Record number of Americans (92m) not in labor force

Here are three graphs that put the lie to the POS and his slavish mainstream media bleating that the U.S. economy is in “recovery.”

Graph #1

Do you know why the unemployment rate keeps falling, the latest from 7.0% to 6.7%?

That’s not because the jobless are finding jobs. Noooo. The reason is because even more Americans have simply dropped out of the labor force. The U.S. labor force participation rate is now at a 35-year low at 62.8%, hitting levels not seen since 1978, although there are 90 million more Americans today than in 1980.

Graph #2

Look around you. A 62.8% labor participation rate means more than 4 out of every 10 adults you see are not working.

The number of Americans who don’t work is now a never-seen-before 91.8 million. That means we have more people not working than the entire population of these select countries:

  • Vietnam: 90.388 million total population
  • Egypt: 83.661 million
  • Germany: 80.586 million
  • France: 65.860 million
  • United Kingdom: 63.705 million
  • Italy: 59.901 million

Graph #3

Here’s one reason why more and more Americans aren’t working: Despite the Fed spending over $1 trillion in 2013 to “stimulate” the economy, there were fewer jobs created in 2013 than in 2012.

Establishment survey 2012 vs 2013 job change:

Sources: ZeroHedge and ZeroHedge


12 responses to “Record number of Americans (92m) not in labor force

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    Gunny G!


  2. The Obama led government has made it too easy for Americans to go on a
    Welfare, go on Disability and at present is trying yet again to extend unemployment benefits. The lower unemployment numbers give a false positive on our economic recovery.


  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Again, more lies being told by the king and his administration…The graph difference between 2012 and 2013 is appalling.


  4. Hope and change baby!


  5. That are a way destroy economy, plus insert all illegals in a force.One reasom more for NO vote for any Dems.


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  7. Okay folks, let’s look at the real reason the unemployment rate is falling.
    After receiving your maximum unemployment benefits, and no longer receiving an unemployment check you are not counted as UNEMPLOYED regardless if you found a job or NOT. There are so many people that have been out of work for so long they no longer get unemployment checks. Therefore they do not get the check and are assumed to be employed now.
    However they may still qualify for Food Stamps and their free phone. But because they do not get that unemployment check they are not considered unemployed.


  8. The chart labelled “Labor force Participation Rate” is a pattern known as a “Head & Shoulders” to Technical Analysts. It is an extremely reliable [70%+] forecaster of the coming trend, which in this case is downward. Sorry that I don’t have better news for you folks. I am also among the under-employed, been that way for three years now; I’m $30,000 in debt using credit cards to buy groceries, pay bills, and try to continue living, such as it is….


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