Texas closes border, stops tide of illegals for 3 weeks

Rio Grande border

Brandon Darby reports for Breitbart.com, Dec 7, 2013, that Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst announced a Texas-led three-week effort that he says reduced illegal immigration, smuggling, and human trafficking to a standstill in the Rio Grande River section of the U.S./Mexico border.

Dewhurst said:

“In the Rio Grande Valley sector, nearly nothing moved in those three weeks. We shut it down. We had teams of Texas law enforcement in the brush, high altitude aircraft, gun boats, and more. Our intel revealed that the Gulf cartel was growing frustrated with our three-week effort.

The border issue is just about dollars and cents. This proves Texas can do the job the federal government has refused to do — to invest in the border and shut it down from illegal activities that are hurting Texans and other Americans. Texas will protect our own citizens and other Americans from the criminal gangs that are destabilizing our state and our nation.”

The plan, according to Dewhurst, was to do a three-week operation with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as the tip of the spear. The effort cost approximately $5 million each month. Dewhurst is seeking an additional $60 million to be approved by the State Legislative Budget Board.

Texas has purchased a high-altitude spotter plane that can see six miles into Mexico at night, six new DPS helicopters that can also see at night, and six armored gunboats to patrol the Rio Grande River.

Dewhurst stated, “We started appropriating money to plug the holes that exist in the border. We’ve allocated hundreds of millions, as a state, since 2008. Nearly 796 million of state money, not a dime federal, has been allocated by the State of Texas to plug the holes in our border. This covers things like over-time for Sheriffs’ deputies,  equipment, and Texas Rangers SWAT teams [referring to the elite Texas Rangers, an arm of the DPS].

For six or seven years, I’ve been calling on our congressional delegation in D.C., we need to at least double, if not triple, the size of our Border Patrol. The federal government is not providing the resources. I’ve grown convinced over the last year that this administration has no intention of securing the border.

This is just unacceptable. We have a problem and everyone knows it except for the Obama administration and people in high levels of Border Patrol. Organized crime groups in Texas are contracting with Mexican cartels to be their enforcers. The cartels’ presence are in all of our major cities. Seven of the eight Mexican cartels operating in Texas are using our state as a staging area for their operations across the U.S.

Illegal immigration is one issue, and we all understand why people want to come here. I’m a strong believer in legal immigration, but not illegal immigration. We have young girls being trafficked as slaves for immoral purposes across our border and through our state. This cannot be allowed.

The bottom line is that we have just shown that we can shut down the border for ‘X’ number of dollars. We need to find the $5 million per month to make these operations continuous and replicate what we have just accomplished.”

Dewhurst concluded the interview by stating, “The State of Texas and our nation deserve better than what we are getting from Washington, D.C. Until they adopt the Texas approach, we will continue to do what’s right for Texans and for our state ourselves.”

David DewhurstTexas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

Now if Texas successfully closed its borders and stemmed the tide of illegals and Mexican criminals for three weeks, why can’t the federal government?

Answer: Because the POS and his henchman Eric Holder in the “Justice” Department don’t want to. That’s why.

Nor do the useless Republicans in the useless Congress.



13 responses to “Texas closes border, stops tide of illegals for 3 weeks

  1. GOD Bless Texas!


  2. They will just come in another way. My friend lives in Columbus New Mexico. He can sit on his couch and watch the illegals come in. The pregnant ones come in and leave 2 days later with their food stamp cards because now they have an American citizen. It’s just disgusting to watch.


  3. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.


  4. You watch, lucifer will be having heir holder sue the state of Texas over this because they are stopping voters for the 2014 and 2016 from coming in. Plus their cut of the drug protection money they get. Maybe the other states should try to help fund this cause to the border states. In reality this will help the rest of the country from the corruption that this administration does not want to enforce. As far as this immigration bill, neither congress or the pos should have the vote on this. It should be up to the legal citizens of this country to decide by a nationwide vote on paper ballot not machines. And this leaves the pos out. No proof of citizenship, NO VOTE, PERIOD!!!!!


  5. The tunnels need to be plugged up also. This is what Heil Obama is doing for our country. He is an illegal helping out his kindred spirits; other illegals. There is turf warfare coming soon. I say, get our troops out of those barbaric third world countries; and deploy them to our American border with a 100 mile buffer zone. Go to all the tunnels and throw in some tear gas and march them back to where they crawled in from.This is exactly why I find paying taxes to be contentious. I do believe we should help others less fortunate, but putting them on a paid family plan is nuts! It steals from Americans to support law breaking illegals. It is also an insult to the immigrants I grew up with, who arrived here the old fashioned way; they followed the laws of our land, worked very hard, learned to speak English, flew our flag and took the citizenship test. They called themselves “Americans” without a hyphen name in front of it. Leeann Springer


  6. The Feds can, they choose NOT to enforce the laws that are on the books.

    Texas can and did without any federal bucks. One more reason I am PROUD to be a native TEXAN!


  7. Sure are easy stop 100% of all illegal enter, But Dems don’t won, need for fraud election next voting time. First warming Mexican Gov, any one try to enter illegals be will shoot, Mexico Gov must stop illegals try to across. From here start haunting illegals like animals, deported and warming NOT come back or be will jail times. If Mexico Gov. protesting, simple stop commercial trade and ban any Mexican citizen come here legal. Mexican Drug Dealer? some, don’t arrest, direct shoot to kill and dead body sent to Mexico, that be will a warming. Send Army to a border that will stop 99% of illegals entry. But that never will happening if Dems are in politic or Powers. That must be like was in Rossian, Stalin start eliminate all enemy.


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  9. I never saw this in the news (guess I could have missed it), not even Fox. I agree with Bill about the rest of the non-border states contributing to the cost of border enforcement. We should start talking to our state legislators now about this idea and find out who is and who is not willing to propose legislation on this.


  10. Here is a story about an illegal hitchhiking in Texas:

    “Mexican Hitchhiker”


  11. Once again, elections have consequences. Or in this case, rewards. 😀


  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. Good for Texas, for Gov. Dewhurst and his administration. Texas has shown that border control can be done. Good for Texas!


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