Unsafe foods from China and elsewhere

In response to a commenter’s query on my Jan. 9 post, “Beware of all foods from China!,” I went on YouTube to find videos on unsafe food from China and elsewhere.

Here are five.

1. Dirty noodle factories:

2. Rat meat sold as lamb:

3. Fake (man-made) eggs:

4. Fake (plastic) rice:

5. And here’s a video of the problem of unregulated imported food, not just from China:


10 responses to “Unsafe foods from China and elsewhere

  1. I think I want to get sick now. Oh wait…I don’t eat that crap. Nevermind. Plastic rice?? Jeez!


  2. That picture remember my That I was see in Mexico doing with food.


  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for all of the trouble you have gone to researching this matter, and for setting up the above five examples of unsafe food coming from China and other foreign places. It is my hope that people will take this serious warning to heart, avoiding horrible germs, bacteria and/or parasites that can make them sick and or even fatally ill which can lead to death. God bless you Dr. Eowyn.


  4. We’re doomed.


  5. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Remember they also now own Smithfield Farms, worlds largest pork producer and a major movie chain, don’t remember which one…


  7. I heard of many people dying from eating raw sushi. The meat i eat i could never kill myself, so i should be grateful for others to do it for me, i am a real hypocrite. I am stunned over the innovative crimes the poor are inventing to stay alive in a world of forced greed & survival, while the powers only concentrate on war technology for a century now.


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