Senators vote on bills without reading them

And since they don’t read the bills, the senators also don’t know what add-ons have been snuck into the bills at the last minute — add-ons that have nothing to do with the bill itself.

Here’s Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) about this outrage:

H/t FOTM’s josephbc69


10 responses to “Senators vote on bills without reading them

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  4. Hey, it’s been workin’ for Democrats since 2009…


  5. I believe this is one of the biggest problems in DC – riders a.k.a. pork. All bills should be pristine clean, covering only one topic. And we should all get to see them on the internet for at least a week before passage. Seems like King O promised something like that before 2008. Ha ha ha ha.


    • Still ‘waitin’ to see the Obamacare bill online so I can see what’s in it (didn’t Pelosi say that “we” had to pass it first to see what’s in it?. Well…….)
      Pelosi still doesn’t know, Reid doesn’t know (all those people who lost their insurance are big fat liars according to him), Sebelius is orbiting Mars on this evidently b/c she doesn’t know SQUAT about her own job, her own numbers, her own costs, or any other stats….and Obama only learns one thing at a time….so he can get up in the morning and make adjustments to his latest understanding of the bill…..Oh, and BTW….I think there are STILL people who not only haven’t seen the bill online….but can’t even use the online website yet…..and in 2 weeks, supposedly the IRS will be on their doorsteps with the fine for not getting online to order up this ridiculous “product” for an amount that they can’t afford anyway. This is sort of like the US Post Office, don’t ya think? I stopped using it years ago b/c I never knew what stamp to use from day to day….so I started using metered mailing at one of those mailbox stores near my house. Who wants to pay a bill and not be sure if it’s ever going to get there b/c you used the wrong stamp—crap—until the “everything stamp” they didn’t even put the cost of the stamp on the stamp! You had to compare it to a poster in the lobby. So, I submit that this health care law and it’s product and delivery is just about the SAME as the Post Office….and we all KNOW how prosperous (NOT!) the Post Office has been for the last 25 years!


  6. Seems like Rand submitted a Bill to address “Riders”,to make it mandatory that each Bill must be submitted and considered without riders. Don’t know what happened to it-Reid probably buried it..


  7. Much like the Un-Affordable Care Act . Don’t forget that famous line from the Princess of Marin Co. Calif…………” You’ll have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it ” …………..That was TRULY a day that will live in infamy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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