2014 election fraud has already begun in Chicago

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India voter ID
And we call India a third world country?
Shame on America’s Demonrats!
But then how else can the Demonrats carry out vote fraud?
Speaking of vote fraud, the Great 2014 Vote Fraud has already begun.
In Illinois, early voting began on Monday, Oct. 19, 2014. So Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote at Chicago’s Schaumburg Public Library using a touch-screen voting machine. Every time he tried to vote for a Republican, including for himself, the machine registered his vote as for a Democrat. (Read more here.)
In the great DisUnited Corrupt States of Amerika, you’ll vote Democrat, even if you’re not.
And what will the Republican Party do about this?
Nothing! (See “Why the GOP won’t challenge vote fraud“)
H/t Rebel Mouse

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7 responses to “2014 election fraud has already begun in Chicago

  1. Lies, cemetery voters, voting multiple times (especially in early voting) and automated voting machines marking Democrat no matter what– dishonesty is a progressive left/liberal strategy, always has been for Leftists.

  2. Shame Shame Shame on all of them! We should all get a big broom and clean house.

  3. Perfect, I love the facts about India. They can’t contest that.
    I think everyone should hit the GOP with tons of emails wanting to know what they intend to do and when they are going to change the agreement about challenging voter fraud. I respond often when they want something from me.

  4. Will it take the blood of saints and patriots to stop this evil? I can not see many other choices than violent revolution right now. If the leftists have succeeded in trashing the integrity of our elections, the only recourse is retreat or valor.

  5. If ALL the Republicans would just IGNORE the “agreement”,one of two things would happen. The Courts,realizing they’d committed a prosecutable offense in STARTING the “agreement”,would simply allow Lawful Elections proceed,rightfully processing any suits for Voter Fraud as they should,or the Dems would come unglued,which would result in the WHOLE story becoming Front Page News all over the US,telling ALL what kind of people Democrat Politicians really are. In SPITE of the Democrats’ giving the Welfarist Takers the world on a silver platter,everyone would see that the Democrats care not a bit for the PEOPLE except as voters to keep them in power to feed the Takers until nothing is left,at which point the takers would be sacrificed to keep the higher-ups alive. Either way,the Democrat Party would go down,and those in power would end up in Prison. Maybe not,but I’m pretty sure this is basically how it’d shake out.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Sickening! It is a puzzle to me why we were able to take the House in light of the ongoing fraud. We know that the fraud was in force during the presidential election.

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