Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

I got an email this morning from FOTM reader Dave McMullen, asking why there aren’t baby pictures of Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Wikipedia says “Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and Natasha (known as Sasha), born on June 10, 2001.

So I did a Google Image search for Obama’s daughters. I couldn’t find any baby pics of Malia or Sasha; neither could Dave.

The youngest-looking pic of the girls I found (see below) was in an article extolling Michelle Obama, dated August 20, 2007, on the website Afrobella. The pic is undated. If we go by the date of the Afrobella article, Malia would be 9 years old and Sasha would be 6 years old.

Afrobella pic of O family

In contrast, Dave found a website with a pic of Laura Bush, wife of President George W. Bush, holding their two-month-old twins, Jenna and Barbara.

Laura Bush with babies

I have seen pics of Barack and Michelle’s wedding, like this one below, but none of Michelle pregnant with child.


Then I went on the website Ancestry.com, and searched for birth records of Malia Obama, b. 1998, and Natasha Obama, b. 2001. These are the results:

Malia Obama 3

Natasha Obama3

In other words, Ancestry.com has no birth records for Malia or Natasha Obama.

Then I paid $9.95 for a trial membership in GenealogyBank.com so that I can search that website for the Obama girls’ birth records.

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Malia Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Malia Obama1

As you can see above, the only thing genealogybank.com has in its newspaper archives on Malia Obama is an article by Sen. Obama titled “Progress on campaign finance reform,” in the Chicago newspaper Hyde Park Herald of August 26, 1998, in which Obama (presumably) mentioned Malia. Here’s the newspaper clip (the words are rather blurry):

Malia Obama2

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Natasha Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama1

The only thing genealogybank.com has on Natasha Obama is an article in Hyde Park Herald of  July 4, 2001, again by Sen. Obama titled “Tallying wins and losses in Springfield Springfield report,” in which he wrote “The newest addition to the Obama family — Natasha — was born on June 10th, and Michelle and I have been busy changing diapers.” Click image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama2

In other words, I couldn’t find any birth records of either Malia Obama or Natasha Obama on either ancestry.com or genealogybank.com.

The same Wikipedia entry I had referenced at the beginning of this post states that Malia and Natasha Obama were both delivered by their parents’ friend Dr. Anita Blanchard at University of Chicago Medical Center.”

Wikipedia’s source of that assertion is an article of Jodi Kantor titled “Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close,” in The New York Times of December 13, 2008. The article is about a group of Obama’s closest friends in Chicago, among whom are Valerie Jarrett (now Obama’s senior White House adviser) and a black man named Martin Nesbitt who is now, according to NYT, a “real estate executive”. Nesbitt’s wife is Dr. Anita Blanchard.

O's Chicago friends - Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, Dr. Eric Whitakerl to r: Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, BHO, Dr. Eric Whitaker

Alas, the NYT article does NOT say that Dr. Blanchard had delivered Obama’s daughters. Instead, what the article says is “Mr. Nesbitt’s wife, Dr. Anita Blanchard, delivered nearly all the children [of Obama and his closest friends in Chicago], and the adults became their godparents.”

If anyone can find baby pictures and birth records of Malia Obama and/or Natasha Obama, please let me know!

H/t FOTM’s Dave McMullen

UPDATE (Nov. 29):

Reader scannersliveinvain found this pic of Barack and Michelle with an infant Malia (Source). I’m no photoshop expert, but the figures of Mooch and Barry look too sharply delineated from the background.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama

Reader Sao Ken found this pic of baby Sasha with her 3-years older sister Malia (source: globalgrind.com):

baby Sasha Obama

UPDATE (Dec.1):

Here’s another pic of young Malia and Sasha (source). Whose hairy arm is that behind the girls? (h/t FOTM reader JS):


UPDATE (Dec. 3, 2013):

Attorney Orly Taitz is wondering if Natasha Obama had been adopted from Morocco, and has issued a call for help, Dec. 1, 2013:

I am looking for any and all information in regards to Michelle and Barack Obama travelling to Morocco in 2000-2001, one way trip for Natasha (Sasha) Obama from Morocco in and around 2000, possibly 2001, If you have such info, please, forward it to Orly.Taitz@hushmail.com

Responding to a comment from a reader accusing her of “going after” Obama’s daughters — just as commenters here on FOTM similarly have accused me of “going after” the girls when all Taitz and I are doing is simply to ask questions — Taitz wrote this comment:

December 2nd, 2013 @ 7:15 am

Nobody is going after the children. It is a legitimate question: why there are no birth certificates and birth records for Malia and Sasha Obama, while there such records for children of other presidents? For example, media questioned, whether Sarah Palin’s youngest child is actually her daughter’s child, Sarah Palin produced his hospital birth certificate. Media reported on adoption of McCain’s second daughter Bridget, on adoption of Romney’s grand children, on birth of two of Romney’s grand children by a surrogate, why not provide an explanation, why there are no birth records of Malia and Sasha Obama in national databases, while all the other records are there. This is particularly of interest, as it was shown that Barack Obama is using a stolen Connecticut Social Security number of Harrison Bounel, which failed both e-verify and SSNVS and fabricated IDs. What is going on?

