Irish respond to muslim invasion

A violent letter has been sent to the mosques and schools of Ireland. We at FOTM do not support violence, but are aware of muslim intimidations against all free people. Some Irish have decided to turn the tide of the muslim invasion, and betrayed by their elected leaders, have issued a stark warning.

The Irish Resistance

The Irish Resistance

Irish Citizens Stand Against Muslim Invasion

Posted by:  Posted date: November 27, 2013 

Many Muslims in Ireland are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring a war against them. They should be shocked that it has taken as long as it has for people across the world to start standing up against their campaign of intimidation.

Gutless politicians don’t stand with the people anymore. In seemingly every country across the globe, the political positions are occupied by self-serving, pandering wimps. This letter is clearly born out of a frustration with a lack of positive action on the part of government officials and a willingness of the Irish to defend their nation by taking matters into their own hands. After all, the people are the ones who are chiefly affected, not the bureaucrats.

The anonymous letter has made the rounds of Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin.

While the Muslim groups have and will try to negatively label it otherwise, it is a call to arms for the Irish citizens to recognize the impact of the invasion and the deliberate efforts to supplant the Irish people, their culture, and their traditions with Islam and Sharia law.

The language of the letter is described as intimidating and extremely violent. The obvious neglect to mention the Islamic violence is so outlandish that it is barely deserving of a comment.

A rapid, demanding and threatening spread across the world towards their caliphate is a much publicized goal of Islam. Yet the non-Muslim citizens of the world still continue to ignore the truths that the Islamists themselves acknowledge.

To read the rest of this article in its natural habitat, go to the following link:

Again, FOTM does not promote violence. This is an article about one response in Ireland to the muslim invasion of their Christian nation. Jesus died for all who will turn to Him, including muslims. He wants to save them as much as He wants to save us. The letter spoken of here is poorly worded, violent, and reminiscent of the long conflict between Catholics and Protestants in that country. But people in this tiny island nation are feeling their backs to the wall, and recognize the mortal threat they are facing from jihadists moving into their country, demanding Christian statues be removed nation wide. 

So I put out a question.
How should the Irish respond? ~TD

 Update: In answer to a muslim commenter , yn, from Indonesia, I found materials that need their own post. YN asserted that islam doesn’t force anyone to convert. The link below contains information about Indonesian muslims.

Here’s the nature of islam in Indonesia, where Barack Obama went to school

 Update: As the debate continues on whether we should be more soft and understanding toward the muslims, Obama’s secret jihadists continue their hideous murder spree in Syria.

Prayer needed: Muslim jihadists attack, loot, kill Christians in Syria


…where all the women wear trash bags, all the goats are good looking, and all the children are more murderous than average.

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237 responses to “Irish respond to muslim invasion

  1. What you need is a Conn Ceadh Cathach (Conn of a Hundred Battle, in English) to take back your country. Your country is being taken away from you. Let it happen and there won’t be one Irish man on the land the fathers of your fathers conquered. The solution is to send the invaders back to the regions they came from. European countries could do this together. Are the elected people in Europe responsible for this mess? Absolutely.
    I eared something really stupid. ” But they call us names when we protest”.
    The invaders rape and behave like bandits, they live at your expense, they say they will take your country for themselves and you are wining because they might call you names? Are you out of your mind? You don’t know what to do with them, but I assure you, they know what to do with you.

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  2. to everyone on this blog.

    Islam is a religion and a civilization. Ireland is a Celtic country. It was ruled by warriors and Druids. They are my ancestors and I am among the few who know the past. We were not Christians. We were ruled by the Ard Ri of Ireland. The elite army of the land was the Fianna. The rig fenni Fianna was answering only to the Ard ri. We had warrior lords called Ri ruicech. We were a war like people.

