This is why we have the incest taboo: 4-generations incest family discovered in Australia

Of late, along with pedophilia, there’s a concerted effort to normalize incest. Some examples:

  • In September 2012, Hollyweird director Nick Cassavetes (of the movie, The Notebook) said he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with incest, comparing it to being gay, and that we should all just “love who [sic] you want.”
  • In Winter of 2012, the Kirkland House dormitory at the elite Harvard University, Obama’s alma mater, held a debaucherous hookup dance called “Incest-Fest.”
  • In March 2013, Yale University hosted a “sensitivity training” workshop on incest and bestiality.
  • In April 2013, Columbia University professor David Epstein, who’s a Palin basher and Obama donor, pled guilty to incest with his daughter but argued that if same-sex marriage is okay, then incest shouldn’t be illegal either. Columbia U. is Obama’s alma mater.

In both pedophilia and incest, Iran is one step ahead of the United States. In September 2013, Iran’s parliament passed a bill that allows a man to marry his adopted daughter who can be as young as 13 years old. No wonder the Left just loves loves loves Islam!

Here’s a grotesque reminder of why, for as long as human beings first became civilized, every culture has had the Incest Taboo.

Primitive: One of the filth-ridden shacks where a family cult lived in squalor in a remote valley near Sydney. Children with terrible birth defects were found living there after four generations of in-breedingOne of the filth-ridden shacks where an incestuous cult lived in squalor in a remote valley near Sydney. 

Richard Shears reports for the Daily Mail, Dec. 10, 2013, that authorities discovered a multi-generational incestuous “cult” of 40 adults and children in a remote valley near Sydney, Australia.

Brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts had sex with one another over four generations, raising children in squalid conditions who themselves grew up to become intimate and have more inbred children.

The children were found unwashed, living in filth in sheds and broken down caravans, incapable of intelligible speech and afflicted with physical deformities as a result of their inbred births. Some have oddly-formed features from being born to parents who are themselves related.

One boy has a walking impairment and severe psoriasis; another has hearing and sight problems; yet another boy’s eyes are misaligned. A nine-year-old girl, who could not hear or write and had fragmented and stunted speech, is unable to bathe or dry herself and does not know how to use a toilet or what toilet paper is.

Sickening details of generations of child abuse were published by Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, drawing on a judgement from the New South Wales Children’s Court which, in a rare move, agreed to make its findings public in order to inform the country of the worst case of incest it had ever heard.

The name of the hidden valley has been kept secret and the family given the pseudonym Colt in order to protect the identity of the minors. But details of the debased lives of adults and children have been released.

Across four generations of intimate relations, the family moved around the country, from South Australia to Victoria in Western Australia, and then back across the continent to the fertile valley south of Sydney.

Horrifying: The 40-strong 'cult' was found in the picturesque countryside of New South Wales (file photo)The incestuous family’ was found in the picturesque countryside of New South Wales, near Sydney

The debauched lives of the current generation of adults might never have been found if residents of a nearby town 20 miles away had not reported that there were children living in the hills who had not been attending school. A local resident said people used to make jokes that if anyone came from that valley “you’d be inbred” and that on occasions two women with “about ten children” would emerge from a car that had interstate plates, buy something in the shops and leave. The children “were never clean looking.”

Police and child care workers were stunned when they arrived at the cult camp. They found 40 adults and children living in two broken-down caravans, two sheds and tents, where there was no electricity, running water or sewage. Dirt caked the surfaces of stoves and cooking facilities, rotten vegetables lay in a refrigerator and a kangaroo was sleeping on one of the children’s beds. Chainsaws, bags of rubbish and exposed electrical wires lay about. There were no toilets, showers or baths.

The “family cult” dates back to a pair of great-great grandparents who were a brother and sister. Down through the generations, the family continued to regenerate itself, the children having sex with one another as soon as they were old enough. Only one — a five-year-old girl, the youngest — has parents who aren’t related to each other.

The result, the court documents revealed, is that some of the children seem developmentally delayed, cognitively impaired or physically handicapped — the shocking result of sex between brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces and fathers and daughters.

The “incest cult” was comprised of five family groups:

  • Sisters Rhonda, 47; Martha, 33; and Betty Colt, 46, who slept every night with her brother, Charlie. There were also two of Betty’s daughters who each had children who proved to be from unions of related parents.
  • Betty’s son Bobby, 15, who had severe psoriasis and needed urgent dental work, could not talk in a way that could be understood. He wet and soiled his bed and his learning ability was at kindergarten level.
  • Martha’s sons Albert, 15, and Jed, 14, also had speech problems, no personal hygiene and teeth that were in need of urgent dental work.
  • Betty’s son Billy, 14, was underweight, had hearing and sight problems, spoke unintelligibly, and could barely read or count.
  • 14-year-old Kimberly Colt was underweight and could not clean her teeth, use toilet paper or comb her hair. She had problems with hearing, speech, sight, could not read or write and did not know how to use toilet paper or comb her hair. When approached by one of the officers, Kimberly threatened to cut off the officer’s fingers.
  • Betty’s son Brian, 12, had extensively decayed teeth, misaligned eyes, and could not read, write, or count.

