Sandy Hook: How did Lanza kill himself?


Some readers may find the subject of this post, on suicide via shooting oneself with a gun, to be gruesome and distressing. You are forewarned!

In the State of Connecticut’s final report on the Sandy Hook mass shooting, it is claimed that 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 individuals (20 first-grade students and 6 staff members) at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the space of 11 minutes.

Then, at 9:40:03 a.m., police heard a final shot, believed to be Lanza committing suicide by shooting himself in the lower rear portion of his head with a Glock 20SF handgun, in classroom 10. (See also Wikipedia)

From the Final Report’s “TimeLineRedacted pdf” A88, p. 5:

09:40:03 is still on the telephone with CSP and a second single gunshot is heard in the background. This is believed to be the final suicide shot from the shooter, who is in room 10, Ms. Soto’s room. (CSP Centralized Dispatch 911)

This account is troubling for several reasons:

1. That Lanza killed himself with a single shot to his head: 

A discussion on a science forum says:

“But shooting yourself in the brain is a risky method of suicide since many people don’t shoot accurately and just wind up severely injuring themselves. “

the brain can certainly survive a huge amount of injury

The human brain can sustain a surprising amount of damage (e,g., Google search Phineas Gage) without causing death. Although not instantaneous, a gunshot to any area of the cortex can cause death through excessive intracranial pressure arising from either brain swelling or edema. Abraham Lincoln lingered for several days as a result of the brain injury cause by a low-caliber bullet that didn’t exit his skull after being shot at close range from the back. Instantaneous death may only be caused by gunshots to the brain that also damage the brainstem, which regulates heart and lung function.”

There have been cases of people receiving 12 bullets in the brain without dying, and, as already mentioned, Phineas Gage, who had a tamping iron blasted into his head and through his brain without lethal effect.”

2. Why did Lanza choose the lower rear portion of his head to shoot?

A morbid website on suicide says “For those aiming at the head, the most popular site is the right temple (the left temple presumably being for left handers), second comes the mouth, followed by the forehead.”

And yet Lanza chose the lower back of his head.

Discussants on the science forum differ as to which is the most lethal part of the brain to shoot. One discussant claims it’s the T-area of the face: “My friend, who was a marine, says they are trained to ‘shoot the T’ as he called it. Sides of the T being the eyes, to the bridge of the nose, to the top of the mouth. Shooting these points straight on should cause instant death.”

human brain

Others says it’s the brain stem:

“The most lethal areas of the brain to shoot are the most evolutionarily primitive, since these are the areas which control the heart beat and respiration rather than thought. So to kill yourself most effectively, you need to shoot yourself at the base of the head in the back, rather than, as is traditional, into the side of the head.”

“The UK’s SAS aim to hit the Medulla Oblongata [the lowest part of the brain stem], which is the autonomic control centre…this consciously shuts down and physically immobilises the target as quickly as possible presumably bringing a speedy death.”

But the most troubling question is:

3. How does one shoot oneself in the lower rear portion of one’s head?

human brain1

Here’s a pic of the Glock 20SF handgun that Adam Lanza allegedly used to kill himself with a single shot to the lower rear portion of his head:

Glock 20SF

The Glock 20SF is 8.03 inches long and 5.47 in. high.

I tried to simulate what Lanza allegedly did with a wooden 8″ long ruler, and can say that it sure ain’t easy pointing that to the lower rear portion of my head, then click to shoot.

But Lanza did that while in a state of great emotional agitation, after having killed 6 adults and 20 innocent and helpless 6-year-old little children, and knowing that the police are right outside the front door of the school.

I welcome thoughts and comments from readers with knowledge of handguns and shooting.

H/t FOTM reader Susan S.

See also our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page with links to all the posts we’ve done on this subject, especially:

Love and Peace of Christ to all,



72 responses to “Sandy Hook: How did Lanza kill himself?

  1. I said it from the beginning, this whole thing stinks. I never believed what was told to us. I’m not a cop or any type of investigator. The one thing I have learned in 58 yrs of life is when my “shit detector” goes off pay attention. This story has kept it pegged.


    • Please take the time to watch this well made documentary. This video goes into minute details about every aspect of this event. There is no evidence that this was anything more than a DHS drill coordinated with the media to use as a means to bring in more gun control.
      Charities were set up prior to the date of the event. There are several presenters who have all taken a lot of time to research this.
      There were two significant attempts by the Obama administration to bring about severe restrictions on our Second Ammendment. One was “Operation Fast and Furious” and the other was the event known as the Sandy Hook School shooting.