Update (June 23, 2014):

In an email, Dr. Taitz wrote, “one of my supporters claimed that she worked in the US embassy in Morocco when Sasha (Natasha ) Obama was adopted from Morocco,” but Taitz is still trying to confirm this claim.


625 responses to “Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

  1. News flash! Michelle Obama is father to both girls . (Via surrogate) hmm interesting ! That’s what I call a real MR MOM! Lol. That’s why they look like mom I mean dad.

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  2. They look more like Ethiopian than Moroccan,since Kenya is next door to Ethiopia and many celebrities adopted children from Ethiopia there is a higher probabilities they might have been adopted from Ethiopia.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Is Michelle Obama A Man?” Part 3, Her Children.
    In this video we will take a look at some of various views on questions around the children and whether or not they are hers or if she adopted them. The argument that her children “do not look” like her is discussed in this video as well.

    This video is Part 3 of a series of videos that discuss this very interesting and controversial topic, “Is Michelle Obama a Transgendered Woman?”
    There are several parts to this video series and each part will be placed in the Playlist entitled, “Is Michelle Obama A Man? Nana’s Commentary.”

    Throughout this series, I will be sighting videos, articles and comments that I have researched on the Internet that related to this topic. The details, narration and links will be hosted in my blog post listed in the link below.
    Along with many YouTube videos on this topic, I wish to add my perspective.
    Feel free to leave your comments below.
    Thanks for watching.
    Nana’s Rants on Subjects from A-Z http://nanas-rants.blogspot.com

    “This is a personal pet peeve of mine as I hear so much about the so-called Gay Agenda and how folks equate that to genocide. They forget the “overpopulation” agenda where families were encouraged to have fewer children before the planet exploded.
    I guess being 65 years old gives me the advantage of living thru history and not just being told what historically happened. I was there, and I remember.
    Now, as far as their children is concerned, the problem with this is that some say they were adopted in Morocco, some say Ethiopia and others just speculate, not sighting where they were adopted.
    Others say the children don’t even look like them. My response to that is incredulous. How often do we have children that don’t look like us but look like our brother, sister, aunt or cousin? The way a person looks does not in many cases tell you who their parents are. You can morph a face on top of another face for days and days, it still proves nothing!
    Sometimes a child may look like a dead relative that folks haven’t seen in ages and can’t even recall what they looked like when they were alive, then you find an old dusty picture and sure enough. As a birth coach I have seen little ones come out looking like so many other folks it ain’t funny. What does that prove?”


  4. nanabaakan | January 30, 2017 at 5:54 pm | “What does that prove?”

    Let assume we take your premise for a second. I’m not sure if this is your video, or you’ve decided to quote it, but I’m gonna take it on the basis that you may have produced this. Basically, you’re saying that because some children do look different from their parents there is no basis for the theory of adoption, and you extend this to say there is also no basis for Michelle Obama being a man.

    This is called Occam’s Razor. Or, if you hear hoofbeats, assume horses rather than zebras. Always accept the most likely possibility. However, this philosophy is not an invitation to ignore facts. In the Oscars many people thought the Moonlight thing was rigged. It cannot be proven it wasn’t but a glance at the enveloped they originally read shows that printed on that envelope was the words “Best Actor” when they were reading for Best Picture.

    Going back to the original point. Just because some children do not look like their parents, this does not mean it is not within the realm of possibility. Forget Somalia or Ethiopia, the Obama’s have family friends. Let’s assume for a second, you are wrong, and Michelle is a man. Assuming these friends knew this, the Obama family may have asked their doctor and lawyer friends to help. The fact that ancestry.com and other such sites does not have any info is what we call reasonable doubt. I’m gonna create a scenario, almost a fanfic but bear with me. Michael Obama, a transgender woman with her previous parts still intact due to, like many Americans, an inability to afford expensive surgery, has managed to marry Barack Obama, being in one of the states that accepted change of birth certificate. They are positioning for presidency in the near future, and want to have a wholesome looking image. Since “Michelle” is kind of mannish, they want to allow as few questions as possible, so if she is mother of two children nobody will say anything. Michael gets one of their friend’s wife pregnant, and half a day later, they take it to the hospital in her arms. To all observing, it looks as if she had the child in a car or something, and took it in to get vaccined/check-up/etc. Voila, under-the-table adoption. A few years later, another friend gets pregnant. The two go back to their life, now with most of those who knew them none the wiser.
    Does this mean it must have happened this way? No. But neither does it mean it could not have gone this way.

