Woman who knew Obama in high school says he’s a transvestite

Mia Marie Pope

Mia Marie Pope knew Obama at their Punahou high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, during the late 1970s. She knew him then by the name of Barry Soetoro.

In an interview on October 31, 2013, with Reverend/Dr. James David Manning, the pastor of Atlah World Missionary in Harlem, Pope says Barry “always portrayed himself as a foreign student,” was a pathological liar and “very much was within the gay community.” It was “common knowledge” that Barry “wasn’t interested in girls” but “was strictly into men.” He also used to hustle rich white homosexual men for money to buy cocaine.

I did a post on Pope’s interview on November 7, but somehow missed another bombshell that she dropped later in the interview.

Here’s a transcript I took beginning at the 18:10 mark in the video above:

Pope: “Have you had the opportunity to see the picture of him [Obama] in drag on YouTube?”

Manning: “Yeah, there’s a picture of him in drag, in a leather outfit that’s really revealing more flesh and the only place that it covers up is his genital[ia], but everything else is fully exposed. It looks like some sort of a sadistic outfit. I’ve seen it, yes.”

Pope: “Yep. And those boots he’s wearing are in a man’s size. So for anybody out there that thinks he dredged it out of his mother’s closet on a dare or something, remember he’d have to have those boots specially made to a man’s size. I actually saw Barry, not in that outfit, and I wasn’t present while that picture was taken, but on a couple of occasions. There was a movie called Rocky Horror Picture Show that was really popular back then, and so one of the lead characters in that was, I think, played by Tim Curry, and the teenagers would go week after week after week and go see this. Well anyways, he [Obama] would dress up as a transvestite sometimes for that. So I actually saw him in other attire, similar to that picture that you’ve just described.”

A big h/t to FOTM reader swampygirl7 and BeforeIt’sNews, where you’ll see many hilarious photoshopped images of the POS in drag, like the one below. 😀

Obama in drag

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32 responses to “Woman who knew Obama in high school says he’s a transvestite

  1. Do sick sexual deviants make the best leaders?…Hitler..Alexander the great, Shaka Zulu..These men who care none for women tend to do the most harm in the world…Read your History..Does Obama fit this profile?


  2. Mind Bleach, please!


  3. TD,

    In the interview with Dr. Manning, Pope didn’t say she was in Obama’s high school class because she’s a few years younger. What she said is that she knew Obama in high school and used to hang out together. I’m willing to give Pope the benefit of the doubt for three reasons:

    1. What does Pope have to gain by speaking out? On the contrary, she is risking retaliation from the POS, and we already have ample evidence that he uses the IRS to go after political opponents.

    2. Rev./Dr. Manning’s own credibility is on the line for interviewing Pope.

    3. What Pope says about Obama is consistent with what others have said about him and with what we already know from 4 years of him in the WH:

    *that he’s a pathological liar
    *that he was a foreign (Indonesian) student in Hawaii and in college
    *that he did cocaine (his own admission in his memoirs; Larry Sinclair)
    *that he’s at least bisexual, if not homosexual (Chicago gay bath house; Larry Sinclair; Reggie Love)
    *that his nanny in Indonesia was himself a gay transvestite.

    The legal profession has a concept called “preponderance of evidence,” and the preponderance of evidence supports Pope’s testimony.


  4. PS: Still need a good dose of Mind Bleach!


  5. Case in point..Two stories recently circulating on the internet, many readers may remember, presented as the truth, turned out to be entirely false. one story shows photo’s of beautiful Christian from the middle east laying dead with a crucifix shoved down her throat,,Turns out photo is from a B rated horror flick. second is about a 8yr old Muslem girl damaged by sex with a forty old husband,,not true..she is alive and well and still living with her parents..I sometimes check out these stories before I believe them…Snopes.com a good source to verify stories. I sometimes have to ask myself what is the motive behind the people who publish such falsehoods..I also visit Alex Jone’s website, with the complete understanding “everything I read might not be the truth”. I prefer the news to be the truth and nothing but the truth..


    • Mainstream media is all lies and propaganda ..the news sites on the net is all I have left


    • Dave,

      A reader had sent me that photo of a woman with a crucifix shoved down her throat as ostensibly from Syria. I checked it out and determined it’s a fake (well, the pic is real, but from a movie).

      The difference between that fake pic and the story about the 8yo Muslim girl vs. this one about Mia Marie Pope is that the former two were anonymously circulated, whereas in contrast Pope’s isn’t anonymous. She’s out there. I think that counts for something.


      • we are all deceived by news stories on the net from time to time…deceits can carry the power to do the same damage as the truth, reputations and lives destroyed and in extreme cases wars started.look at what mainstream media is doing to our beloved republic with their lies..woe on to them on their judgement day…My two bits for today…….words of wisdom,well maybe.


        • Dear Mr. McMullen, Thank you for ‘keeping your head’ in these crazy times. We certainly do not need more lies and deceptions than are already out there.


    • Snopes is NOT the absolute answer as we have been led to believe. I no longer trust Snopes ESPECIALLY as to applies to Democrats; the founders are too close to that philosophy.




  6. DANG!!!!!!!!! I should have known the new pic was going to be a spitter!


  7. Everyone should take a look at Michelle. Seriously.


  8. ughhh! does it ever stop with this thing in the whitehouse? check out the front page of cnsnews.com now they have an article involving a porn guy he invited to his senate office. Can’t say the rest its not good.


  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post. I am with you and he reasons you set forth as to why Pope is credible. Indeed, the preponderance of the evidence substantiates what she has represented.

    Liked by 1 person

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  11. Looking at the photshopped ‘in drag’ pic, the only word that comes to mind is, “Eek!”


  12. We defenitely shake our heads !
    Even IF Michelle is transsexual and even IF Obama would be gay, this has got nothing to do with his job.
    People shouldnt misuse God for their very own homophobia!
    Criticize Obama for his job but not for MAYBE that he would be gay or such.

    I am a mother of 5 children and i will do my best that my kids wont have such a shamful viewpoint of other peoples sexuality.



  13. Going to the Rocky Horror Show in costume does NOT mean anyone is a transvestite; Everyone, or almost everyone who went to this movie was in some sort of costume, it was part of the fun. Everyone would call out the dialogue as it played. It was like going to a fancy dress party. Dressing up in woman’s clothes (especially on only this one special occasion) does NOT mean he was a transvestite.


  14. I’m reminded of how Satan is referred to as “The Accuser” .. you morons better make sure your facts are correct ….


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  16. What is truly pathetic is because of the day & time we live in stories like this have airs of believability. Even Jimmy Carter, who wasn’t well liked, had no rumors of perversion surrounding him.


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