  2. ” the brain can certainly survive a hug amount of injury “……….Living proof is Joe Biden !

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  3. Eowyn, Great catch as usual. I just tried with a 6″ long barrel on a pistol and while doable it was awkward. I then tried a ruler and with the extra 2 inches still doable, but I would say in that heightened state he would probably end up grazing his head. A lot of people miss the first time or graze themselves from the anticipation of what’s to happen. So if that shot went straight in I would say he umm, had a little help. 😆
    Oh Brother This sbathroom_toiletstink_100-1011


    • Thanks, Steve. I was hoping for a comment from you, since you know so much about firearms. 🙂

      There’ll be more Sandy Hook posts coming. I never give up. LOL 😀


      • Eowyn, It’s just awkward, and not logical. Like everything else.. LOL
        Can’t wait for new stuff..


      • More info to be found, L. Pozner moved to Rat’s Mouth/Boca Raton as he was using Wolfgang Halbig (he lives nearby.) In Halbig’s discovery regarding individuals Pozner claimed to be able to verify his charges against Halbig, the judge ordered the material be given to Halbig. Pozner dropped the case at once and is leaving/has left BR to be near his children living with his wife from whom he is divorced. Does that mean moving to WA D.C. and the Swiss Embassy, noted for its oncology unit with its skilled personnel?

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        • My understanding, if you’re referring to his “alleged” ex-wife, is that she moved to Seattle. Of course, none of that may be true. Nothing in this sham can be taken at face value.

          As we are seeing these days with the Las Vegas fiasco, they either embellish and milk these or they drop them like hot potatoes. The whole “Lenny” bit appears to be a continuing exercise in silencing dissent.

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          • You may well be right regarding Miss Haller/Mrs. Pozner now living in Seattle. We should all thank Halbig for his courage and sacrifices in standing for his adopted country. People of his character are welcome here.

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        • My fifth word, second line, was typed “suing,” not “using.” I believe the cost to Halbig was $250,000 for his defense.


          • Thanks. I’ve been seeing bits and pieces of that here and there, but nothing like we used to see. Who knows? This may be intended to just exhaust him financially.

            They are never going to admit its a hoax. I suppose I admire his tenacity but I’ve had problems with his approach several times. This is the ultimate “city hall” and we all know you can’t fight “city hall”.

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        • As I recall, her “brother” Alexis Haller, was alleged to be an attorney in Seattle. She had made statements about disintering her son, Noah, and taking the body with her when she moved to Seattle.

          Given her love of the limelight, it is somewhat amazing we haven’t heard more from her. She must have either gotten a huge payout and/or moved back to Switzerland.

          Of course a lot of these cockroaches have moved back into the walls now. Some who were a daily source of amusement haven’t been seen for years. But of course I’ve always believed that testing their ability to manipulate the eaters was the biggest aspect of this whole operation.

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  4. Without seeing the autopsy pics I’m rather loath to comment. Seen a few head shots in my career, not all suicides. But we have had people survive head shots from under the chin through the top of the head.

    But I will say this; if he committed suicide then there had better be powder burns/deposits very close to the entry site. The more dispersed the powder around the wound, the further away the barrel is from the wound when the weapon was discharged.

    If the barrel was pressed directly against the skull there must be skin and/or other soft tissue evacuated from the wound site due to the overpressure from the escaping gases behind the bullet. The burning powder would also then be deposited directly into the wound, scoring the bone and into the brain tissue.


    • Sig,

      The State of Connecticut’s final report on Sandy Hook contains a toxicology report on Adam Lanza (they found nothing: no alcohol, no drugs), but no autopsy report. For that matter, no autopsy report has been released on all who were killed that day — not Adam, not his alleged 26 victims, not his mother Nancy.


      • Just another list of things that make you go hmmmm.


      • Watch “We need to talk about Sandy Hook”.


        • I have. So what’s your point?


          • Thanks. My first visit to this site. I have been trying to raise awareness about this event and find that most people
            get upset and refuse to consider that corrupt criminals who have hijacked our government would be so evil as to stage the whole event along with a complicit media.


            • Americanman, thank you for doing your part by raising awareness about Sandy Hoax.


              • I know this may earn me scorn by some people, but I couldn’t help noticing that a significant number of the supposed parents of the victims that are now promoting gun control are also Jewish. Quite a few of these people were on the gun control bandwagon long before the event.
                The fact is that Jewish politicians, organizations and individuals have been major proponents of gun control and are largely over represented in the anti-Second Amendment movement in America. Coincidence?