    Even assuming that it was as you say, extending the argument doesn’t work. Not adopted, does not automatically prove/disprove that Michelle is a man.


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  10. That picture of all 4 Obama’s looks pieced together. Just saying.

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  12. The President from Schotland is also a TRANNY and the President from Iceland Also——Please watch on You Tube:Mr E -channel—-Jon Humanity-channel——Transvestigations….Tranny’s there are EVERYWHERE in Politics,Tell lie vision,Hollywood,Sports etc…by the way The Williams tennis Sisters are BROTHERS



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  14. You’re an idiot. I know Michelle personally, and she gave birth to those girls. I also know her parents. Such sick people in this world, it’s beyond sad!!!


  15. I think you’ll find all the records in Langley VA. Can you just imagine the laugh they had over pulling this off? This operation tapped a whole new level of gullibility.

    Mom hawks micro-loans in Indonesia, marries CIA-installed ruler’s right-hand man. Gramps sells furniture and sends “Stanley-Anne” to French school in Beirut. Granny has high-school education but becomes bank president and money-launderer in chief in Hawaii. Barry goes from homo beach hustler to Pres? Sure……., it could happen.

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  17. Wow. Now we know why they are going after Trump with impunity!!!


  18. Well, I’ve found some early family pics of Grandma. They belonged to Frank Marshal Davis, Obongo’s baby-daddy. I know, the Kenyan goatherd sounded more romantic than the Communist, pedophile, pornagrapher, poet, but it is what it is. I suspect those “Dreams of his father were nightmares.

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  19. Interesting how many (all?) youtube videos on Nesbitt/Blanchard being the girls real parents have been taken down.

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  20. Certainly we aren’t going to get the truth about the fake daughters or Mooch. Since Little Barry is currently in the direct employ of Soros he is busily plotting against the government he pretended to lead. He’s a “community organizer” again. Surrounded by his Saul Alinsky disciples.

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    • Oh, how short are the memories of hypocrite leftists–their slogan about treason has long been forgotten by them–it’s past history, so doesn’t count–they have the mental capacity and acumen of a gnat–the ‘deep state’ pulled off one of the world’s biggest scams on us by making obummer the president[in name only], giving us a fake first family and all–the reason?–getting not only their jollies off over successfully fooling us, but they also managed to place someone in that office who could do the damage to this country they needed done, before they switched it all up and placed a ‘strong-arm’ in the office, and I think the stage is being set for two leaders to bring us to nuclear war–Kim Jong-un, and Trump–I hope I’m wrong about that, but why has north Korea suddenly become armed to the teeth with nukes, that nobody thought they had until like last week?! The elitists all have their little bunkers outfitted with food, air and clothing to last them until it’s safe to come out, so they won’t care a bit if and when bombs go off!

      It wasn’t just that the obummer kids were faked, and that his wife was really his gay lover–it was the damage he was sent there to do to us, to set the stage for the nwo’s WWIII–nowhere in God’s word does it speak of another world war on the scale of WW I and II, yet everyone goes around shouting that it’s about to start–why?!

      I think it’s because those doing the loudest shouting are among those who will be doing the slaughtering by ordering bombs dropped. They need to get rid of the U.S., if they are to move forward with their one world govt. plans–so, they use NoKo, and it’s evil, mentally ill leader, to provoke us into genuinely thinking of using our nukes—then, if the NoKo’s really can launch nukes that can reach the U.S. cities as claimed, he goes ahead and launches them, and takes out L.A., NYC, DC, Seattle, Anchorage, etc., and we take them out–mission accomplished for the nwo order and it’s ‘fearless leader’–the first rider on a white horse. I’m ‘just sayin”–but, that’s what it looks like it’s shaping up to be, imo. I HOPE and PRAY I’m wrong!!

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      • “why has north Korea suddenly become armed to the teeth with nukes”

        North Korea began building nuclear reactors, ostensibly for energy, as far back as the Bill Clinton administration. Not only did Clinton do NOTHING about it, at a time when NK could be stopped, Clinton actually helped NK with a bribery: The United States would provide NK with energy so that NK wouldn’t go nuclear. That, of course, didn’t stop NK from building nuke reactors any way. At the time, in my professional (professor) capacity, I was among a few lone voices sounding warnings about Clinton’s very wrong policy.

