Are Sandy Hook children killed a year ago still alive?

A video uploaded to YouTube two days ago has a startling claim — some of the children who allegedly were shot dead by alleged mass murderer Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School may be alive.

Not only are they alive, the video claims they actually were members of the Sandy Hook choir that sang at last year’s Super Bowl.

Unlike another video making the same claim, this video has the merit of side-by-side pics of the Sandy Hook child and the allegedly-same child (though older) at the Super Bowl.

Here’s the video:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinarily rigorous and compelling evidence. The claim that at least some of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School a year ago are still alive is an extraordinary claim. For me, the problems with such a claim include:

1. Children can change a lot in just a few years because they are growing and not yet fully formed.

2. Comparing a child today with a picture of the same child one or more years ago (we don’t know if the photos of the murdered Sandy Hook children were contemporary or, as some bloggers have claimed, several years old) is difficult and fraught with uncertainties.

3. Such a comparison is made even more difficult because the child’s hairstyles and poses are different.

That being said, I am troubled by this:

It’s one thing to find ONE child in the choir who resembles a supposedly murdered child, but to find EIGHT in the choir who bear a resemblance, no matter how vague, to EIGHT supposedly murdered children stretches one’s credulity. Here are the eight:


The authorities at Newtown and Connecticut can put these suspicions to rest by:

  • Releasing the death certificates of the 20 children and 6 adults who allegedly were killed at Sandy Hook school. But they refuse to do that — not even the death certificates of Adam and Nancy Lanza! — even rejecting the AP’s and other media’s Freedom of Information Act requests. Adam Lanza’s death certificate is especially important because Social Security Death Index (SSDI) had his date of death as December 13, 2012, a day BEFORE the massacre.  SSDI later changed the date to December 14 only after bloggers had discovered the Dec. 13 date of death.
  • Releasing Sandy Hook Elementary School’s surveillance tape or, if the school didn’t have surveillance cameras despite recently installing a new surveillance and security system, tell the public the school didn’t have a surveillance camera. Alas, we are not told that.
  • Release a FULL report of what happened that awful day on December 14, 2012, including the 911 audio recording and autopsy reports of the dead. Instead, the state of Connecticut released only a PARTIAL report on Nov. 25, 2013.

What do you think?

H/t FOTM reader Sande

For all the posts FOTM has published on this shooting, see our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.

Update (Sept. 27, 2014):

Please see “No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File



47 responses to “Are Sandy Hook children killed a year ago still alive?

  1. Astounding! I saw this yesterday and I had the same thoughts as you. The kids looked similar, but not completely identical, but then there were so many of them.

    Ben Wheeler and Olivia Engel look like very close matches.

    There’s so much evidence of fraud on every level involved with this incident. The level of evil that exists within elements of our government boggles the imagination.


  2. When it was brought up about the emergency radio system was actually down that day and that the responders actually not using the code fior calling out letters when calling in the license plate number, ie, Adam, etc. but instead just using the letter, that was it for me.
    That and using the picture of a little girl taken of the internet that was put there by her mother a few years earlier, quickly removed, I might say. Was very telling.
    After Columbine, we were drowned in evidence, pictures, histories, tours through the school, etc., this time, nothing.


  3. I’d say that’s a disturbing amount of similarity in everything from facial geometry to hair styles (Even the glasses on the one appear to be similar in style, I would wonder if the lenses would be the same prescription?). Although perhaps someone should run them through facial geomtric mapping or face recognition tech with the old photos and see if the programs agree as well. If those are indeed the same children, just a year older, then they’ve likely been conditioned to accept new Identities and possibly brainwashed over the duration to accept those IDs, assuming that it would take that much effort, that is. Although another notion crosses my mind, what if the false Identities are the ones presented originally, what if there never was an emilie parker, and that this girl singing in the choir is the real person who was just acting for the incident? This is pure Speculation of course, but I would remind folks that many were’t widely aware they were the Olson Twins until later, that is to say, there was never an indication in “Full House” that the little girl was two little actresses, save for the credits.

    Speculation aside, there is enough resemblance to be unsettling, I would imagine it would disturb even the normal programmed general “joe public” individual. Has anyone looked into who the parents of the Choir members are, and compared pictures, I wonder? (Also, I imagine there is freeware facial recog. software out there, but it may not be as good as forensic-quality commercial software.)


    • It has been said false names and pictures of the kids from when they were 6, so these kids “that died” were already older, parents gave media pictures of them when they were 6 to post and gave them false names. The parents in the “interviews” are not their real parents. Gag order from the super bowl will never give us the real names of who really sang.


  4. Many of the identities of these kids are known; they’re fourth graders, as well (victims were 1st graders). The Superbowl choir is made up of a combination of victims’ older siblings, as well as children who were prominently photographed/filmed on 12/14. I can understand why siblings would be given a chance to be in the choir, but am curious about the second group. Superintendent of schools claims Superbowl choir was selected randomly, but it’s hard to believe given the high instance of siblings (full SHS chorus is quite large). I’m glad these guys got to sing–I just question the behavior of the adults in their lives.