On July 18, 2012, police and social workers removed 12 children from the valley. After careful questioning, more harrowing tales emerged:

  • Kimberly told of sexual contact with her uncle, Dwayne, who was 9 years old, while her aunt, Carmen, 8, watched.
  • Sisters Ruth, 7, and Nadia, 9,  had sexual touching with their brothers Albert, 15; Jed, 14; and Karl, 12.
  • Three brothers, aged 14 and under, tied their sister, 8, and niece, 13, naked to a tree.

The court documents revealed that clinicians and geneticists who took mouth swabs from the children deduced five of them had parents who were themselves “closely related” to one another while another five had parents who were “related.”

Since the discovery, some of the children have since been placed with foster families, while others are being treated for sexualized behavior and psychological trauma.


38 responses to “This is why we have the incest taboo: 4-generations incest family discovered in Australia

  1. Why????


  2. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

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  3. Watch, “tolerance of intra-familial sexuality” will be Common Core standards next week…


    • Let’s hope so! As for tolerance of cults, not so sure about that. At least in one of these scenarios there is choice…and what more does a red-blooded American value than free choice?

      Oh, and anonymous…along with the ‘intra-familial sexuality classes’ we really should give those people some condoms. Free birth control for incestuous families.


  4. And off in the distance, the sounds of Dueling Banjos was heard. Some of this horrid story could be applied to parts of Northern Arkansas, with no intended joking. Some of the people there are their own grandpas. You can see it in their eyes with the flat affect, decayed teeth, low i.q.’s and deformities galore produced from generations of incest. It would be difficult to nearly impossible to “undo” what twisted generational incest has done. Leeann Springer

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  5. sorry, I had to stop reading… I was getting sick…. this is all so sad and sick… I fee so bad for the children!


  6. I work in the medical field. Years ago, I worked at a hospital in Desert Hot Springs. We had many Hispanic young girls, as young as 13, come into the maternity ward with their father being the father of the baby. In the mid 1990s, I worked at Security Forces Hospital in Riyadh, KSA. The things I saw concerning children, boys and girls, was devastating. I can honestly say, I will never watch The Notebook again and it is one of my favorite movies. This is right up there with NAMBLA as far as I am concerned. Sick, sick, SICK…..


  7. This story brings me back to why I think that invitro fertilization by semen from a sperm bank is so dangerous. Eventually one wil not know if one is related closely to another person , whom thye might want to marry.
    Further, we must stamp out these organizations that support pedophilia and incest. Now that gays and lesbians are makign such inroads; this is the next thing. But this is a whole lot more serioius than two idiots of the same sex rutting in the gutter. No child shoudol EVER be subjected to sex with an adult; it must remain outlawed, and most certainly no family shoudl ever be allowed to procreate with ti’s own progeny or close relations. Islam does not prohibit any of this. Britain is loaded with children who are being born with problems because of the close familial relationship of their parents. Gird yourself for a huge fight.


  8. I have been involved w/plant development for more than forty-five years, and to attain successful new cultivars one needs to understand the genetic bases for living creatures. These are at once both simple and complex, but I will keep it as basic as I can.

    Most readers are familiar w/the computational age’s adage ‘Garbage in, garbage out” as a fact of life in programming. It is precisely the same for plants and animals. If we start with poor quality creatures and insist on pairing them, we cannot expect any improvement; indeed, we should expect matters to get worse, as there is always some loss of accurate reproduction of RNA & DNA chains from generation to generation.

    This wear and tear is inevitable and why it’s a good idea to add SUPERIOR stock, from time to time. Obviously this never took place, nor could it, as these people were so isolated from the get-go. The fact is that very high quality strains/cultivars of animals and plants can be created and maintained without artificial means [i.e., that is GMOs, etc.]. We see this all the time in dog and cat breeds, horses, cattle, pigs, and other farm critters, and many, many plants world-wide.

    IMO, the Creation is perfect as it is, and we get all we need to work with in spite of crapola such as GMOs and other weird science. But I digress.

    IF these idiots [pun not intended, maybe ‘fools’ is a better choice] had understood the above, they’d never have begun something foredoomed to failure. History does record certain rare human societies in which incest was practised by royalty, to keep itself apart from the rest of us plebeians, and we know how those turned out, depending on the accuracy of the record-keeping. This was most prominent in Hawaiian royalty before Europeans invaded; the Macedonian ascension to the throne of Egypt upon the division of Alexander’s Empire, which terminated in Kleopatra; and the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt [the Macedonians were simply replicating the customs they observed].

    I hope this helps. The mess down there is truly appalling and stands as a very grave cautionary tale to us all.


  9. “If your family tree doesn’t fork, you might be a redneck.”

    Reading the above story made me lose my appetite. Just watching Deliverence gave me nightmares for days. I have seen photos of some of the inbred Muslims that were discovered in the U.K. They are very, very disturbing.

    How these so called Ivy League educated people can even try say there is nothing wrong with incest and defend it, is beyond comprehension. They are sick and evil and need to be put away.


  10. For years I worked in the “tenderloin” sections of my city and had to deal with the offspring of incestuous families on a daily basis. Many of these were families from the North Country of NYS who moved to cities for the enhanced social service benefits.

    The mental and physical abnormalities kept them on welfare, breeding with their children and brothers and sisters. The situations they’d get involved in were simply breath-taking. We used to joke about it – or else you’d cry. One family in particular was famous for this. We had a rape call to their son’s wedding reception (held at their apartment) – a six year old tried to have intercourse with his four year old cousin.


    • Good grief. Please email me, Sig, with more info:



      • When I was in college at what is now the University of Western Washington at Bellingham, Washington, circa 1961-1963, I took an Introduction to Anthropology class from Dr Hubert J Taylor. In the course of this class Dr Taylor shared a number of anecdotes, the greatest one I’m about to share w/you readers.

        I also recall his response to a male student who, on the day we began study on the theory of human evolution, announced that he would challenge Dr Taylor on every aspect of the theory, as his religious beliefs did not allow him to accept such beliefs. Dr Taylor responded by saying that “If you ask me about my belief in the theory, I will tell you the truth: I do NOT believe in it. I CAN believe in God, but not the theory of evolution, which has no substantial reality, except as a fugitive topic of discussion.” I understood immediately what he meant, thanks to my Philosophy and Logic classes.

        During WW2 Dr Taylor was stationed in the South, I think it was Atlanta, Georgia, and served as a major in the US Army, one of only three Dr’s of Anthropology in the entire Army. He received a call one day to report to an induction center, which he did, of course. There he was taken by an MD into the Physical Exam area, and asked to look at and comment on a volunteer. The fellow was about 20, tall and thin, maybe 160 lbs., and seemed quite normal, until he turned to show his backside.

        There was a short tail, three vertebrae long, at the base of his spine. It could be waved about somewhat upon request, was lightly covered n a pelt, and recurved slightly downward when relaxed. After recording all this, Dr Taylor recommended the fellow not be accepted, as uniforms could not accommodate such a freak of Nature, or some words along those lines.

        Afterwards he told his Army colleagues that this likely came about from a long history of inbreeding, as while humans may have the potential for such a tail, the genes are negatively recessive unless they are compounded [inbred by overly close marriage] for many generations.

        Well, you cannot imagine the uproar in the classroom after that, as at that time WA state was virtually an all-Caucasian population, and we had a disproportionately high percentage of Mormons, who took these remarks as an assault upon their cultural[?] practices! It certainly made a number of impressions on me. NOTE: this is the first time since then that I’ve shared these with ANYONE, not even my wife or immediate family.


  11. This is so disgusting and makes me nauseous. What would possess somebody to have sex with an immediate family member?!?! This reminds me of a movie series called Wrong Turn about inbred cannibals.


    • “What would possess somebody to have sex with an immediate family member?!?!”

      You’ll need to ask “The Notebook” movie director Nick Cassavetes, Columbia U. poli sci professor David Epstein, and of course celebrated movie director Woody Allen that question! One would think that, in today’s promiscuous “hookup” society, there’s no lack of potential sexual partners without resorting to family members. But then maybe, when one becomes so jaded by sexual excess, that is precisely the appeal.


      • It makes me wonder, Doc if this was supposed to be the ultimate plan. Get us used to certain levels of sickness to be normalized and accepted until all of God’s creation conforms that way. It reminds me of something I read a few months back. Like sickness, sin always starts small….

        Makes me grateful to know people such as you guys. 🙂


  12. But Surfercajun does have a point— our moral norms, as well as our freedoms in other areas…are finally breached by a gradual chipping away of what we percieve as ” normal.” What we once deemed hideous, socially, legally, medically, psychologically…becomes the legal norm one day b/c we became “politically correct, socially tolerant, and so on.” Years ago, as homosexuals campaigned for social and legal acceptance via “marriage” in our country, I thought that it would open up the floodgates for “marriage” or legalized sex between humans and animals, children and adults, multiple or polygamous marriages, and perhaps strike down the “universal taboo” of incest…….Didn’t think it would rise up to meet us so soon…..(Nick Cassavetes)….


