New poll: 62% Americans see abortion as ‘morally wrong’, 84% support restrictions

unborn baby

LifeSiteNews: As hundreds of thousands marched yesterday in Washington protesting 41 years of legal abortion, responsible for an estimated 56 million deaths, a new survey has found that a massive percentage of Americans support significant abortion restrictions.

The new Marist Poll sponsored by the Knights of Columbus reveals more than ever that an overwhelming majority of Americans are not satisfied with the current status quo on abortion.

A staggering 84 percent believe abortion should be restricted. In this group belongs those who would restrict abortion to the first three months of pregnancy (28%), the cases of rape, incest (33%), or to save the life of the mother (12%), and those who would never permit abortion under any circumstance (11%).

The survey surprisingly found that 58 percent of strongly pro-choice Americans would support such limits.

Regardless of whether Americans think access to abortion should be legal or not, 62 percent said that abortion was “morally wrong”.

Only 9 percent believe that abortion should be available to a woman any time she wants one during her entire pregnancy, the survey found.

“Four decades after Roe v. Wade, abortion remains at odds with the conscience and common sense of the American people,” said Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson in a press release.

The American people understand that abortion is bad for everyone, and even those who strongly support abortion want it reduced significantly, so it is time that our lawmakers and our courts reflected this reality.”

The poll reveals that support for significant abortion restrictions is on the rise. A similar poll last year found that 83 percent of Americans favored significant restrictions, a one percent difference from this year.

The survey of 2,001 adults over 18 was conducted December. Results are expected to be accurate within ±2.2 percentage points.

There is hope for the unborn!


5 responses to “New poll: 62% Americans see abortion as ‘morally wrong’, 84% support restrictions

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.


  2. Thanks for posting this, DCG!

    Our prayers for the hearts of Americans are working. Let’s keep it up. The only way we’ll see this country improve is if we all repent (turn around), and honor God.


  3. March For Life organizers say one of the most encouraging signs over the past few years is the tremendous growth in young activists, including high-school and college students, as well as young professionals.


  4. I feel to happy see American start wake up and see abortion are a mass murder, but I won a see Doctors and woman in Jail for murder.


  5. Thank you DCG for this most encouraging post. The Pro-Life warriors are winning this battle against evil!


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