Dallas doctors who attended to JFK say he had a bullet *entry* wound on his front neck

I normally avoid all JFK assassination conspiracy theories like the plague. But a new book caught my attention.

Written by a medical doctor, Allen Childs, the book’s title is self-explanatory: We Were There: Revelations from the Dallas Doctors Who Attended to JFK on November 22, 1963.

Dr. Childs has been a psychiatrist for 47 years, and was the US Army’s Chief of Mental Hygiene for the Island of Oahu during the Vietnam War. Childs was a medical student at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, the day the mortally wounded President Kennedy was brought to the emergency room. His book,
We Were There, brings together the memories of the medical students,
interns, residents and, most importantly, the attending physicians who were at Parkland Hospital on that fateful day 50 years ago.

The official conclusion of the Warren Commission report was that Kennedy had been shot from behind by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who fired as the motorcade passed the Texas school Book Depository building overlooking Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.

But, as disclosed in We Were There, four Parkland Hospital doctors, experts in gunshot wounds who saw JFK before he was given a tracheostomy, saw a bullet wound in the front of Kennedy’s neck “where his collar should have been” — a wound that was caused by a bullet entering, not leaving, his body.

Here’s a pic of Kennedy’s neck wound.

WARNING: Graphic!!!!


The doctors’ statements, of course, directly contradict the Warren Commission report. They also support the testimonies of eyewitnesses of a gunman firing from a grassy knoll near the parade route.

Famed forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht says the truth would’ve been made abundantly clear in the immediate aftermath of the assassination, if secret service agents didn’t insist on breaking the law by removing Kennedy’s body from Dallas before an autopsy could be performed. But Texas coroners were not allowed to perform the autopsy. Instead, secret service agents spirited the body away at gunpoint for an autopsy performed at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, under the control of the federal government and new President Lyndon B. Johnson.


30 responses to “Dallas doctors who attended to JFK say he had a bullet *entry* wound on his front neck

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. The question is, why is the truth being hidden? And who is responsible for hiding it? This is so horrible.

    Incidentally, President Kennedy despised liberals. He found them weak and cowardly. He was also a good friend of Nixon.


    • And Nixon was not the horrible person or POTUS as he has been made out to be IMHO. Our enemies were terrified of Nixon and what he might do to them. At least Nixon has the class, cared about the country enough to resign. The same cannot be said about Obama or Clinton.


  2. August 63, my 8th birthday I wanted baked stuffed lobster. being the spoiled brat that I was I got it. Sitting 2 tables over was President Kennedy and Jackie, Rose and someone else. I don’t recall who,probably secret service, anyways they sang Happy Birthday to me, I wasn’t happy because I had to be nice as my dinner was just deliverd and I had to wait to eat and keep smiling. I couldn’t wait forr them to leave. 3 months later …who knew. Wish I still had the picture.


  3. