Double standard: Obama made the same neo-Nazi gesture as Tony Parker reports, Dec. 30, 2013, that the Jewish human rights group Simon Wiesenthal Center is demanding an apology from San Antonio Spurs superstar point guard Tony Parker for “repeatedly making a neo-Nazi hand gesture:

As a leading sports figure on both sides of the Atlantic, Parker has a special moral obligation to disassociate himself from a gesture that the government of France has identified as anti-Semitic.

Here are 4 images of Parker and teammate Boris Diaw, a Frenchman, making the offensive gesture:

Tony Parker

The offensive hand gesture is called the “Quenelle” gesture–a right arm extended towards the ground, palm opened and the other one bent across his chest touching his right upper arm. The gesture has been labelled as a “reversed Nazi salute,” made famous a few years ago by Dieudonné, a French comedian from African background who is under fire in France for his repeated use of the symbol.

Haven’t we seen the Quenelle neo-Nazi salute before, in one of FOTM’s caption contests?

Here it is:


Why isn’t the Simon Wiesenthal Center demanding an apology from Obama, Jay Z, and Beyoncé (I don’t know who the other guy is) for making the same neo-Nazi racist salute that Tony Parker made?

Stinking “liberals” and their stinking double standard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

H/t FOTM’s sharp-eyed Christy


19 responses to “Double standard: Obama made the same neo-Nazi gesture as Tony Parker

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.


  2. Well if they didn’t have double standards…


  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. The king is an opportunist and will do anything to advance himself. He is no different than Richard Rich who lied as a witness in St. Thomas More’s trial. St. Thomas said to Richard as he was cross-examining him: “Richard, it behooveth a man nothing to sell his soul for the whole world, but for Wales.” Richard Rich was given the position of Attorney General for Wales if he lied in his testimony against St. Thomas More.


  4. I was told that this is Obama and his pals doing a dance with something about “dusting off the shoulder” or some such thing that JayZ is claiming credit for. Still stupid. But wouldn’t be the Nazi salute. Although it surely looks the same. But it’s an old picture.


    • “I was told….”

      By whom? The DNC? Organizing for America? [snark]


    • The “Dirt off your shoulder” song, which contains lyrics such as “muh’fuckin’, “nigga”, “Middle finger to the law, nigga grippin ma balls”, “beeeeeeeitch”, and “I’m a hustler homey”.
      How “Presidential” to reference that song with a salute that “surely looks the same” as the Nazi salute.


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  6. The jug-eared scumbag can’t place his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance but is more than happy to throw a Nazi salute.
    How very telling…


  7. Look at Tony’s left hand of fellowship pointing to hell .. This guy knows what he is doing. . This time it is the first half of the salute soon it will be the whole salute. We should know where this is going ! They are telling us we are almost there..
    Smart observation about the pledge I say.


  8. Dr. Eowyn: Maybe that’s why the Wiesenthal Center didn’t demand an apology from Obama, Beyonce and JayZ. If you’re going to run a blog and expect to be taken seriously, you might want to check out your facts and, if someone says your facts might be wrong, you might want to check them out. Instead you resorted to exactly what the Left does – respond with a snarky comment to a reader (who will never return and will tell others that this is not a reliable source) and fail to check it out before making your snarky comment. Hope you do better in 2014. We aren’t going to prevail if we’re carrying assholes like you on our back. Happy New Year.


    • You can call the gesture “dust their shoulders off” all you want, but my eyes tell me it’s the exact same “Quenelle” gesture for which Tony Parker is being pilloried.

      Given your email address (which ends with for Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors), one would think you’d find that “dust their shoulders off” neo-Nazi gesture of Obama, Jay Z, et al, to be disturbing. But ideological loyalty trumps all.

      As for “a reader (who will never return”, I’m crushed, just crushed!


      See any ads on FOTM? No? That means FOTM makes no revenue/income, which means IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO US IF YOU VISIT FOTM OR NOT.


      • I just looked at the photo again, and except for the guy in the middle, their hands are not on their shoulders, it’s below their shoulders. You can’t dust off your shoulder with your hand on your upper chest.


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  10. Doris, it’s obvious you consider yourself superior to the rest of us poor humans, yet you resort to name-calling and snap judgements regarding those you know nothing about. Hmm…

    I can tell you from personal experience that there isn’t a blog or news source anywhere on the planet that is more meticulous in research, documentation, and fact-checking than this site. And, by the way, according to recent statistics, this site has more readers than most, if not all, the daily newspapers in this country.

    Please do a better job checking your facts before posting, whether here or on other sites. When you fail to do so, you only display your own ignorance.


  11. Whoa! Back up a bit everyone—esp. Doris, & consider Obama’s first campaign poster: the stylized “HOPE” poster. At get-go, it was well-noted for similarity to the 1930’s Soviet propaganda posters—heck, there’s even a 60’s Che Guevara poster almost the exact image of Obama’s “HOPE” poster. And then, there was the “Forward” slogun for the 2nd campaign. The day they announced, I thought “Are you kidding me?” He either had to be an ignoramus about history, OR an avowed socialist/marxist/ fascist …take your pick…BECAUSE, that slogun was used by any & all of those organizatioins in Europe starting in the 20’s & 30’s. The German socialists even had a political MAGAZINE with that exact name! So, I don’t care if Obama was doing the Nazi thing in this photo or the hoochie-koochie. It appears that our president is out of touch…maybe even insensitive–or maybe ignorant of how things “look.” Or is he? The fact is, he gave the nod to his handlers in both campaigns to use sloguns & iconery straight from a specific era of modern totalitarian/socialist development on our planet. Was it by ignorance? Was it by accident (more than once?)? Or, is this far-left president very clever about recapturing powerful propagandist techniques from the past to propel his “popular” image (seemed to work with the 1930’s economically depressed European population—why not here, now, under stressful economic times– when those who can remember/fear its advent/ outcomes in this country are almost all dead?) OR—-is he truly a Socialist, a Marxist, or a Fascist? Lots of possibllities…..and, there’s another possibility: those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Seems like we’re there. Start reading the Weimar Republic…pre-Nazi socialism. Fearing a loss of support they instituted something that would bind the populace to them. It worked very well for a while & kept their gov’t. in power…but also unwittingly put down the groundwork for the terrible socialism that “took it up a notch” & ate them up from the inside with Hitler. What was that something???? It was universal health care.


  12. Hahaha… Not even close on this article. This isn’t journalism, it’s just making crap up to get people to pay attention to you….


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