Obama’s America!


Thanks to Nathan M. Bickel on whose site, http://www.moralmatters.org, I found the photo.

20 responses to “Obama’s America!

  1. This is why we arm ourselfs, one more generation of this and there wont be anybody left to join the Army or fit in the f-16s, it will be up to local Milita’s and us tough old birds to protect the country, How sad it is


  2. hummm…things that make you go hummmm


  3. Ack! Eye Bleach! Eye Bleach!

    I can almost smell the stench emanating from that crack….


  4. There’s a glass of whiskey I was NOT going to drink…

    (gasp, wretch) …until I saw this.


  5. Surely you can’t be implying, that this is another son of Obama? LOL!


  6. Quick!

    Somebody grab a harpoon. 🙂



  7. You guys are killing me with these comments! I haven’t laughed this hard in months! Thanks, Nathan! HA HA HA HA!


  8. A British agent is our President

    Obama may in fact be a British citizen born in Kenya. Obama was born in 1961. Kenya was under British rule until 1963.

    Obama is a British subject

    Kenya independence 1963

    This is the history of the fight to gain control the United States by England and the Rothschild banking empire and rule the entire world. (Part 1.)

    Look across the top of a paper dollar and notice it says Federal Reserve Note. The Federal Reserve Bank that owns it is a private bank. The name Federal Reserve is deceiving because it is not owned by the United States government, it is a private banking corporation owned by the Rothschild family doing business with the federal government of the United States.

    The Federal Reserve Bank has a charter to operate as a business with the United States. This charter started in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act.

    The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank that loans money to the federal government only. To pay the interest on the loans to the Federal Reserve Bank the government passed the Federal Income Tax Act of 1913.

    The objective of the Federal Reserve Bank is like any other bank, to loan money, and collect interest payments. The bank has a duty to itself to create a need for the government to borrow money, it is called war and economic disasters.

    The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank did not waste any time in creating a need for the U.S. Government to borrow money. They began creating wars and economic disasters one right after another, starting with world war one in 1913. Next they created the Great Depression. Next they created world war two. Next they created the Korean war. Next they created the Vietnam war. Next they created the economic gas problems in the 1970’s. Next they created the banking and stock market problems in the 1980’s. Next they created the Persian Gulf war in the 1990’s. Next they created the 911 war in 2001. Next they created the banking and stock market failures in 2008.

    All of these things are done for the purpose of requiring the United States government to borrow money and go into debt, and help them take over foreign countries and drive them into debt too.

    People are getting wise to them in America. Now England and the Rothschild banking empire and their agents are creating laws to oppress the American public. Most of all they want to abolish the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment to prevent the people from rising up to correct the problem. And they have kept their names and objectives secret from the public since the 1920’s when they began a campaign to begin taking over all of the media companies and press in the United States.

    The problem with the Federal Reserve Bank was first noticed by the Founding Fathers after the United States was created and the U.S. Congress authorized the charter for the First Bank of the United States, which was owned by the Rothchilds of England. They saw it was a disaster waiting to happen and enslave the American public with wars and economic disasters and most of all debt. The first charter for the Bank of the United States was revoked after twenty years. The Rothschilds then financed England to start the war of 1812 to force the United States to renew the bank charter. The bank charter was renewed for another twenty years. But this time plans were made to stabilize the country financially and then cancel the second bank charter after twenty years and never let the Rothschilds of England back into the banking business in the United States government.

    England and the Rothchilds now had to take a different approach in their business with the United States government after the second bank charter was revoked. They had to infiltrate the United States Government and take over from the inside. By getting agents into the United States Government they could then get the laws passed to create another bank charter. This approach took over seventy years, from about 1840 to 1913. But they succeeded in 1913 and decided not to call the charter the Bank of the United States, they called it the Federal Reserve Bank. England and the Rothchilds banking empire were once again in control of the finances of the United States Government with no charter expiration date.

    The Rothschild Banking Empire
    The Government of England
    The Rockefeller Oil Family
    The Luciferian Illuminati
    The Saudi Arabian Islamic OIC
    The Builderberg Group
    The Agents Who Serve Them
    – also known as Presidents
    – and CFR agent Politicians

    The Money Masters


    • yes Paul, this is the truth….These are the people who start all the wars for the last 100 yrs.They finance both sides and thereby transfer the wealth of nations unto themselves..they are the most evil people on the earth, for they care none for the millions of war deaths they have caused.


    • Great comment(s) Paul ! You hit the nail right on the freaking head …..


  9. Thank you, Paul, for your excellent comments. I believe JFK was in the process of returning to Congress the duty of printing of currency. He even had some bills printed by the Treasury that were not from the Federal Reserve before he was killed.


    As for the Rothschilds, Dr. Eowyn has posted some very interesting info on them:



  10. It must be doing rather well in it’s obedience classes.
    The coalburner doesn’t appear to have a leash on it.
    Now if she could only get it to comprehend potty training.


  11. Doesn’t it just singe your mind and heart to think that this “person” probably collects his monthly check from us, the taxpayers, so s/he can pretend to be a human being?! Wow, this kinda stuff sickens me….
    My husband worked for the Post Office for years, and I could tell when the checks for the grabbers came in – he’d come home with that look on his face. He was a quiet soul, but that really got him, the crowd waiting for their freebies, while he and I had jobs so we could support them.
    Something went terribly wrong between having compassion on those who came upon hard times, and the crowd who now expects to be taken care of – it’s called America’s Great Expectations! Only now it comes with threats!


    • The ranks of those on government handouts has increased tremendously, hasn’t it, pnordman? It’s ironic that they can’t see that they are really hurting themselves in the end. By abdicating personal responsibility, they are belittling their own character.

      I have quite a few family members on welfare, disability, SSI, etc. (I don’t include EDD, because, to me, that money is earned through years of employment.) Of those on the dole, some really need it, but about half are able-bodied and just find it easier to collect a check than to work.

      I send them articles from this site and others, and they call me a conspiracy nut. When I ask them if they read the articles, the answer is always no. Then they wonder why I never want to attend any family functions.


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