  5. But at any rate, many of these kids are in the photos of the 4th grade choir rehearsals, as well as back issues of the Bee. The little girl said to be Engel has dimples above her smile; Miss Engel’s dimples were below her smile. The name of the Engel lookalike is known; she was photographed with her dad and two brothers leaving SHS on 12/14.


  6. By 4th grade choir rehearsals I mean the full chorus rehearsing for the winter concert; they were photographed 12/12/12.


  7. Also, Josephine Gay could neither speak, nor walk properly (much less run). The girl said to be Josephine Gay is actually an older girl photographed with her little brother in the woods–a widely distributed picture–and later with their mom, on 12/14. She’s a fourth grader.


  8. there is also a ton of info posted at nesara right now on this. People are waking up fast. Great article Doc!!


  9. I personally don’t find the resemblances very compelling. If some of these “dead” children were really alive, they would no longer be able to live in Sandy Hook and would have had to have been geographically moved in a relocation program with new identities. Do we know how many of the affected families have moved from Sandy Hook? Is anyone following these families? It is my opinion this was a staged event, and they sacrificed these children and adults to carry out an evil agenda perpetrated by those who run these type of operations in the government. They knew they could blame a mentally impaired individual with this and the sheeple would basically accept the ruse since this is not the first they’ve staged and gotten away with, so far. I am convinced there were one or two others who were also shooters to make sure Adam Lanza did his part and to make sure their plan was carried out. What makes me sick to my stomach is they were hoping that by killing innocent children, citizens would be so incensed we would agree to nationwide gun legislation in order to “save and protect the children.”


    • greenworxx, I think these kids could be the so-called victims, but I agree with many of your comments. There were multiple shooters spotted by witnesses, and someone who was filmed being chased into the woods and arrested. (Multiple shooters are spotted at many of these “lone nut” events.) Everything about this incident, from O’s fake tears to the smiles and yuks of the parents who supposedly just lost their children reeks of fraud.


    • REALLY? Why then did the Police Chief threaten the full force of law would come after the unbelievers? Somehow, I do not think that the threat was idle or for the nation at large. Apparently, you didn’t notice the guy holding a sign in one of the windows…”Sandy Hook is a Fraud”. I don’t believe any of your sensibilities hold water given the FACTS. It appears to me the whole damn town, or at least the power brokers in the town, are all in on the OBVIOUS HOAX and that is all it takes. I KNOW! I live in one of those towns. The worst criminals are relatives and succubus of those that are in control and routinely go unchecked. Police officers have been FIRED for arresting their cronies and blood. You are either very naïve Greenworx OR…you are a troll. Me thinks, the latter.


    • You don’t see the resemblance? REALLY. It is so OBVIOUS it is staggering. Wow. Your comments are telling! You must be drinking the nuclear Green KOOLAID.


    • My question is this: Why are the “ALLEDGED” dead kids “REAL” parents with them at the game?

      Why are the parents of “ALLEDGED” dead children at the Superbowl PERIOD?

      Only 2 months after the event they go to Superbowl?


    • None of them do live there anymore and the names given were fake names to begin with, even had fake parents, so you won’t know the real names. They were also paid millions feom the government and donations.


  10. Anyone that was watching S. Hook knows it was a phony acting scandal to take our guns


  11. Mad Jewess, I think there is a Zionist element n gun control. If you look at the leaders of the gun control movement over the years, a disproportionate amount of folks were Zionist. I want to speak with you further. Please email me at bgamall4 at yahoo dot com for a more complete explanation. Anyone can email me. I am not against the existence of Israel. I am against Oded Yinon regime change. The Yinon Plan is dangerous. Disarming or weakening America is part of the plan. My natural father was jewish and I am adopted.


    • Boycott,

      I do not appreciate you hijacking my post on SandyHook into your rant against “Zionists.”


    • @bgamall:

      Zionists are mostly comprised of Christian people/s. The word “Zion” is in the bible over 600X.

      Our problem is Communists, Jew AND Non Jew. When you call these enemies “Zionists”, you are attacking Christians and religious Jews who bother nobody. Thats why you face this type backlash all the time. Its NOT because you are a ‘truth-teller’. Attacking Zionists is a Commie thing.

      Communist (Babel/Babylon) has been at war against Christianity and Judaism for thousands of years.


      • Thank you, MAD Jewess, for pointing out that the problem is with COMMUNISTS, not “Zionists.” That just reinforces my suspicion all along that those who rail about “Zionists” are actually Jew-haters. “Zionists” is merely their euphemism for “Jews”.


  12. Noah Pozner’s also in the choir! You can see Caroline Previdi meet up with her mom at the sidelines and Charlotte Bacon is right next to her mom too!

    Check it out in my video update!

    This one’s a little longer but gives some more background…


  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most compelling post. I agree with you as to the epistemological concerns regarding the preponderance of the evidence in this matter.

    What I find, however, most distressful, is the lack of transparency and deliberate withholding of documents in this case. To me, that sends an alarm that continues to ring.


  14. There is all this mention about what these children look like a year later and are they still alive. I may be a bit confused by how the author worded everything, but I think many of us are forgetting that while Super Bowl XLVII occurred in 2013 and Sandy Hook occurred in 2012… the Super Bowl in New Orleans was held on 02/03/2013, a mere 50 days or so after the massacre which occurred on 12/14/2012. I don’t care what anyone says, but not even 6 & 7 year old children change in appearance that drastically in such a little amount of time. Their teachers and even their own parents wouldn’t recognize them. Do I believe the government can perform evil acts against us… ABSOLUTELY!!! I just don’t think this is one of them.


  15. Hi Dr. Eowyn,

    I truly understand; however, to my knowledge, most or all of the pictures of the victims that were released were the most up to date as possible. Even so, most of the children pictured as victims appear to be of a usual 6 or 7 year old to me. Take Josephine Gay for instance. First of all, the before pic is NOT the first and original picture released of her. Even comparing to the original, that is a drastic change in appearance in only 50 days. Olivia Engel… her entire hair color has changed to blonde, the hairline has changed and her smile isn’t even in the same direction anymore. And with Ben Wheeler, it’s a known fact that his brothers were in attendance and look quite a bit like him. I understand the theory, I just don’t want people going nuts about conspiracy theories if these children are in fact no longer with us and can’t seem to rest in peace after what they had to endure.


    • Dear Mike,

      Our asking questions has no bearing on the children resting in peace. I’m simply exercising my Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of inquiry. In the end, skeptics ask questions only because the authorities have and continue to act strangely and secretively. All these suspicions can be laid to rest if the State of Connecticut would simply release the birth certificates and autopsy reports of not just the 20 children, but also the 8 adults (6 + Adam and Nancy Lanza) who died that day on Dec. 14, 2012 — records that normally are part of the public domain but not in this one case.


    • Mike, check out some of the other posts Dr. Eowyn has run on this site about SH. And take a good look at Robbie Parker, grinning like a jackass the day after his young alleged daughter was allegedly killed.


    • One would think that hair color can be changed to maipulate the eye.


  16. Well, thousands of pages of documents were released today by CT State Police. I haven’t read much yet, but it may shed some more light… hopefully. As far as public docs and Constitutional rights, I’m all for it… I spent 8 years of my life defending it. I definitely believe the public should be properly educated by the elected officials WE THE PEOPLE put in place to do that very job and I wouldn’t have found or posted on here if I didn’t question myself why we have not been “privileged” to this information. As for Robbie Parker, I cannot speak for his actions. I do know that people react in different ways; however, I admit, it is a bit sleazy to me to see him grinning. On the other hand, I do have an indirect connection to the mother of one of the victims and I do know for a fact that she is deceased.

    Noteworthy Reading


  17. I refer anyone with any question to fotm, Dr.Eowyn did an excellent layout of articles on Sandy Hook. I do believe this govt is not beyond pulling anything to gain complete control.


  18. SH needs continuous study, most have seen blogs like Sandy Hook Hoax, Sandy Hook Actors…, try Sofie/Sophie Smallstorm’s study and Chrissy Sumer’s work, including study of SERCO, headquartered in Hook, UK, near the home of the Hockleys, who lived across the street from Nancy Lanza. Most actors in the production lived near each other. Veronique Posner was listed as a nurse but was an attorney working for the Swiss consulate in matters concerning gun control. Two streets from Nancy Lanza was Suzanne Collins, writer of “Hunger Games” and for soap operas. This can go on and on (and should), but for now know that it starts at the very top, Bilderberg members, including Rockefellers, UN, NWO, global bankers, multinational corporations, and royalty, especially of England (with whom our war with them since 1776 has not ended, but we don’t know that) and the Netherlands. Regarding UK royalty, what better time and place for a bombing than at the date of the Battle of Lexington/Concord in nearby Boston. What a royal laugh. Through all this, the intelligent Jewish people have had some very skilled in finances used by the aforementioned for their goal of world takeover. Guess who will receive most of the blame.


  19. Check out the video on youtube of the police officer from Florida who cannot get information from the Sandy Hook event, under the freedom of information act. In fact he has been told to back off.


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  21. The kids look nothing alike.
    Wake up people.


  22. did anyone notice from the aeriel footage,the first cops on the scene run past the shed ?it was open.then you see swat come in and break down the dunblane see the prequil to this i always say wake up or keep living in the gov dream.


  23. That i like to say that im so sorry for the 20 children and 6 adults that died but that to much children that died i hope there still kids alive and i hope there are no babies killed anymore too


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  25. Wow, many of those look the same with the last girl practically being a dead ringer.

    It’s like the people behind this hoax did this as a middle finger to everyone. Talk about hubris.


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