Feel The Warmth of Christmas


Let the Christmas fights begin!

Here’s a heart warming list of links from Drudge Report today. Would somebody pass the hot chocolate? 

Black Friday violence reported as retailers usher in start of holiday shopping season

Charges filed after shoplifting suspect shot by police

Debbie Turner was leaving a Kohl’s store in Romeoville with her daughter when she saw a police officer, his shirt off and his shoulder bandaged, getting into an ambulance. Other officers were taking a man into custody…

Two Arrested After Stabbing Over Parking Space At Wal-Mart

Shopper Claims He Was Kicked Out Of Walmart For Filming Black Friday Fight

ELKINS, N.C. (CBS Charlotte) – A shopper at Walmart documented a fight between other customers. He said that, after store officials caught him doing so, he was asked to leave – even though those fighting were allowed to stay and shop…

Holiday Shopper Shot

LAS VEGAS — Metro Police are investigating a shooting that injured a holiday shopper.

It happened around 9:45 p.m. Thursday.

According to police, a man purchased a big-screen television from the Target store near Flamingo Rd. and Maryland Pkwy. While he was trying to unload the TV from his car at a nearby apartment complex, a man approached and fired a warning shot, causing the victim to drop the television, police said.

Officers tell 8 News NOW the gunman then took the television to a nearby car that was waiting, where a second man helped the gunman load the TV into the car.

The victim approached the two men and tried to get the television back. That prompted the gunman to fire several more rounds, shooting the victim in the leg…

Shoppers Knocked To Ground In Utah Walmart Rush

US-RETAIL SALES-HOLIDAYCLINTON, Utah (AP) — Police in Utah say at least two people were knocked to the ground by a crowd of Wal-Mart shoppers jockeying for a $49 tablet computer.

Officer Vicki Jeppson says neither person was seriously hurt in the incident Thursday night at a store in Clinton, about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City…

SalvationArmyNorth Carolina store manager donates $100 after thief steals Salvation Army kettle from mall

A store manager in North Carolina donated $100 into a replacement Salvation Army kettle after police say a thief swiped one from a bell ringer helping a grandmother at the Hanes Mall in Winston Salem…

Hey, Shoppers: Black Friday Savings Are a Hoax

Forget the door-busters, coupons, and “friends and family” deals. U.S. shoppers on the whole will be paying more over the next few weeks than they do the rest of the year. Turns out, retail profit margins tend to be higher during the holiday period, despite all the promotions…

Santa (AKA Mark Dice) shames shoppers


Zombie Plague Sweeps America: Video Proof!


I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to put on my soft slippers, add another log to the fireplace, take a sip of hot chocolate, and put on Bing Crosby Christmas music. 😀



30 responses to “Feel The Warmth of Christmas

  1. I refuse to go to these Black Friday sales. People act like savages. Just imagine what this would have been like, had it been food for which they were fighting!


    • wow! that really puts it into perspective!


    • Ah, Lindarm, but they ARE fighting it out over food, the material food they’ve been taught to value above their spiritual food and needs! More than fifty years ago I went to a HS in Bellevue, WA state, where I was lucky enough to get into the first year college prep classes they offered to only 100 students. One such was Ethics and Philosophy; in it we were required to read the ‘The Grand Inquisitor’ chapter from Dostoevsky’s novel ‘The Brothers Karamazov’.

      In it, Christ returns to Seville during the height of the Spanish Inquisition, but shortly after astounding the people, is taken by the guards of the Grand Inquisitor to a dungeon. The next day the Grand Inquisitor comes alone to see Him, and what follows is a long monologue from that prelate, during which Christ never says a word. This is the second great silence in history, after “Whom among you is without sin?”

      The Grand Inquisitor speaks on many themes and matters, but what is central to all of it is that since Christ was crucified, we humans who came afterwards were increasingly taught to worship the material world over the spiritual world, and thus our present state.

      Dostoevsky was a passionate Russian Orthodox Christian, deeply troubled by the world he lived in: he knew his sins and saw the sinners about him as well. He correctly defined our modern age and its illness: our lack of spiritual understanding and our consequent corruption by materialism.

      What we witness today is exactly what Dostoevsky prophesied more than 120 years ago: “Give us bread in exchange for our freedom, for we cannot bear the price of responsibility!” Too many want an easy way out of our life’s trials and tribulations; when they see Christ they draw back, saying “Take Him away, I cannot be as Him, the cost is too great!”

      I really don’t intend to preach to the converted, but only share what I learned more than fifty years ago: we are here to share and bear, NOT to grab and run. If this be false, then I too am condemned as He was….


  2. LOL – They need to call it Black-eye Friday.



  3. Good grief, what is wrong with these people? (rhetorical).

    Sad state of our culture and greedy mentality…


    • Amen, sister…what an incredible clip! It wins at everything.
      I’m stealing the idea, and doing the same next year, with a PA system like the one in the Blues Brothers! Think how great it’d be if people did this everywhere…we need more zombie shaming in this country.


      • winston, you may eventually find it necessary to invest in an armored vehicle. i think mark had the element of surprise on his side, it really would make for some great fun though! but, i have to mention that i think zombies are a pretty shameless lot in general. hahaha!


  4. Thank you for this tour de force, TD.

    Materialist Consumerism: The Opiate of the Masses. I’ve never understood what must-have product is so compelling that people would camp out for days so as to be first to get their claws on the merchandise the day after Thanksgiving. But it’s gotten worse. The worse the economy is, the larger the welfare state and the more slothful Americans become, the greedier and more frenzied is Black Friday, which now has become Black Thursday and Friday.

    Michael Snyder of Activist Post calls this sickening consumerism “a shameful orgy of materialism for a morally bankrupt nation.”


    • Thanks , Dr. Eowyn. It’s hard to be at peace with a society so completely manipulated by base interests. Common sense is out the window. Well, now that Black Friday is over, it’s time for Slothful Saturday.


  5. Thank you, Trail Dust! You have documented pure and utter insanity!


  6. black friday seems to bring out the worst in people! i dont care if tv,s are two dollars im not going shopping! on thanksgivig or the day after! these people need to find a bible study,and enjoy GODS WORD! having things wont fill the emptiness in man.


  7. dont worry due to the cost of obamacare, these folks will just be glad they have something to eat next year!


  8. I second White Christmas with Doc!


  9. I want my “Red Ryder Carbine” and Ralphie. LOL
    I’ll “Shoot Their eye out” Time for “A Christmas Story” around here. 😆
    Umm, I’ve never seen this before. Pretty bizarre. LOL


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