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  21. You do realize that you can’t get information from a genealogical website unless that person is dead, right? It is illegal.

    So, your methodology is flawed.


    • Wrong.

      Let’s take Archives.com as an example:

      The Living People Records is one of the largest collections available at Archives.com, with more than 200,000,000 individual records in the index to date. When you are in search of an individual living anywhere in the United States, this listing service is a good place to access…. All of the listings in this index are administered by Archives.com.”


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    • Yeah, we’re paying for the fake daughters’ panties, food, school books, secret freaking service protection, etc…you happy? I’m not. Pisses me off real real real BAD, DAMN IT TO HELL.


    • Yes, not on YouTube anymore…you can find me on my own website…”ZOLNAREPORT.COM”


    • Doesn’t matter, the 2 girls look just like their real parents, Anita Blanchard & Marty Nesbitt.
      These 2 people are the Obamas’ best friends. Marty Nesbitt is even the chair of the Obama Foundation. They even go on vacations with the Obamas. The older girl looks just like her pappy, Marty Nesbitt…and the younger daughter looks just like her mammy, Anita Blanchard. Michelle Obama is a transgender, he can’t have kids, so they made a deal with Anita Blanchard & Marty Nesbitt when the 2 daughters were very young, to adopt or borrow them.


  22. It is a shame that Obama is a sleeper and a communist! We the people of the united states allowed it !!! Our country better wake up and get ride of the low lives that are trying to destroy our country !!! If you don’t like what is going on, do something about it !!!
    Your discouraged Citizen of the United States of America. we vote, let our votes count !!! I fought for this Country as a US MARINE.
    Pasquale A Scungio

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  23. Actually, it says that Malia’s principle breed is listed as “energetic and non-shedding”. I thought it was hilarious.


  24. Michelle is Michael as people say. Those Children were adopted. Period I did the same cant find not one pregnancy picture of he she. Or newborn pics.


  25. If they were adopted from Morocco why do they look so much like Anita Blanchard and Marty Nesbitt?

    Liked by 3 people

    • I admittedly have no idea where they acquired the kids. The CIA has many assets, including Obongo and crew, and they can provision an operation any way then choose.

      While I understand the speculation, most is predicated on the notion that Obongo was elected and “Michelle” is a woman and they had kids, etc., like “normal” people. That is a fundamental flaw. There is nothing “normal” about this mutt and his alleged brood.

      This guy was/is a character. It is all a total act. His alleged relatives (at least some of them), were CIA assets as well. When their owners called they had this little project in the oven and they just pulled it out and gave it a quick sheep dipping and, voila, “Mr. President”.

      Who knows where and how they got “the girls”. Kids are a relatively cheap commodity in their circles. I’ve yet to identify anything in their official story that will stand scrutiny.


      • Look up Anita Blanchard and Marty Nesbitt…they are the real parents of the 2 daughters. They look just like them. Anita Blanchard and Marty Nesbitt are the Obamas’ best friends. Marty Nesbitt is Chairman of Obama Foundation. These 2 friends are in pictures going on vacation with the fake fraud Obamas. Somehow they made a deal to adopt or borrow the 2 daughters to make them look like an “All-American” family. They fooled everybody. Look at the 2 girls…the oldest one looks just like Marty Nesbitt & the younger one looks just like her mother, Anita Blanchard.

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  31. tI know that there are many fine intelligent people who actually fall for this conspiracy. Un fortunately they don’t even really know what a transvestite is. They say michelle looks just like a man-so surely she must be a man. A transvestite is not defined by what he looks like.It is what gender they feel they are inside! Their outside looks have nothing to do with it. Also. Michelle went all through school and eventually college. She had many schoolmates .neighbors schoolmates paents teachers etc, How strange, no verifiable person has ever been reported as saying that they knew michelle when she was aboy. How very sad and rude is it to call a woman a man.Is Serena Williams Leslie jones etc etc- a man just because they have somewhat masculine builds or faces? Many Afrirican american women and others different types of beauty and to insult them and question them is vicious and racist . You say i have no evidence.Ive just presented plenty. Where is yours?Just another made up phoney conspiracy theory………..have


  32. Sure Ill explain this. It was photoshopped/ Even thee most well endowed man wouldn’t have his privates flopping up and down in class.LOLAs for the other picture I have no idea what it is


    • Not photoshopped.

      I had the the GIFs made from actual videos:
      The first from a video of the Ellen Degneres show; the second from a news video of Mooch’s visit to her daughter’s campus dorm.

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    • What are you saying? Do you think its a gerbil? I’ve never met a woman with that much “loose equipment” in that area, and if I had, I would have screamed because it would have been a man.

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  33. Need an update!


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