                • I noticed it too, Americanman. We need not apologize for pointing out the truth; it’s those who perpetrate deception who should apologize. The worst of the lot is Lenny Pozner, who’s been hounding bloggers & YouTubers with alleged copyright violation for posting pictures of himself & of Noah — images that are profligately available all over the web. Lenny is also directly instrumental in getting Prof. James Tracy fired. See “Sandy Hook: The hounding of Prof. James Tracy“.


  5. The Glock Model 20SF is a short frame 10mm semiautomatic. It is a powerful cartridge, we’re not talking .22 here. Gun literature for this model indicates that the maximum operating pressure for this cartridge is about 35,000 psi. Many pistol loads are only half that. Even so, 17,500 psi held right next to skin and bone will do some damage to the entry site.


  6. The evidence is fishy that Adam Lanza ever existed. His dorky-looking photo could have been manufactured. His SS number never issued. His death the day before the shootings (!?) No surveillance video. Too supposedly lightweight (160 pounds) to carry and fire the “long” gun. Shootings/killings too fast for magazine changes. They arrest Ryan Lanza and find out he’s not the one, so they say it “must be his brother.” Nancy Lanza (pics only) shown to be a crisis actor. Strange collection of people moving into Newtown, just for this circus. Fundraising sites, complete with pictures of the “dead,” set up online before 12/14. Media creates narratives all the time and we swallow it all (not we smart people here, mind you).


    • Ginger, I don’t believe any of this, but at
      160 lbs he could carry the weight, and he had plenty of time to do the damage. Again just saying.


      • I was 160 lbs. in high school, and could have easily carried that stuff around.


        • OK, Steve and traildustfotm, I believe you. I was just going by what the man says on this video between 1:20 and 3:30 (beginning of the long video). It’s a shame the music gets so loud while he’s talking.

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          • Ginger, I hate the damn music. LOL What do they think they are
            Cecil B. DeMille or sumpin. 😆 The only reason I point this stuff out is so we don’t get lost on stuff that is easily explained. I too saw that in vid.
            As I said I don’t believe a thing and please I don’t want to say that everytime. LOL. So if I do point something out it’s just so we stay on track. OK. 🙂


        • Adam Lanza was reportedly 6 feet tall weighing 112 pounds.


      • After taking a good look at Adam’s pictures, u a buck twenty would be closer to his weight. The pictures do not look real though.


    • Oh yeah, and all the pictures of Peter Lanza (the dad) and his son Ryan do not include a second son.


    • According to a report issued by Connecticut’s Office of the Child Advocate, at the time of his death, Adam Lanza had a high-functioning form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome and, at 6 ft. tall, weighed only 112 pounds and was anorexic to the point of malnutrition.

      Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Report of the [Connecticut] Office of Child Advocate, November 21, 2014, pp. 8 and 7,

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  7. According to the police reports, police shot adam


  8. What we have here is someone who is an unstable mental condition, who it is claimed managed to monkey a pistol around just right to kill himself first shot… That only happens in hollywood trash flicks. (Also “suicided” people in the past, in the area of researching the truth of things, have been shown to have “suicides” that were impossible to achieve, consider the case of Joseph “Danny” Casolaro and the whole PROMIS affair back in the day, although be warned, his death is rather gorey and makes no sense to be done by a single person to themselves.)

    Mention is made of where certain police/military units etc. shoot in the head, perhaps someone should ask “who shoots to the back of the head?” and see if there is a group that fits that general area. Although I imagine it was Mercenaries or assasains that were utilized in the operation, if indeed anyone was actually killed, and if indeed these “lanzas” existed at all of course. I wonder presently if this whole thing was intentionally set up also as a “Op” to gauge the public’s ability to sort out the truth of a staged incident, besides the other reasons. Would the likes of the F.B.I. etc. be blog-combing to see who is smart enough to reason things out, and be tailoring the next few psy-ops accordingly to cover “gaps”? I personally don’t know, but I know that they have spying capabilities in the realm of technology that are vastly more than what old 007 had (a tiny bug made to watch connections and data flowing through a USB cord, for example, it also transmits what it finds).

    Something else occurs to me as well… just where are the children and lanza etc. interred? At this point you’d think they’d be trying to use shots of graves for propaganda pieces, and to stoke the emotional trauma. Though I would not suggest the digging up of the graves (the govstapo would be just itching for calling conspiracy folk whack-jobs that dig up graves.) if no graves even exist, or if they were all cremated, it would tend to indicate destruction of evidence. Finally, if those are the kids in the choir, where are they now, and who organized it?

