2014 Midterm Election Final Results

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A Resounding Rebuke and Rejection of Obama, the Democratic Party, and the Liberal Media.

In spite of all the voter fraud, the illicit voting by non-U.S. citizens, the undisguised partisanship of the establishment media (did you see the grim faces of Bob Sheiffer, et al., last night?), the real American People turned out in droves to vote.
And the American People spoke.
Obama's scream
Exit polling in Illinois showed Obama has only a 50% approval rating in his home state. More Illinois voters (one-third) “strongly disapprove” than “strongly approve” (23%) of Obama. Nationally, Obama’s approval ratings vary from 42% to 45%. (Source)

Republicans need 51 seats for a majority in the Senate.

Final count:

Republican 52 (gained 7; lost 0)

Democrat 43 (gained 0; lost 7)

GOP needs 218 to keep its majority in the House.

Final count:

Republican 242 (gained 14; lost 1)

Democrat 174 (gained 1; lost 14)

Governors (from East to West):


  1. Maine: Gov. LePage reelected.
  2. Massachusetts: C. Baker
  3. Maryland: L. Hogan
  4. Ohio: Gov. Kasich reelected.
  5. South Carolina: Gov. N. Haley reelected.
  6. Georgia: Gov. N. Deal reelected.
  7. Florida: Gov. Rick Scott reelected.
  8. Alabama: Gov. R. Bentley reelected.
  9. Tennessee: Gov. B. Haslam reelected.
  10. Michigan: Gov. R. Snyder reelected.
  11. Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker, despite all the attacks and demonization by public unions, is reelected.
  12. Iowa: Gov. T. Branstad reelected.
  13. Arkansas: A. Hutchinson.
  14. Texas: G. Abbott wins 59.3% vs. “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis 38.9% (98.8% precincts reporting)
  15. Oklahoma: Gov. M. Fallin reelected.
  16. Kansas: Gov. Sam Brownback reelected.
  17. Nebraska: P. Ricketts.
  18. South Dakota: Gov. D. Daugaard reelected.
  19. Wyoming: Gov. M. Mead reelected.
  20. New Mexico: Gov. S. Martinez reelected.
  21. Arizona: D. Ducey.
  22. Nevada: Gov. Brian Sandoval, who stood up for rancher Bundy against the federal govt., reelected by a huge majority of 70.6% vs. 23.9% (95.5% of precincts reporting)
  23. Idaho: Gov. B. Otter reelected


  1. New Hampshire: Gov. M. Hassan reelected.
  2. Rhode Island: G. Raimondo.
  3. New York: Gov. Cuomo reelected.
  4. Pennsylvania: T. Wolf.
  5. Minnesota: Gov. M. Dayton reelected.
  6. Oregon: Gov. Kitzhaber reelected 48.8% vs. 45.9% (77.6% precincts reporting)
  7. California: Gov. Jerry Brown reelected.
  8. Hawaii: D. Ige.

Leaning Democrat:

  1. Vermont: Gov. P. Shumlin (D) 46.46% vs. 45.2% (97.1% of precincts reporting)
  2. Connecticut: Gov. Malloy (D) 50.7% vs. 48.3% (90.4% reporting)
  3. Colorado: Gov. Hickenlooper (D) 48.1% vs. 47.4% (92.4% reporting)
  4. Alaska: B. Walker (D) 48% vs. 46.6% (96.8% reporting)

Message to the GOP:

This election is not an endorsement of the Republican Party, but a rejection of the Democrats. The American People voted for Republicans only because we are stuck with a two-party system of either/or.
One of the first things you should do is get rid of that traitorous Consent Decree the Republican National Committee made with your Demonrat counterpart in 1982, in which the GOP consented to neither prevent nor challenge vote fraud. See “Why the GOP won’t challenge vote fraud“.
You have two years to show you deserve our votes.
If you betray our votes, we will come after you in 2016. 

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0 responses to “2014 Midterm Election Final Results

  1. Well I finally live in a red state where my candidates win (unlike WA ST)! Inhofe and Lankford take Oklahoma senate seats – woo hoo!

  2. Great Artwork..!! One can only pray that this pitiful creature will accept the message.. I have to wonder though if he would get it even if it hits him across the face.. Honestly, have you ever seen a more narcissistic public figure..??

  3. Looks like there will be no Nunn in the senate.
    Two up, four more to go.

  4. The way this is going, Stephy might just leap off the ABC roof.
    LOL – Maybe he will land on Prissy Tingles. 😀

  5. Reblogged this on SilentSoldier.

  6. Republican Mike Rounds wins in South Dakota (replacing Dem Tim Johnson)

  7. Life is looking good in AMERICA again!!

    • Startin’ to,and I expect to see much MORE good news. I’m worried about Nv. though-Reid has something on the Republicans here or something;ironic how the -I was gonna say “man”,but he’s not even a pimple on a REAL man’s a$$-anyway,”Ironic” how he comes from losing by a substantial amount to winning,in the last 2 hours. Just shows he’ll do whatever he has to do to keep the Conservatives down,legal or otherwise.

  8. I have the flu, my kids won’t do their homework, and the house is a mess, I made a lousy dinner — -but I am happier and more hopeful than I have been in a good while! Keeping fingers crossed!

  9. We have a new Senator here in Arkansas. Mark Pryor, our 12 year incumbent, put up a fight but too many of us just couldn’t hear his message — it was like we had Cotton in our ears or something.

