Mystery flu-like illness killing Americans, including Alex Jones’ cousin

Alex Jones is sounding the alarm about some mystery illness that’s killing healthy people.

Jones’ own family members have been stricken:

  • About 2½ months ago, Jones’ cousin, Peter Amoth (spelling?), got sick one day and died the next day.
  • Then, Peter’s father (Jones’ paternal uncle), William Hannon, also fell ill and has been hospitalized for over a week, where he’s sedated and put on oxygen to help him breathe. Hannon’s been tested, but “it’s not the flu, it’s not bacteria.” Now they’re saying it’s “some weird microplasm” and that Hannon’s lungs look like he’s a 5-pack-a-day smoker although he’s never been a smoker.
  • Jones’ children have also been sick for weeks with a persistent fever and coughs. He had swabs done on the kids.
  • Jones’ father has been sick for a month.
  • Jones’ wife has been sick for three weeks.

But the national media aren’t covering this, although local media are beginning to report it. Jones points out how odd that is, because the media would publicize if 1 or 2 people in China die from an outbreak of swine or bird flu.

From KMBZ (via Infowars), Dec. 1, 2013:

Dozens of children and adults who are in Las Vegas for the National Youth Football Championships have been hospitalized after coming down with a mystery illness.

The mystery disease shows flu-like symptoms, including vomiting. ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser says “norovirus” may be the cause.

“Norovirus is the largest cause of outbreaks of gastroenteritis stomach flu in the United States– 20 million cases a year,” Dr. Besser said. “This is the peak season.”

“It’s one of the nastiest germs around, ’cause it spreads from person to person through contact. It spreads through food, and also spreads from contaminated surfaces, so it’s one of the most contagious ones we see,” Besser said.

From KHOU (via Infowars), Dec. 18, 2013:

Officials with the Montgomery County Health Department [in Texas] are on a mission to find out more about a mystery flu-like illness.

So far, half of the people who have come down with it have died.

According to the health department, all of the patients have had flu-like and/or pneumonia like symptoms. However, all of them have tested negative for the flu.

There have been eight confirmed patients ranging in age from 41 to 68. Four of those patients have died.

Sources told KHOU that two of the surviving patients are being treated at Conroe Regional Medical Center and are “very sick”. Those sources said doctors are being advised to use extra precaution to prevent this from spreading.

It’s unclear if any of the patients had pre-existing conditions.

The Montgomery County Health Department is waiting on more conclusive test results. Officials are hoping they will have more answers in the days to come.

H/t CountDownToZeroTime and FOTM’s swampygirl


20 responses to “Mystery flu-like illness killing Americans, including Alex Jones’ cousin

  1. Note to self:
    Memorize Psalm 91.


  2. Interesting that it seems to be happening in Red states


  3. Alex mentioned chemtrails in the video. These are real and obvious, but most people are still unaware. Soil and water samples show high levels of aluminum, barium, strontium and lithium. Search for a video or two of Kristen Meghan, former air force bio-environmental engineer, about those specific chems. But they can put whatever they want in the chemtrails, including disease spores. Think back to when you used to see “real” clouds, keep looking up, and wondering. There used to be 3 kinds of clouds, and now our science books (and weather forecasters) claim there are 11-13 kinds. There are several forecasters who’ve lost their jobs by speaking out. See
    Also remember that the NWO people want to see population reduced globally.


  4. A poster on Steve Quayle said it was swine flu, H1N1.


  5. Without writing several volumes in my comments and for brevity, suffice it to say that Biotechnology has the knowledge to manufacture racial and ethnic bio-weapons, targeted specifically for selected racial groups through DNA markers. There is a paper titled “Ethnic Weapons” which was published in 1970 in the November issue of the Military Review which can be accessed online. Human cells can be selectively targeted for Biotechnological weapons in laboratory manufactured diseases. I believe there is also a paper published back in 1996 by the Oxford Press titled “Human Radioactivity Experiments” which in other words is “ethnic weaponry”. Having worked in the past for a Clinical Laboratory with the VA system, I have seen the many devastating affects from chemically manufactured diseases. White people are not left out of the mix either because some are already predisposed to certain diseases and disorders that stay inactive and undiagnosed, until something happens to disrupt their immune systems; through triggering, which can be accomplished with chemicals or an overabundance of exposure, provided they have certain types of markers in their DNA makeup. I won’t comment too much about vaccines but I’m NOT a proponent of them, especially when they can short-circuit the underdeveloped immune systems in infants. For instance, the year escapes me right now, but there was a pilot study done between the Amish and the outside non-Amish children. There were hardly any cases, if at all, of autism findings within the Amish who do not vaccinate. However, tens of thousands cases are found in the non-Amish children vaccinated children. Leeann Springer


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  7. I find it suspicious that so many members of Alex Jones’ family have caught this disease. Were they deliberately infected? It wouldn’t surprise me if this were some sort of biological warfare.


  8. It’s severe radiation sickness…people….don’t let the doctors fool you…they’ll lie to your face…tell you it’s a infection or new flu bug. ..but he’s blowing smoke in your face…..Americans don’t know it yet…but we’re all facing an ELE… EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT…..not even the all mighty OBAMA CARE. ..can save ya!….there’s only one hope….A massive evacuation by an armada of (hopefully friendly) alien lifeforms. ..because in a few years earth will become a big radioactive waste land….The most contaminated planet in the universe


  9. what is your email address..I just got out of hospital still having breathing problems, oxygen level low, they say pneumonia double pneumonia a very rare kind, I couldn’t breathe and was in icu, gasp’n for air anything I did…they have me on steroids, asmanex twisthaler, taking breathing treatments, I have sharp pains in my chest every time I breathe in…I been checkup every Monday and have to go back to see the main lung dr first week of January…they said to see if they are going in the right direction with this…its scary, and 3 people in my little town in east texas have the same symptoms..and in hospital


  10. I can only hope people do extensive research on their own about chemtrails, there are evil people behind this. Go back to the nazi scientists that were let into our Country. GhW Bush knows full well the plan. Agenda 21…. Read an article yesterday, called “Have you had the Chem-trail flu yet? They have been flying fast and hard these last several weeks,much lower altitude, and in different patterns. There is a woman named Zeeda Andrews I believe,she has been on Hannity and Greta, trying to bring awareness to this. Thank goodness some of the “Tea Party’s” are bringing this to light. It is a vicious circle with govt.-big pharma. So much sickness unexplained. I am almost convinced our govt is one of the most corrupt evil enterprises in the world.


    • Yes Tina. is a great place to start. It is shaping up to be every science fiction movie coming true, except the bad guys are our own gov, not aliens from another world.


  11. Two people from Las Vegas just died this past holiday break while in New York, visiting family. Otherwise healthy, flu-like symptoms, then died suddenly.


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