Mandela was pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and a high-ranking communist

Nelson Mandela’s death on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, at age 95, triggered a tsunami of praise and accolades across the world — from politicians, the media, Hollywood, and even the Pope.

In a telegram to South African President Jacob Zuma, Pope Francis paid tribute to Nelson Mandela, praising Mandela for his “steadfast commitment … in promoting the human dignity of all the nation’s citizens and in forging a new South Africa built on the firm foundations of non-violence, reconciliation and truth”.

Alas, the unborn are not included in “all the citizens” of South Africa whose “human dignity” Mandela promoted.

Mandela was member of South African Communist Party

John Henry-Westen writes for LiveSiteNews, Dec. 6, 2013:

The death of South African former President Nelson ‘Madiba’ Rolihlahla Mandela on Thursday has led to an outpouring of glowing praise for the man most known for ending apartheid – a system of racial segregation. However, pro-life leaders have warned that praise from Christian leaders is inappropriate given Mandela’s role in bringing abortion-on-demand and homosexual “marriage” to South Africa.

According to official statistics, nearly a million unborn children have been killed in South Africa since President Mandela signed legislation in 1996 permitting abortion on demand two years after taking office. Same-sex ‘marriage’ was legalized in 2006, with Mandela having supported it long before its passage.

In the face of praise for Mandela coming even from Catholic leaders all over the world,  Paul Tuns, the editor of the Canadian pro-life newspaper The Interimwrote, “A little balance is necessary in our reaction to the man who fought one injustice, but helped institute another.”

Similarly England’s John Smeaton, President of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) commented on his blog saying, “It is absolutely vital that Catholic leaders do not allow themselves to become respecters of persons, swept away by personality cults. Catholic leaders have a duty to stand up to public figures with anti-life and anti-family records, however praiseworthy their record may be on other issues.

[…] It was 1996 when Mandela signed into law one of the world’s most pro-abortion laws. Passage of the “Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill” was assured since Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) refused its members a free vote on the issue of providing state-funded abortion on demand.

The same year, Mandela’s new constitution made South Africa the first country to place “sexual orientation” alongside race and religion as a restricted grounds for discrimination – something that paved the way for homosexual ‘marriage’ a decade later.

Smeaton quotes from a book of quotations from Mandela noting his statement on abortion: “Women have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies.” In addition to his promotion of abortion, homosexuality, contraception and close ties to Communism, Smeaton notes Mandela’s formation of ‘The Elders” as a cause for concern.

In 2007, Mandela announced ‘The Elders’ as a global council of retired world leaders who would give behind the scenes advice and direction to government officials and rulers around the world. The proposal was received by pro-life leaders as being of great concern since its membership formed a ‘who’s who of the pro-abortion and pro-population-control movements.

While during his life, Mandela denied being part of the communist party despite his friendly interaction with communist world leaders, the African National Congress revealed today that Mandela was in fact a high-ranking member of the Communist Party.

“Madiba was also a member of the South African Communist Party, where he served in the Central Committee,” said the ANC release.

See also “Nelson Mandela was no saint but a Black racist who wanted to kill all whites.”


35 responses to “Mandela was pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and a high-ranking communist

  1. I don’t think Pope Francis is aware of the genocide perpetuated by Mandella . I didn’t know until yesterday and I have to admit that I was shocked. I always thought that he encouraged peace and forgiveness. Boy was I ever wrong. Francis would never knowingly praise a man like that.


    • Does Pope Francis — and the world-class researchers he has at his disposal in the Vatican — not know that Mandela was directly instrumental in legalizing state-funded abortion on demand SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, in 1996?

      I’m Roman Catholic, but I’m sick of this pope constantly opening his mouth saying things that make me cringe. This is the last straw for me.


      • Just remember something very important: Don’t throw the baby out with the dirty bathwater. I’m Catholic, too, and I know my Faith as Jesus taught. Don’t take what he said out of context of Christ’s teachings. There is nothing wrong with Capitalism. It is just the greediness and gross misuse of it by SOME that is wrong. Socialism has no saving grace. It leads to total dependency, devaluing of human dignity, and slavery to the State. We have a blight and evil scourge upon this Nation and one of its sources is in the WH. We must do whatever we can to save our Nation. That is what we need to concentrate on now. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
        I always look forward to your posts and I always enjoy them.