  10. For our commie-lib friends:


  11. We lost in New Hampshire, but enough Republicans were elected to throw Harry Reed out of his position of power in the Senate. Scott Brown has been a disappointment among conservatives, and failed to rally the base, so he deserved to lose.

  12. Here in my home state of North Carolina, Thom Tillis has a nearly 2% lead with about 97% of the vote counted, and Politico is reporting that his win puts the Republicans over the top to take the Senate.
    Maybe now the sick-feeling knot that I’ve carried in my stomach almost every day since the 2012 elections will ease.
    It started out as a worrisome evening though, as the early counting had Kay Hagan up by a few percents; I was worried that her barrage of lies and misrepresentations in the closing days of the campaign had been enough to win for her.
    Whew, I’m drained….

    • I too am a citizen of the great socialist state of North Carolina. I am quite pleased this morning. However, me thinks we may be putting too much of our faith in the hearts of men. We need to contiually pray that these men and women who steer this great ship will do so after seeking the wisdom of our God.

  13. Well folks, I admit it:I was wrong. I posted here a couple days ago whilst rather worried about democommie vote fraud and I need not have worried.Sorry if I got anyone else concerned.
    Looks like the country has finally had more than enough of the jug-eared scumbag AND it’s minions.
    Thanks America, I have a bit of hope again..

  14. 6:00 AM EST and according to Drudge it’s a done deal .
    Senate in GOP hands.
    AP story here.

  15. Hearing the results was music to my ears!

  16. It is now up to us to not allow the Republicans to capitulate to the democrats and Obama. We are responsible to stay on their backs and demand no compromise! No Obamacare, No amnesty, No new taxes, No Agenda 21, etc etc. ad nauseam. Please people, don’t believe we’re safe because of Republicans, remember their actions after they were elected in 2010! Stay on top of their actions! Do not let them cave! If they do, we’ll get Hillary for president for 8 years and I know Hillary personally as she was a Goldwater girl with me in high school. God help us if she’s elected.

  17. Bless you, dear, dear Dr. Eowyn, for all the work you put into keeping us informed about Satan and his evil works. Stay healthy, eat your veggies, and know that you are greatly loved!

  18. Let’s hope we see impeachment papers drawn up in late January, with full criminal prosecution by June!

  19. Mitch McConnell to lead the Senate is not good for America he will support TPP

  20. Here in NW FL I can’t be fully happy today, cause our beloved Steve Southerland lost 🙁
    I believe Gwen Graham was handpicked solely because of her Daddy & his name recognition. It worked. poo

  21. Minnesota as usual hit the fail button, predictable. Union brainwashing at its finest.

  22. The people have spoken.

  23. I’ll bet the squishes in the Republican Party will screw it up again!

  24. Ha – LOVE that picture of The Scream!

  25. Excellent post. Again: I don’t mean to be “cynical and hopeless,” but please understand, We, the American People, have not been told the truth about ANYTHING. There are players behind the scenes, wielding influence. As I have said before, The Bush Machine is still wielding its influence—and I believe they’ve arranged things to remain in place for long after they’re gone. Politics has a way of corrupting the best of men—or at least the best of intentions. To say “We’re coming after you in 2016” does not threaten them: They have already measured the parameters of their plans and their opponents’ possible responses.
    Let us hope and pray for the best. But let us also educate ourselves. Now is NOT the time to take pot shots at independent alternative media. Now is not the time to criticize and belittle Alex Jones, Henry Makow and the HUNDREDS of others on the internet (while we still have it!) Now is not the time to criticize and belittle Dr. Jerome Corsi, Greg Palast, David Icke, et al. We have to study, connect to others and spread the news.
    IN SHORT: WE HAVE TO OUT-CONNIVER THE CONNIVERS. Mere good intentions and phony cheerleading won’t cut it: The enemy has all of that figured out!

    • “Now is NOT the time to take pot shots at independent alternative media. Now is not the time to criticize and belittle Alex Jones, Henry Makow and the HUNDREDS of others on the internet”
      I’m baffled by your comment, Steven. Who’s doing this on FOTM? For that matter, FOTM *is* part of the New Media that can take some credit for Tuesday’s election results, and we’re darn proud of it.

      • I’ve seen Alex Jones and the others I’ve mentioned belittled not here, but on other sites. I try to talk to other people at my job, too. (I drive a yellow cab here in New York). It’s a funny thing: People want to tell me how the world works—about how great Obamacare is, or how disappointed they are in Obama, etc., etc. But if I try to agree with them, or point something else out, etc., etc., they usually don’t want to hear it. And yes, people have told me things like, “Oh but there’s so much B.S. on the internet,” to which I reply, “If you keep studying it, you’ll be able to tell the truth from the slanted sites.”
        I haven’t seen much criticism of other sites here on FOTM at all, but I have seen it on others. People are very funny like that.

        • Thank you for clarifying, Steven. I consider Henry Makow a friendly colleague and appreciate his links to some of our posts. And I’ve used material from Alex Jones’ InfoWars.
          Like you, my experience is that some people, usually if not always Democrats, stick to mainstream news sources like NYT, treating them as canonical. By shunning the New Media, they end up being low-information voters, despite some of them being highly educated professionals. There’s nothing quite like willful ignorance!

          • I agree. And it’s not the job of the NY Times to report the news; Their job is to massage public perception of the news. Their specialty is behavioral modification for liberals in denial!

        • Steven, sounds like you have a wealth of experience dealing with all types across the political spectrum!

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