2014 Black Friday sales a bust

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elections have consequences
So much for the much-touted economic recovery.
The U.S. economy depends on consumerism, i.e., retail sales, for as much as 70%, and the bulk of retail sales is conducted in the all-important Christmas season that traditionally begins the day after Thanksgiving. That day is dubbed Black Friday because that’s when U.S. retail businesses begin to go into black, i.e., make profits, for the year.
Black Friday sales, therefore, are a bellwether for Christmas sales.
ZeroHedge reports, Nov. 30, 2014, that last year’s Black Friday retail sales were bad. This year is an outright disaster.
According to ShopperTrak data, the first two days of the holiday shopping season were already showing a -0.5% decline across bricks-and-mortar stores. But figures just released from the National Retail Federation (NRF), the traditionally cheery industry organization, show that:

  • Sales during the four-day Thanksgiving holiday period crashed by a whopping 11% from last year’s: $57.4 billion to $50.9 billion.
  • The number of Americans who went shopping over the four-day weekend declined 5.2% from last year‘s 141 million to 134 million.
  • Shoppers spent an average of $380.95, down 6.4% from $407.02 a year earlier.
  • There was a decline across virtually every tracked spending category, including online sales, as the NRF charts below demonstrate (source). Shoppers spent an average $159.55 online, down 10.2% from $177.67 last year.


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0 responses to “2014 Black Friday sales a bust

  1. USA used to be a strong nation of producers…we had a strong economy and we CELEBRATED Christ during Christmas. Now, all we do is spend ourselves into debt (usury) and celebrate holidays. No wonder we are falling apart as a country.

  2. I keep saying… but no one in the White House is listening. I JUST saw a clip where Obama was bragging about just “HOW GREAT” the economy has recovered during his time on office. Yet, for me, everything has gotten MUCH worse. I have MUCH LESS money to spend once my bills are paid, because cost of eating, and getting from one place to another have gone up so high. Food has increased during Obama’s time in office by over 45%. Makes you wonder just WHO is feeding Obama the BS, or if he is “master minding” that all on his own (which I doubt, simply because I don’t think he is smart enough to dream up a lie this big). Obama has surrounded himself with people of “like mind”, but none from the independent business market, and since he HATES the military, he NEVER listens to them.
    In the State of Washington (Sadly, where I happen to live) Congressman Denise Heck wants to steal money from the military to pave and build new roads, and he thinks his idea is “just grand”. I asked him, “What happened to the monies we already paid in taxes for road maintenance, and new construction? How come we need to pilfer the military to take care of what should already be paid for? What does this have to do with lousy economy? The Washington State Government is the “fore runner” of the “corrupt big liberal ideology”. So if you ever want to know what the liberals will do next, all you have to do is Google Washington State, to find your answer. The economy in this state is a disaster. Yet this is where Obama found anxious volunteers to take on tens of thousands of the illegal immigration of open boarders, and they are probably STILL coming here. And just how is this going to benefit me?
    Truth be known, we are working as hard as we can to save enough money to move to Texas. F*ck this bunch of liberals!!!

    • (which I doubt, simply because I don’t think he is smart enough to dream up a lie this big).
      Why? He’s convinced half the Country he’s an AMERICAN CITIZEN,while it can be,and HAS been,proven at least 3 different ways he can’t legally or Constitutionally Campaign for President,yet THERE HE IS.

    • In the State of Washington (Sadly, where I happen to live)
      Cheer up-you COULD be living under Mexifornia’s Realm of Weirdness. Their State Political system more resembles a big Commune with Hitler in charge.

  3. And with the ongoing Obamacare debacle, the older US citizens who used to have excess funds to spend, are now spending it all on healthcare, so the retailers will not be getting it. Think of all the rotten trade deals pushed by the republicans who have destroyed American industry and jobs. No jobs means no money, and the reality is, the unemployment rate is far higher than reported by the twisted stats of the feds. We are in a depression, and many, many Americans are suffering. Thus, the big decline in funds. We’ll probably see more store closings than were mentioned just a few months ago. Sad sad state of American affairs. God help us, because the politicians sure won’t…

  4. We are only about half-way through what Doug Casey calls ‘the Greatest Depression,’ and I concur w/that judgement call. Historically, most Depressions last thirty-five years from beginning to end, but at their end, the society only finds itself at the economic level where it began.
    The North American ‘Great Depression’ of 1929 actually began in 1919-1920, w/the collapse of the farming sector’s boom years, fuelled by WW1’s huge needs to feed the armies of the USA and Canada. Those years are known as the ‘Dismal Decade’ by many historians, as most people were unaware of what was happening during the Roaring Twenties.
    If we add 35 to 1919, we get 1954, which is when the North American economies again started to grow strongly, albeit much was due to the Korean War needs and European re-construction, as well as pent-up domestic demands. Our economic collapse should be marked from 1999-2000, when the high tech boom collapsed, but this was hidden behind Greenspan’s ‘easy money’ policies, which in turn fuelled an equivalent Roaring Twenties in real estate, commodities, & high tech companies, finally ended by the mega-banks collapse in 2008-2009.
    I predict that our currrent trough will be in 2016, and it will be 2034 before North American people feel easy about their lives and livelihood. That is, if we get through w/o WW3, which the Obamination appears to desire as he ceaselessly riles Russia and China.

  5. All this is what keeps me moving-trying to minimize the damage and waiting to see what happens next. Both political parties have done their share of harm to the US,but from what I’ve seen,there’s generally been SOME benefit for the People with most of the Conservatives moves;the Liberals,though,seem more bent on just destroying EVERYTHING they get involved in,with little or no benefit to the People. (By “People”,I’m referring to those who are “Makers”,not “Takers”.) One thing the Liberals HAVE excelled in is converting Makers into Takers.
    Okay-I’m off the Soapbox.

  6. Notice to all above: BHO did not spend his formative years in an environment with Judeo-Christian values. Don’t expect them from him, or you will be disappointed. He grew up as and is a Muslim. To put it mildly, they have no love for Jews and Christians. He does have love for power and of self. His early years were in Indonesia in a military dictatorship, an acceptable form of government for him if he has a position of authority.. He went to a Muslim school, studied the Koran well and can speak Arabic.. He was born a British citizen under the reign of QE II (I wonder if she will ever give him knighthood as she gave GHWB), then, as a youth, had Indonesian citizenship.
    We are not just dealing with him, but with those who brought him here and arranged for his presidency. With a Nobel Prize, giving it an international touch.

    • who brought him here and arranged for his political career? I’ve heard soros’s name tossed around a lot

  7. George Soros, I believe, plays a role. Who brought Soros here and financed him? Kissinger, Brzezinski, and Soros came to our country for safety and prosperity. I believe that they became a type of parasite that kills the host.

    • You are precisely correct in your judgement call! They are all parasites, none has ever done a day’s honest labour or work of any sort, all are Ivory Tower neo-cons who got in bed w/the lowest political creeps ASAP, the better to enrich themselves. My son by age fourteen had done more good work than these fascist creeps will ever do, combined. And he managed that while profoundly deaf from birth!


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