The blasphemy of Sarah Silverman: Jesus is pro-abort

Sarah Silverman is a vile “comedienne” who thinks being rude, insulting, irreverent and blasphemous is funny.

In a tweet in March 2013, she made cruel fun of surviving spouses of those who were killed on 9/11:

Sarah Silverman

The latest from Silverman:

In a new pro-abortion public service announcement, Silverman — a non-religious Jew — says Jesus had appeared to her, calling her to spread his message.

And what’s Jesus’ message?

That he is “bummed” by people who use his name for”intolerance and oppression” — people who are “anti-choice,” that is, who are opposed to killing innocent unborn babies.

Silverman’s devilish Jesus then smiles and says, “I’m Jesus F-ing Christ,” after which Jesus the Devil brings Silverman to a fake orgasm and tells her she is a “good little Jewish girl.”

Silverman’s video on YouTube has 11,146 thumbs up and only 3,192 thumbs down.

H/t Patriot Action Network

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17 responses to “The blasphemy of Sarah Silverman: Jesus is pro-abort

  1. I believe she sounds confused about who is Jesus.
    It will be a small wonder why these people will be given over to a strong delusion.


  2. Miserable woman…


  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. Silverman behaves in an utterly stupid, insensitive, cruel, malicious, blasphemous and horrific manner. She makes me sick and truly is a person who misrepresents Judaism and the Jewish people. Her actions are demonic; she is obviously full of hatred, despising herself the most!


  4. This is not the position of the Biblical Jewish community and it brought me to tears. There are Christians that say things that are not the position of the true Biblical Christian community also. I hope everyone will understand we are all being misrepresented by secular Jews and Christians and non-believers and be careful not to judge everyone else by the words of single misguided souls. Praying for her to become spiritually aware and saved would be the way the Bible would help her, I believe. I will pray for her.Thank you for all the information so we can get through the mine fields of our day. May the Lord bless and keep you all.


    • Thank you, MS. Yes, I do know that Sarah Silverman is not representative of religious Jews and Judaism. I identified her as “non-religious Jew” only because she referenced herself as “a nice Jewish girl” in the demonic video.

      Conservative religious Jews and conservative Christians are on the same side — allies in the culture war!


  5. Sarah’s self absorbed and diseased mind will be her undoing.


  6. I couldn’t even watch it. This woman is horribly offensive.


  7. Non-religious? More like anti-religious and self-loathing…


  8. I think everyone would be more informed about this if they would look into the Jewish Talmud, or, among other sources, read the late Israeli Professor Israel Shahak’s book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion.


  9. Absurd…….not even worth a comment. Just like the old saying “opinions are like a**h***s, everyone has one and no two are alike”, However this chick has totally gone off the deep end….”crazy and getting crazier”, to quote the famous Bob Grant……the father of talk radio……


  10. silverman, like many, is a VERY willing vessel for the devil.


  11. You know in her case there could have been a strong case made for abortion.. Just kidding..sorta of. Groann
    You know I wish they would all go to their Moms or rather their Moms should all go to them and just smack them and tell them they are lucky they did not choose abortion. Tell them think about that you little twit.


  12. Here is a short video from an Israeli TV show that is relevant to the Silverman matter. Other sites of which I am aware, where it has appeared, have been deleted or blocked. As to Silverman, and the TV show, I think they have a right to express their opinions, and even hatred, but that right extends to everyone, of similar or opposing viewpoint.


  13. I guess she hasn’t been keeping up with the news that these clinics are filthy and dangerous, just like the coat hangers they like to talk about.

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