  13. Oddly enough, I was just reading a news article about parts of anti-polygamy laws being ruled “unconstitutional” in Utah. Needless to say the FLDS (and secretly the mormons, I’m sure.) rejoiced. Should we be surprised that there is a “polyamory” movement now that desires the same recognition as the homosexual movement? As long as good people stand by and permit lawmakers and signers, as well as bully groups (A.K.A. “rights” groups) to pursue their progressive (read: satanic) goals, this decay is likely to continue. Commenter Lindarm makes a very good point about sperm banks and the like, they serve a purpose that is not at all benign, and aimed at having this manner of result, not just that, but genetic profiling, DNA archiving etc. (To say nothing of anonymous adultery.)

    Another disturbing thing, I’ve seen an increase in the belief that “incest was allowed” for a time, by God, before he made the rule against it… coming from Christian folk, who are using a literal adam and eve, and literal noah reading to support the assertion (while presuming both cases present genetic bottlenecks). I find this highly unsettling because incest has always been wrong and evil, and these people should know better than that. I have no idea where this teaching is originating, but it certainly seems to agree with the overall agenda of the puppets of evil. I personally have a different take in both cases, which makes more sense, and does not allow for incest to be “okay until it wasn’t” to work.. but the fact that otherwise Christian folk are adhering to this doctrine, concerns me. (I should also add there are existant “bible-based” polygamy groups cropping up as well, advertising themselves via yahoo, paltalk and other chat services.)


    • Note in my comment above, my remark about the Mormons in my HS having a hissy fit: “we had a disproportionately high percentage of Mormons, who took these remarks as an assault upon their cultural[?] practices!”

      Many years later, in 1990 – 1993 I met three Mormon males –again, all inside WA state– ranging in age from about late 30s to mid-50s, who freely admitted w/o any hesitation that they had multiple wives and MANY children, as a consequence. The worst offender was the oldest one, formerly a professor at some college before he was imprisoned for having sex with his youngest wife, a 16 yr old.

      Now here’s the part that floored me: while he was in prison ALL three or four of his wives came to visit him, including the 16 yr old, at the same visitation, one big happy family! And ALL of these women –w/15 or 16 children between them– were now on welfare, as he could no longer support them! Is WA state a great place or what? Why didn’t his glorious Mormon church pick up the tab? Because their ‘official’ position was that they no longer practised polygamy!

      In my last year at Bellevue Sr HS, 1959-1960, I had a friend, Lamont Schillinger, who came from a Mormon family. I was close enough to them that I visited in their home many times, and on one occasion when there were 5 or 6 in line for a haircut I also got one. Lamont told me that while they no longer were open about it, plenty of Mormons had multiple wives and large families. If you doubt me, I still have my 1960 HS Graduation Yearbook, w/Lamont’s photo & bio in it.

      Again, this is the first time I’ve ever shared any of this, as it was so bizarre to me, from a Roman Catholic family, I decided I might offend someone w/o intending to, so I’ve been silent on it until now.


      • So many people take offense these days, its a wonder there is any offense left to be taken. That said, indeed, their specific use of the term “practice” is very interesting, a person can own a gun, and be a very good shot with it, without being a practicing sharp shooter, even though realistically that is what they would be. Same goes for mormons and “practicing” polygyny (technically the more accurate name for their pedophilia/adultery-based mandate, for make no mistake, smith was a most vile child molestor, using religion as a mask) they may still do it, but they won’t “practice” it, which is easily a technicality and loophole in the terms, just like finding a legal loophole in a contract, such sneaky things should be expected from a religion of the devil, by the devil, for the devil, through joseph smith jr, pedophile, freemason, occult-fanboy, junior sorceror, and 2nd rate huckster.

        I should here note, “I calls ’em likes I sees ’em”. That aside it is really very regrettable that so many are still falling for those lies in this day and age, mormons could be such decent folk, if they’d get rid of the occult alien worship stuff and actually learn who Christ really is. I do hear that their membership is falling, not gaining as they claim, which is good news, I just hope that those people can find themselves capable of seeking God, and not getting into the pop cult of atheism.


  14. WOW – can’t thank you enough for this one, Dr. Eo. We just don’t realize what’s going on out there. But, like you said, we have read the ending, thank God!


  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post. We knew that once the sexual, promiscuous agenda became in your face, that homosexual lifestyles are now condoned, that clearly incest, beastiality, pedophilia and you name it, are also condoned. This is Satan’s work and we must continue to fight him. This is our battle and the Church Triumphant will help us!


  16. I say, let them inbreAD.. They’ll eventually do themselves in. They’ll die off, no matter how much welfare and free medical they receive. Their children are not quality to be missed. It’s a good thing they go after their own children rather than somebody else’s.
    Leave them in their own nest, lest they spread to the rest.


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