        • Never was nothing wrong with Capitalism, who real are wrong are socialist communist. I was have a respect for Mandela, but now no more, another guy go direct to hell. I am catholic too, I not go to church, but GOD and son are most important for my, much more who my own family. A lots of peoples change a opinion and are against Nobama and socialism. My grand parent who never I was know my two grandfather was die in a hand of Communist, and my mother was escape from a communist and a second War. Who have a education be will against communist, I personal hate socialist or communist.But in USA will come a time of reform complete and communists be will hide and Justice be will back. I not rich, I am poor but I push for Capitalism who are a right way. Liberals have so much blood on a hand, but no one will escape from a justice GOD.


        • “Don’t take what he said out of context of Christ’s teachings.”

          Do specify and clarify.

          By the way, this post is not about what Pope Francis said about capitalism. This post is about PF extolling a man who was pro-abortion-on-demand and a card-carrying member of the Communist Party. I’d appreciate it if you stay on topic instead of putting words in my mouth. Thank you.


          • I do apologize, Sir. I had no intention of putting words in your mouth. I thought that my comment was relevant to your post but apparently I got it all wrong. Again, please accept my apology. I truly am sorry.


            • Mary,

              My post was specifically on how wrong-headed it is for Pope Francis to praise a man whose actions on abortion and homosexual marriage are utterly in violation of the Catholic Church’s position. In fact, the Magisterium’s non-negotiable position is that abortion is an INTRINSIC evil, and no excuse can mitigate this mortal sin. Pope Francis has an unfortunate penchant to shoot off his mouth, without exercising due prudence. Alas, when the Pope speaks, he represents the entire Catholic Church.

              Thank you for being gracious and for being part of our FOTM family.

              God bless. ♥


      • And I told you I thought he would be a good pope… I miss Benedict XVI so much, he was a great pope!!! It’s a shame!!!


      • Every time seemingly this Pope speaks, I miss Pope John Paul II’s political sure-footedness. He would never have said – never DID say – such foolish things.


    • Didn’t the pope say months ago that abortion and homosexuality weren’t a big deal and/or shouldn’t be the pressing issues Christians should focus on right now?


  2. My ex-boss is a “Catholic” (note the quotes) who is a big liberal and an Obama supporter. It is flagrantly absurd to profess to be a “Christian” and yet vote for the most pro-abortion pro-homosexuality pro-Islam anti-Christian person running for the office of the presidency!

    I am a dental hygienist and this ex-boss is a dentist. I applied for other jobs and tried to leave his office for a long time until to my surprise and delight he sold his practice to two doctors who are husband and wife! The sorry Obama supporter would make me stay at the office for hours without paying me and jipped me in multiple ways, but didn’t charge patients a fee for not showing for their appointments multiple times.


    • Good for you, Julia! I’m glad the horrible man is no longer your boss.


    • Oh, and I was going to add but I forgot: this liberal ex-boss’s wife was so sensitive and afraid of the dentist and I was always told to use utmost care and gentleness when cleaning her teeth. Yet she praised Obama and is reported to have said with delight when he “won” a second term, “He won!” It is interesting how SHE gets gentle treatment when her teeth are cleaned, but she places her stamp of approval on a president who condones drilling a hole in a baby’s skull and vacuuming their brains out, or ripping them apart limb from limb.


    • This is what you call a Nancy Pelosi Catholic.


  3. I was hitchhiking in Montana a month or two ago and this Christian from South Africa picked me up and drove me to Missoula. He said that the present president of South Africa (Zuma) is a thug. He also said that AIDS is everywhere in South Africa. South Africa is no longer his home.


  4. Drank the Trotskyite kool aid he did…


  5. Dr. Eowyn –

    Excellent synopsis of one whose egregious life’s actions have been smoke screened by the world’s mainstream immoral media!


  6. Even leftist Cornel West says this is “santa clausification” and dishonest:

    “Cornel West: ‘We Are Witnessing the Santa Clausification of Nelson Mandela’,” by Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters, 7 Dec 2013


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  8. Dr. Eowyn, great job with this post and the other one on Mandela. We are about to get the full Hollywood onslaught of revisionist history regarding this man, complete with Academy Awards for Best Picture, Actor, and Actress. It’s important that people have a source for the truth here. They won’t find it in the state run media.

    I hope these posts get a lot of attention. And I hope anyone who votes Democrat in this country reads these very important articles.


  9. #celebratemandela…….help make people aware how evil this man was and his LEGACY still is, evil. Will share.


  10. Finally, an honest article. I have lived long enough to know Mandela is being depicted untruthfully.
    The same amazement I have when Henry Kissinger is on a program and the hosts drool all over him.
    And Obama going to his funeral when he wouldn’t go the former British PM funeral makes me want to puke.


  11. Pope Francis is a world leader so is a politician. In his ‘Gospel of Joy’ he also said there is nothing in the Koran that is violent. He lies easily like most politicians because they want people to love them and give them money. Think of how Ted Kennedy was honored by leaders of our Church. Heck, Cardinal Dolan called Cuomo a “Catholic in good standing” so calling Nelson Mandela a great man is not new for our Catholic leaders.

    I live in Indiana where there is much discussion on a marriage amendment. This amendment to our constitution would safe guard traditional marriage from being changed by a judge like in NJ. Well, American Family Association is promoting contacting representatives but the Catholic lobbyist is not. Why? When I asked a priest he said that the Church doesn’t believe the state should have anything to do with marriage because it’s a sacrament. My head proceeded to explode. If the Church has elevated marriage to a sacrament, which is another way Christ is present in this world, they should do everything in their power to safeguard marriage. Instead, they are sitting on the side lines hoping it goes away. Of course, when one of the parishes downtown has Dignity USA and had a speaker promoting same sex marriage the church isn’t serious about homosexuality. They also pay for abortion and birth control in NY so Dolan had to withdraw his subpoena regarding the HHS mandate. Ultimately, defending Christ’s truth isn’t their primary goal. Their real intent is becoming part of the government and sucking billions of tax dollars along with business grants and our tithe. Look what they’ve promoted..Obamacare. Heck, Dolan recently on Meet the Press said they’d be the biggest promoter for Obamacare if it covered the undocumented worker and the unborn. Our bishops never write editorials but found time to write one on comprehensive immigration reform and of course, their schools are mostly Common Core. The Church and the Obama gov’t is one and the same. Morals have been run over for Catholic Inc.


  12. Nelson Mandela
    Treason in the highest
    Serving Communism

    Nelson Mandela did what whites in South Africa have never done, he killed over a million black people who did not agree with him.

    Nelson Mandela on Castro and the Cuban revolution:

    “From its earliest days, the Cuban Revolution has also been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people. We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of the vicious imperialist-orquestrated campaign to destroy the impressive gain made in the Cuban Revolution. … Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro.”



    Nelson Mandela was an international terrorist. He was on the United States terrorist watch list until 2008. He was the head of MK, the terrorist wing of the ANC and the South African Communist Party. He pleaded guilty to 156 terrorist bombings in 1964 that killed thousands of innocent black and white people in crowded public places including scores of women and children. Nelson Mandela received 27 years in prison. While in prison he directed his terrorist operations by messages through his wife Winnie Mandela and others continued his campaign of terror on his behalf. Every black person who spoke out against Mandela while he was in prison was murdered in the public streets by fire after being severely beaten they were put in the center of used tires and soaked with gasoline and set on fire, it was called the necklace. The news media covered many of these killings promoting fear in opposing Nelson Mandela even while he was in prison. Mandela was released from prison in 1991. He conspired with Fidel Castro of Cuba to take over South Africa. The communist take over of South Africa was then coordinated with international communist forces and the elite establishment in the United States in a public media campaign as a fight for racial equality even though South Africa was eighty percent black. Letting Nelson Mandela out of prison was the worst thing that ever happened in South Africa. He should have been hanged for all the people he murdered. Allowing him to become the president of South Africa opened the doors of hell against black and white people who opposed his terrorism. The news media promoted Mandela because he supported the elite establishments program for a global communist New World Order. Nelson Mandela was a well mannered demon in the flesh.

    The President of South Africa
    Jacob Zuma sings kill Whites.

    Nelson Mandela sings kill Whites.

    Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela.
    Castro provided him gorilla forces.

    Obama went to South Africa to honor the communist revolution.
    Obama gave them $7 Billion.



  14. The best way to promote a sinner as a saint is to have him make great humanitarian quotes all his life while he is murdering all of his enemies. Learn about the real Nelson Mandela. It will shock you.


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  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. Your research is very much appreciated, as I had no idea that he was a member of the Communist party, supported abortion on demand and gay marriage.


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