    Also as a side note: we all know “adam” means “man” but apparently Lanza can be either from italian (and also spainish) meaning “Lancer” or from German meaning “Land” So effectively we have a man lancer (man killer?) or man land, as far as names go, while his mother’s name “nancy” seems to stem from hebrew “ann” (adam obviously being from hebrew as well) meaning grace or favor, so hers ends up being “favor lancer” or “grace land” depending on the meaning of Lanza you go with… while “ryan” comes from Irish gaelic and apparently means “(descendant of) Little King”, all very strange. If “nancy” is the crisis actress mrs. (ann) hadad, it would make sense that “nancy” is a form of “ann” (itself a form of Hannah), while “hadad” being a name of a baal, (a storm deity) also meant “smith” or “blacksmith”. Not that any of this is of any relevance, since whoever made the psy-op may, or may not, have gone for tongue-in-cheek meanings with the names assigned (as previously mentioned, the name of the street the house was allegedly located on implied binding or yoking happiness, IE causing sorrow).

    Looking forward to other articles.


  9. If memory serves me, Dr. Carver (what a name for a medical examiner) said that all the shooting was from a long gun. Further, he said that the bullets did not exit the bodies of the victims-cover for lack of bullet holes in the walls that would match such a shooting. Please check the files to see whether or not this makes sense.


  10. I’m hearing more and more claims (and I’m strongly inclined to agree) that the Government has been “arranging” these mass killings. Reference the evidence of this presented by Gingercake,and the absolute ironic coincidence of a “mass shooting” occurring virtually EVERY time the alleged president gets himself in a bind. I’m not typically a conspiracy theorist,but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……it might be a Wildebeast,but it’s probably a duck. There’s just TOO many things in each of these shootings that don’t fall into place naturally. I believe in this particular case he may very well have been able to shoot himself;my question is more regarding his motivation to kill a bunch of innocent people. What did he hope or intend for this to accomplish? Did the Feds have something on him that would have destroyed his family,or killed many of his relatives?
    I also will point out,as I’m sure many of you already know,that so far,all but a couple of these killers have been registered Democrats,all either were,at the time of the shootings or had been,and quit or ran out,taking prescribed mind altering drugs for mental problems.I think this fact is one thing the Feds don’t want people to think about,because with all the $$$$ the Pharm Co’s have invested in the Government,the LAST thing the Feds want is a big investigation into prescribed drugs causing mass homicides.


    • TJ, from the onset of the school having an abandoned feeling about it, to chasing people through the woods, I don’t think there was an Adam or any children. Too many bizarre interviews from the coroner to the police seem like interviews from idiots.
      Having worked with Fire Depts. and rescue, you never box in emergency vehicles like all those ambulances were. Turning down help from neighboring rescue units smelled as well as the strange going ons from the Fire Dept. Having a sign by the road giving directions to weird ole Gene and his wrath of stories added to the mystery.
      When questions have been asked, suddenly the appears a shabby explanation, like being made up on the run.
      The car out front having bullet holes from the inside out adds to it.
      People admitting driving by the FD an hour before and seeing dozens of cars already there.
      A neighbor man sitting inside his house, put his fingers to his lips in an shhh position and held up a sign saying it is all fake.
      Nothing makes sense, and why was Holder there the month before?


      • Glenn, could you refresh me on the car outside with bullet holes from the inside?


        • Seems this man, might have been an interesting ‘interview’. . .is he still there; still alive. . .have a name? Still wanting, at the least to warn; this is all fake?

          (And yes; amazing how the ‘meds’ are seldom included in the ‘blame game’; much less, given even serious ‘mention’. Also; have noted that these are usually Dems behind the ‘guns’. . .and have wondered too; how many ‘Blue’ States hold these unfoldings; versus Red States. Truth has a way of outing itself; and in many of the statements; you can. . .’hear it’; in odd choices of ‘words’. And see what seems a ‘truth’ being hidden too; by body language; and ‘facial’ language.

          That said, a number of things described as ‘suspicious’. . .do not appear to me to be so. Albeit, some of ‘those’; gain some credibility, by what these facts are surrounded by. Still, those still dubious, feel a bit like ‘clutter’; and are a distraction.

          Thought it interesting that the first blogger mentioned, is ‘Libor Jany’ . . .given that this scenario occurred just as Libor scandal was breaking; and both Lanza and Holmes Father’s were involved in testifying; and both Holmes Father; and Adam’s Mother; had work connections to MK Ultra/CIA. Perhaps this journalist was working on this. . .


