Syrian Muslims kill Christians as human sacrifice

Those noble Syrian Muslim rebels jihadists, whom Obama last year had wanted us to go to war for and who are still being funded and trained by the CIA, have now “graduated” from cutting out and eating the heart of Christians to offering them as human sacrifice to their moon god Allah.

Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat report, March 11, 2014, that Muslims in Syria have conducted an actual real-life human sacrifice, and even captured it in a video. [WARNING: very graphic video]

Here’s a screenshot from that video:

Muslim human sacrfice1

In the video the speaker uses the term Qurbān (Arabic: قربان‎), which can only signify a sacrifice. (According to Google Translate, the word “sacrifice” is قربان‎ in Arabic.) This indicates that the videotaped killing is nothing but a ritual human sacrifice.

Another Islamic human sacrifice can also be seen in another recent video.

Here’s a screenshot from the second video:

Muslim human sacrifice2

Christians are being killed in these sickening rituals every day, and the bloodshed will not stop.

For over a year now, the Shoebats have been writing and warning the world on the reality and revival of Islamic human sacrifice. Though Islam claims to believe in the Old Testament God, it actually is a pagan moon-worshiping cult.

The Shoebats have been working with Sister Hatune Dogan in rescuing Christians in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey. But they need our help. Please donate and be a part of the rescue mission of these Christians.

H/t Patriot Action Network

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18 responses to “Syrian Muslims kill Christians as human sacrifice

  1. horrific!…I pray Dear Lord rescue our brothers and sisters from the evils of this world!

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  2. We need Christian training camps all over the world, to train and equip Christians for armed resistance to this stuff.

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  4. It is insane fools such as these murderous creeps who are the best reason for a war of Christians vs this Islamic sect. Our problem will be to ensure that we target the real perps, and not some other wannabes or alternative sect.

    Only a Satanically insane person could act this way and not expect fatal consequences from their evil behaviour.

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  5. So now their god is demanding more and more. Isn’t that the way these evil entities operate?

    Btw, wasn’t the dad who brought up President Old Scratch a Sunni himself?


  6. There are two categories of the followers of Islam: the delusional and the criminal.


  7. Hey, how ’bout that “religion of peace”…


  8. Hey, how about a great big bomb on their rat infested dirty ass selves.
    Really have you ever seen one who looked clean? They should go the way of the Mayans..and real quick.


  9. I have never seen such barbarism. It is the epitome of evil.
    BTW, Eowynn, I just re-subscribed. Feeling fine. Radiation coming up soon.


  10. Reblogged this on Pasarea Phoenix Remixed & co and commented:
    Two world threats: Russia and extremist Muslims. First priority?


  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most important post. This is so horribly evil. Every day we pray for persecuted Catholics and Christians of all denominations throughout the world before the Blessed Sacrament during the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


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  13. I m also praying to god that one day their wil be peacefully in Iraq n live happy….but one thing what I saw is y r they killing little baby????babys r gift from god……


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