2014 Nevada Governor candidate will defy gun ban

Yesterday, I posted former U.S. Marine Joshua Boston’s open letter to Sen. Diane Feinstein, in which Cpl Boston states he will not register his weapons should her proposed legislation to ban “assault weapons” including handguns is passed
Here’s another voice publicly and boldly stating he will not comply with any gun control ban/confiscation directive. His name is David Lory VanDerBeek, 37, and he’s the Constitution Party’s candidate for Governor of Nevada in 2014. A happily married husband and father of 5 children, VanDerBeek is prepared to go to jail for his belief in the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. He is asking us to join him.
His video is a bit long, slightly over an hour. I’ve transcribed his main message:
“This video is a message to all Americans, including those of you who are serving in the military and law enforcement.
America is losing all the freedoms that define us as America. The American Dream will come to an end unless we draw the line. Everyone of you will have to make the decision.
Obama is moving to become a dictator. In order to do that, Americans must be disarmed. Our government is preparing legislation to have firearms confiscated, beginning with semi-automatic rifles and military-grade handguns.
I’m asking you as Americans to be public and vocal. I’m asking you to publicly state with me that if anyone in any level of government uses physical force to remove your firearms, that you will defend yourselves.
Why am I standing up to Obama?
Because someone needs to.”
Please go to the video’s YouTube website to leave a comment for Mr. VanDerBeek or send him an email at vanderbeek@ccnviap.org.
H/t FOTM’s Stephanie O.

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7 years ago

Awesome, just plain awesome!

Stephanie O
Stephanie O
7 years ago

It’s SO important that people like this brave American know of our support. When I watched David’s video and he stated matter-of-factly that he and his wife had “had the talk” about what she would do if anything happened to him because of his choice to stand and fight Obama’s single-minded crusade to ruin America, I was both stunned and thrilled. I heard echoes of our forefathers’ grim resolve to pay whatever price was necessary to defend the cause of Liberty. And I also realized it was time I made a tangible commitment to helping true Patriots like David become… Read more »

Trail Dust
7 years ago

Thank God for this guy! May his numbers increase!

7 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. Mr. VanDerBeek is absolutely right: Obama is a dictator. I call him a “king”. Not only is he trying to take away our right to bear arms, he is also trying to take away our right to religious liberty which includes practicing our Faith. If you do not see what is happening, then you are truly blind.

7 years ago

That’s my biggest fear if it goes south. Do people actually pull the trigger.
Lot of guns have been bought. People know now what you will do. If you won’t, then give them to a neighbor who will. Please.