  11. Hey, at least it beat the alternative of Lanza having to shoot himself again or even reload. 😉


  12. Larry Fields

    Here’s my stooopid question of the day:

    I’ve read that there can be a problem called, “out-of-battery” for semi-auto pistols like the one Lanza allegedly used on himself. My understanding is that if a semi-auto pistol is pressed directly against the target, there may be a failure to fire. Is that right?

    If so, that would have been one more pesky detail for Lanza to worry about. Making a direct shot to the back of one’s own head is difficult enough — especially for someone whose proprioceptive ability is limited by Aspergers, and who is under under extreme stress.

    Lanza would have had to keep the muzzle of his semi-auto pistol an inch or more away from the back of his head. (Revolvers do not have the out-of-battery issue.)


    • Larry, I’ve never heard of the term so I found this.
      I don’t think it would matter. It seems like this says there is a kaboom and projectile launch. Maybe others more knowledgable.
      My 2 cents. I wouldn’t want to bet the farm on this happening to keep me alive. LOL

      Out-of-battery refers to the status of a weapon before the action has returned to the normal firing position. The term originates from artillery, referring to a gun that fires before it has been pulled back into its firing position in a gun battery.
      In artillery guns, “out of battery” usually refers to a situation where the recoiling mass (breech and barrel) has not returned to its proper position after firing because of a failure in the recoil mechanism. Most gun carriage designs should prevent this, however, if a gun is fired out of battery, then damage to the carriage can occur as the effectiveness of the recoil mechanism will have been compromised.
      In firearms and artillery where there is an automatic loading mechanism, a condition can occur in which a live round is at least partially in the firing chamber and capable of being fired, but is not properly secured by the usual mechanism of that particular weapon. The gas pressure produced at the moment of firing can rupture the not fully supported cartridge case and can result in flame and high pressure gas being vented at the breech of the weapon, potentially creating flying shrapnel possibly injuring the operator.
      There are many reports of modern pistols being damage or destroyed by out of battery discharges that has led to the use of the term kB – meaning “kaboom”.[1]


    • No the out of battery would not work. His glock would function just fine long as the barrel and slide stayed togather and not apart.


  13. Larry Fields

    Here’s one item that surfaced from some googling on the subject. It’s probably accurate, but I’m not a firearms expert.

    Part of post by whirlibird:

    “All semi-auto pistols have a disconnector of some sort in them.
    It is what resets the sear/trigger bar/etc., when the slide reciprocates.

    “Generally the slide only has to move between 1/16″ and 1/8” for the disconnector to reset and the weapon won’t fire until the trigger is released and the slide comes back to battery.

    “However this isn’t always the case, there have been cases of out of battery firings of Glocks, that is the weapon being able to be fired without the weapon being at full lockup.”


    • Larry, Your original statement/question was

      “My understanding is that if a semi-auto pistol is pressed directly against the target, there may be a failure to fire. Is that right?

      If so, that would have been one more pesky detail for Lanza to worry about.”

      Like I said I never heard of “Out of battery” so it seems it could happen, but then again it may not. I don’t want to try do you? LOL
      As far as Lanza Worrying about it? I doubt he gave it a second thought.

      Because if he did research it, he probably would have been aware of this and shot elsewhere. Then again if he had help with the shot, LOL then we would need to see the autopsy report stating an opinion on distance. Which we know the report is garbage.


    • Larry, let me add I just read that whole thread from your link. It’s saying if there is pressure exerted on the barrel it will cause this condition. So if Lanza did push this into his head with a bit of pressure then yes it could happen. Not just placing against.
      I never knew this.


  14. I’ve been avidly following this line of questions for a while now and have this to add, and it may only apply in my own particular case; but I have such a difficult time visualizing any arm of law enforcement personnel shooting all the school children at SH in a coordinated group action, that my heart just won’t allow me to believe it. I know that people logically looking at the post-event evidence available will probably look at me incredulously.
    All I can say is that if our govt has arrived at such a flawed condition that an apparently powerful arm of its security forces, even if subordinate to various executive departments, could justify murdering all these defenseless children merely to further one of its political or defensive agendas, then I am compelled to repudiate and even ignore facts.
    If I were to entertain the idea that various facets of our govt are so completely without conscience that this magnitude of evil can still be justified by the already overused mindset “the ends justify the means”… And I believed that to be true, then there would be no point in attempting to go forward. There would be no realistic future for America and its citizens.