    Today Iish people don’t even know who they are. How can they defend it?
    Islam is now in a conquest mode called Jihad. Jihad is their holy war.
    I could talk on this blog until the end of time. It makes no difference. Irish people are blind and deaf like most Europeans. Did you know you, yes you Irish, that your government has policy to give preference of employment to non Irish who ever they are? That means many Irish won’t find work in Ireland. In fact many are leaving Ireland. Nobody seams to care. People , ordinary people if you don’t stand up for yourself, nobody will. Don’t count on politicians. They have been bought and paid for.

    Go on You Tube-George Carlin “The American Dream” Best 3 Minutes of His Career
    Listen to this. It is excellent stand up routine. This man is the best in the world. He is articulate, to the point, Oh you will laugh alright. and you will learn at the same time. Keep on listening and you will learn allot from this man. And you won’t be board.

    As for immigrants to Ireland. No Irish man sent you an invitation. You invited yourselves. Europeans have been brainwashed. They are still in a sleeping state. I mean like anesthetized kind of sleep. Completely out of it.
    Irish wake up. You are loosing your country and there is no where else to go.

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    • Finn, I agree with you. It’s like that in Sweden. I keep saying, the Swedes need to remember their warrior heritage, because war has been declared on them by a ruthless enemy. That’s what Trump is about and what Brexit is about. Perhaps Ireland needs a modern day Brian Boru.

      And what we all need most is the favor of God.

      “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14


  3. Oh my God! Stop bringing God into this. Have you ever heard of roll up your sleeves, Help yourself and God will help you. Politicians may change their mind if the people demonstrate their opposition to them. If they stop electing them, if they speak loud against immigration. If they refuse to hire the invaders. Use this blog to express your view strongly. Make this blog a leader to save Ireland and Europe.
    You don’t realise what is at stake. Your freedom your very existence. In the middle east right now they are cutting heads in Syria, and Iraq. women are sod as slaves, gang raped, tortured. They are in a state of total war against Christians. They intend to colonize and islamize the whole world. I’m not kidding. Wait and see. Jihad is their holy war. When they are asking for Sharia law in your country their are doing little Jihad. There are 4 types of Jihad. Military Jihad is one of them. I have some knowledge about this. You call them extremist, they call themselves good muslims. You want to live under Sharia law? You can marry a child at the age of nine years old. You can beat your wife. It is your right. Genital mutilation for women and polygamy for men. What a nice future.

    You are ignorant, and you don’t stand up for yourselves. Jihadists don’t respect those who don’t stand up for themselves. I hope you improve. The people have to make the politicians do their will or the people will suffer. Politicians want to be elected and get all the goodies that come with it. If they fear loosing they may do something for their people. If your country becomes full of muslims they will demand sharia law. You had it to good under the British regime. You forgot the Penal Law. The evictions in Ireland. Remember this old saying: ” To Connaught or to hell”.
    The Jihadists won’t send you away they will cut your head. There is peace in Islam only in submission to islam. When your politicians will discover they are threaten, they will want you the people to defend them. I mean militarily. This can still be avoided. This immigration is an invasion, and a drain on public founds, because you pay for it. Don’t be naive. Stop the immigration invasion.


  4. Finn
    When they call you racist, it is because they run out of argument. In short, you won the argument.


  5. Go Irish, kick those lousy mudslimes out of your country! I’m an American who is Irish descent and I don’t like to see the country of my ancestry overrun by those evil scumbags!! Ireland is a beautiful country and I was there twice. We got them over here in America too and we are fed up with their evil crap and trying to force their stupid Sharia law on us. They hate us too and threaten to invade and attack us, and we will give them hell if they try it. Let’s kick them all out of Ireland and America and to hell with all Islam!!

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  6. I have Irish ancestors as well, but that’s all beside the point. As I’ve stated on other posts, life moves on. National pride is fine to a point, our form of “togetherness” is larger than Ireland. It is larger than Britain or Europe in general. Loosely, it is Western Civilization.

    I’m a history buff. I know a bit about European history. The takeaway that is important here is the concepts of freedom and liberty on a social level and God on a religious one. One ironic aspect of this is that it has already happened before. What happened to learning from past mistakes?

    Unless we take steps we will end up like the Spanish with the Moors.

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