Seattle Council member Sawant takes up battle for $15 minimum wage


KIRO: SeaTac passed a new, $15 an hour minimum wage. Now Seattle’s newly-elected Socialist city council member is calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage for the Emerald City in 2014.

Kshama Sawant made an announcement Tuesday morning regarding her plans to secure an increase. “2015 is going to be the year of a $15 an hour in Seattle. That is clear,” said Sawant.

Sawant said she has been talking to fellow council members, others in local government, community groups and organizations and working people to ascertain what their needs are.

She also announced a new website,, which will be ready early next year. Sawant said it was a place where everyone who wants the $15 wage can get involved, and encouraged people to go there now to sign up for information.

Sawant ran for the city council on the promise to fight for a new minimum wage.

Supporters joined her in walking 15 miles from SeaTac to Seattle about two weeks ago. They wanted to put pressure on the city council to establish a $15 minimum wage.

If approved, Seattle’s minimum wage would increase from $9.19 to $15. That increase would amount to a 63 percent hike.

Sawant says in light of SeaTac approving a new minimum wage, there is “an enormous political momentum for making Seattle the first major U.S. city to pass a $15 minimum wage.”

A lawsuit regarding SeaTac’s minimum wage is pending.

Sawant said more details about her plans to secure the higher wage would be revealed next year.idiot2



8 responses to “Seattle Council member Sawant takes up battle for $15 minimum wage

  1. Many thanks for keeping us au courant re this unique political crusader. As hers is an uphill battle, I wish her the strength and fortitude to stay the course, as she’ll need it, for sure.

    I’m of two minds on this topic: first, as a fifty years’ small businessman [I’m a man, NOT a person!], as much as I recognise the need for a liveable wage, it’s also clear to me that this is one of life’s realities that cannot either be defined nor set by law alone.

    Then, on second thoughts, this is an ethical matter, one to be determined by the entrepreneur and the employee between themselves and no one else, otherwise it becomes coercion and loses all moral force –if any– that it had.

    End of sermon. I trust Ms Sawant can be as brief.


  2. As people consider the wisdom of making the minimum wage $15.00 an hour; it comes to mind . . . if individuals want this kind of a wage–WHY DIDN’T THEY INVEST IN THEMSELVES BY GETTING AN EDUCATION THAT WOULD GARNER SUCH WAGES ??? Oregon has a minimum wage around $10.00 an hour, which means that when I go to a restaurant–the person who is taking my order, and setting the food down in front of me gets not only the $10.00 an hour, but a tip of $2.00. Multiply that $2.00 by numerous customers. Then ask yourself–how much do these folks actually make per hour? Those of us who are on a fixed income, would be dramatically harmed by increasing minimum wage to these heights–because of the inflation that would naturally follow. Just because you are you, doesn’t mean that what you do is worth $15.00 an hour. Can you imagine what the cost of childcare for the single woman would go up to; she may well feel forced into accepting the fact that she can live better on welfare than trying to earn a living for her own family. Our economy is in such a fragile state as it is–this would cause further disruption in a major way. Any thinking person can easily see that if wages are $15.00 an hour–“marginal” people will be let go, and only the fastest and best of any companies’ personnel will remain on the payroll. It makes one wonder if $9.15 an hour for sure isn’t a better bet than $15.00 maybe (one thinks of the adage–“a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Hopefully, I have quoted that correctly. This whole push by socialists is merely an additional attempt on their part to destabilize our society. Let’s just hope that enough people don’t have their heads stuck up their _______ to actually pass this proposed bill.


  3. Aunti Lulu has expressed my thoughts, exactly, on this topic. Most minimum wage jobs are meant for those in high school or working their way through college. Also, not intending to sound cold, but when I first entered the employment world, it was with a business owner of wealth and not one that was poor, who hired me. The way to better ourselves in life, is through education or a learned trade that pays a substantial wage. It makes no sense, whatsoever, to pay a person $15 an hour to hand out hamburgers or put fries in a vat of cooking oil. The council woman wants “something for nothing” and to take away the incentive for a higher education. Sawant needs to take her socialist agenda and serve it up with fries and a shake. Leeann Springer


  4. She is such a genius businesswoman. She makes people like Meg Whitman, or Ursala M. Burns look like fast food drive-thru cashiers. Who else could come up with ideas like her’s? She said the workers should take over the Boeing factory. Genius! How come no one thought of that before? If they did that; Boeing would become a worthwhile, successful firm. If the workers own and run the company; could could build Jetson’s cars that can fly into space.
    Why only $15/hour? That’s not going to be enough in a few years. It doesn’t make sense to have to keep debating the minimum wage every year. It should be $1500/hour, 40 hour minimum work week, and all employers are required to hire whomever applies for a job. That’s right; three million dollar a year minimum wage. They can do it. They just don’t because all business owners are racist.


  5. Then they’ll wonder why they’re no new jobs in Seattle or any new jobs are limited to $15/hour… golly, but why?


  6. And then pass penalties to punish companies when they are forced to close or relocate. The people of Seattle deserve what they get for voting this trollop into office. Seattle was really nice 30 years ago, like Portland and Bend. This is one city that I will refuse to visit or drop one cent in.

    She should be recalled but in ‘Setwattle’ this would be considered racist. If there is one thing I loathe it is a socialist and a communist.


  7. She are another mental disturbing and Liberal, don’t care nothing, won destroy economy. A ggod question are, she are a legal US. Citizen?


  8. Folks, enjoy your last hamburgers if something this asinine goes through. Sorry, but flipping hamburgers is NOT worth $15 an hour. A nurses’ aide caring for your dying sister is! Whatever happened to common sense?


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