    • What makes you think any child(ren) died at Sandy Hook? Did you know that the State of Connecticut continues to refuse to make public their alleged death certificates, despite FOIA requests from the AP and other media, although such certificates are considered public record?

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      • Excellent work, as usual. The detractors don’t look at the evidence, and/or they are paid to detract people from the truth by name calling.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . . it is a very interesting point, the fact that the state of Connecticut, or the county clerk’s office has not been forthcoming with the death certificates. Tell me, how s it that the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses for same sex marriages had to go to the poky until she had a change of heart. Is this not the same kind of scenario, except that the facts are a little different? Why isn’t someone taking a trip to the poky for not being in compliance with the laws of that state? As far as the picture of Adam; I have always been troubled by his looks–they just didn’t seem consistent with real human facial features. I am glad that there are those that agree. Great post–thank you!!!


      • I have yet to see this particular subject surface within the comments, so just to thrust us a little further down the rabbit hole: the SH Principal, Dawn Hochsprung, was also “Donna” at the Boston Marathon bombing. UNREAL!!!


    • D,

      Dr. Eowyn just offered you an instant cure for your depression. No children died at SH. There now, don’t you feel better. Of course, if it’s true that you’ve “been avidly following this line of questions,” you would have known that.

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  15. Excellent continuation of research into this great fraud created for Agenda 21 destruction of our nation and all other countries for the globalist Tower of Babel tyranny/governance.


  16. Here’s your answer: He didn’t shoot himself. That’s how.


  17. Hello Doc – I see that you still monitor responses on your old posts, good for you. I just popped over from MHB having read your outstanding exposé on Kev Riley. BRAVO!! One thing that I wanted to add after scanning the comments here (apologies if it is redundant), is that a) the 10mm was adopted and then rejected by the FBI as it turned out to be “too hot” (kicks like a mule) for the trained agents. Similar to a .357 magnum, and certainly not something sold to a yuppie mother or her 112 lb son, even (especially) if he was coddled. This brings me to the Glock 20 and b) the 8 inch barrel on that model. I had no idea that the slide was that long, and when you press it against the back of your head you need to get the angle to shoot it up and out of the top of your hat (without getting any brain tissue on it, of course). Sounds even more difficult than the diagram in this posting would lead one to believe. Not meaning to nitpick – you are a public treasure and your tireless work is greatly appreciated..

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    • Thank you, Marko!
      “I had no idea that the slide was that long, and when you press it against the back of your head you need to get the angle to shoot it up and out of the top of your hat (without getting any brain tissue on it, of course).”

      I recall that the State of Connecticut’s final report on Sandy Hook included a photo of Adam Lanza’s hat in the “crime scene,” with no blood or brain tissue on it. Just another stage prop, like that fascinating little pile of drilling dust underneath a purported bullet hole in an interior wall of Sandy Hook Elementary School. /sarc


  18. Dr. Carved decided that Adam Lanza be shot in the back of the head. Either the “Good Coroner” or writer of the script, that is.


  19. Newtown police shot a child as he ran out of classroom 10; the shock of that accident (and perhaps their own attempt to prevent the outside world from knowing about it) led to their failure to notify dispatch of the many, many wounded. As far as Bob Nute at Newtown dispatch knew, there were only a couple of adults wounded in the extremities. By the time he found out second-hand from a volunteer EMT that there were not two, but dozens wounded, victims had been bleeding for half an hour; by the time his frantically-summoned regional ambulances had arrived, victims had been bleeding for a solid 60 minutes. The Golden Hour, as it is referred to in medical circles, was gone. On top of that, the only ambulance route to and from the school was blocked inadvertently by police vehicles.


  20. Dr i have a photo of Adam kansas black boonie hat with blood…hair..and brain. Matter… and a piece of what maybe skull fragment. On it…


    • Eric:

      I just sent you an email so that you can email the pic to me.


      • Would be. Delighted to have it for you in a few…please enlarge photo.. it gives a much better version of the true story


        • This is the “supposed” black boonie hat that Alleged shooter Adam lanza was wearing on that fateful day..had to send it to you via. phone due to my internet being down at the moment..and look at the other picture I am also sending you . why is there a white substance on the brim?…look closely to see the hair and blood around the exit hole and pay attention to the location on hat of said bullet hole

          On Nov 18, 2017 11:09 AM, “Fellowship of the Minds” wrote:

          > Eric commented: “Would be. Delighted to have it for you in a few…please > enlarge photo.. it gives a much better version of the true story” >


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