long-haired maggot-infested welfare parasite turns down $80,000/yr job

  1. You know this is said in every country that has a welfare system. The cry is always “The money we worked so hard to earn is being given to perfectly capable able bodied and intelligent people who don’t believe they need to work or contribute” Its true there are some people who could maybe get a job this man could get a job Hannity suggested North Dakota that’s a hell of a drive from California, and that’s the thing we have no qualms about demanding people should, to quote another right winger “get on their bikes” to find work. Its not that simple, leaving family, friends to go and work in a job you may not like, with people who may not like you is not easy. Its not even safe what if the job doesn’t work out or you’re made redundant in a year, what then? Miles from home, no friends or relatives. Its not easy. We all, well most of us, want to help those in need; the disabled and the sick and thanks to govt and big business policy there is another group: those who find their industry has been exported and they have zero chance of finding and competing in another career. Its not easy but it is very easy to condemn and select from the millions of people trying to find work the relatively few who have found a way to get by because this I know 200 dollars a month is not sufficient to survive.


    • This dude seems to be ” surviving ” rather nicely ! Driving around in an Escalade , getting his johnson waxed at a strip club , and lastly eating lobster ? Must be nice to go out and party ” LIKE IT’S 1999 ” on someone else’s dime .
      Has anybody else picked up on this ? Look at this guy and visualize Sean Penn in ” Fast Times at Ridgemont High ” . Put the sun glasses and backwards hat on Penn in that movie . That’s damn near Jeff Spiccoli !… I think that was his name …..Oh well , I won’t loose any sleep over it if I’m wrong . It’s only S.P. and and the Maggot Man !!!!!!!!!


    • “leaving family, friends to go and work in a job you may not like, with people who may not like you is not easy” Boo freakin boo hoo. There’s a reason it’s called a “job”.

      “Miles from home, no friends or relatives.” Boo freakin boo hoo. I’m sure he’s got a cell phone and computer to communicate with people.

      “Its not even safe.” Boo freakin boo hoo. If the job doesn’t work out, find another one. This leech is a poor excuse for a human being and a REAL MAN.

      You know what your words do apply to? Our military MEN. They volunteer for our country and experience working with people they don’t like, are thousands of miles away from home, and face hazardous (life-threatening) conditions. This POS wouldn’t last a day in Afghanistan, let alone boot camp. He’d piss his pants if he heard a rocket coming his way.

      Nice try coming up with excuses for this scumbag. Alinsky would be proud.


    • Useful idiot much, dude?


  2. Congratulations, pippakin. You won the Saul Alinsky Prize of today — for:

    1. Making excuses for Jason Greenslate;
    2. Deliberately twisting my post into one condemning all welfare recipients, and in so doing,
    a. Deflect attention from Greenslate, who is the subject — and the sole subject — of my post,
    b. Make me out to be the monster.


    Furthermore, your IP address says you’re in Dublin, Ireland. You really should mind your own business.



  3. I have a sneaking suspicion this pos is a trust fund baby. La Jolla is the creme de la creme for places to live. The first time he was interviewed, he was driving a new black Chevy pu. Now the new Escalade. Someone has to be paying for them, gas, insurance, upkeep.
    In some states you can’t get food stamps if you own a car worth a certain amount, like a few thousand.
    Then you have his cigs, tats, booze. Somebody is supporting him besides us.
    The fraud is so rampant in Ca. It would make you ill.
    Just like for those on unemployment, used to be for 16 weeks with two active contacts a week, verified. Sure was a motivator. Now, years go by and people are still taking with no verification.
    The people we pay to do their jobs, are letting us down.


  4. Leeann Springer

    I would love to see welfare maggots have to dig ditches for a living! He is probably a big mooch living off his parents. I say “whoever is enabled become disabled”. I would love to see him and other lazy freaks work in the hot sweltering sun for a minimum wage. He needs to get a tattoo that says “loser”. As for the Dublin Sympathizer; “lay off the blarney”. Leeann


  5. The guy must be an idiot to go on TV & show his bum self to the world. Not the least bit embarrassed!

    Agree with Glenn re the fancy cars. Doesn’t “add up”!

    And lol at this: “…your IP address says you’re in Dublin, Ireland. You really should mind your own business.” Ha! 😀 That’s for sure.


  6. Trust fund leach living very well off of multiple “hosts”. I can’t believe he showed his face on Hannity. Once we removed the stigma from food stamps we sealed our fate.


  7. I’d like to beat this SOB to death with an ax handle :chairbang:

    I have never been able to get a job due to having both type 1 and 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis in my spine due to scoliosis and yet I can get $15 dollars in food stamps while this cretin gets $200 for surfing and going to strip clubs ..This is one reason why I hate and despise progressives


  8. A more nasty money grubbing shower of eejits, useful doesn’t even get close, is hard to imagine. Hows the weather in New Hampshire…Hasn’t someone got a fiaaance hidden away somewhere? Just a thought.


    • B.T.W. , what is a fiaaance ? Are you trying to type ” fiancee ” ? Try using spell-check . It works rather nicely !………My advice , stay off the Guinness Stout . Have a nice hangover !!!!!!!


      • Its the American accent. I have a picture in my minds eye: a small fat man in a baseball cap stuck in his garage because he’s so obese he can’t get through the door of his house which must be a relief to his family.

        Welfare is essential unless you want even more people homeless or dead on the streets. Most civilised countries provide welfare for those who need it. Most civilised countries also have those who are lucky never to have needed welfare benefits and resent their taxes going to help those in need.

        My comments are made stone cold sober and with the benefit of more life experience than most posters here appear to have.


  9. So I guess when I lost my 24 year career,after the mfg. plant I worked in shut down, instead of going out and finding odd jobs (didn’t go on unemployment or take any gvnmt assistance at all), and finally ending up in a full time job currently making 30%less than I made 10 years ago, I should have sat on my lazy arse and done nothing? I thank God my father raised me to be independent and responsible. I pray and hope I wil never become a slave of the government, which is what this guy and 10’s of thousand like him are…..just a slave. Me, I choose to be a free man and hope I have the courage and guts for fight to my death for that if it ever comes to it.


    • Jerry,

      Don’t give up, and don’t ever change. The day will come when welfare parasites like Jason Greenslate will have to face his Creator to account for his life.


      • Acts 20:35
        “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’’
        This is the reason why able boddied people need to work, because there are those who CANNOT and need to be assisted. It is our duty to give.


  10. The only happy thought I can scrounge out of this is the fact that when the depression hits (and that’s a fact, folks!) this jerk will at the top of the list looking for comfort and care from those who he has relegated to the lowest rung of life. I have never been able to understand the mindset of people like this – leeches who will suck the blood out of others and not feel an iota of compassion for the grief they cause others. Narcissism, high grade!


  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. St. Paul reminds us in his epistles that if you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat. Of course, he is communicating the necessity for responsibility and contribution to society of one’s skills and talents given to people by God. This truth applies today. The fact is simple: this man, this abuser of the “system,” was offered a job by Hannity, and he refused it. There is no other issue here: he doesn’t want to work. How shameful and dishonest.


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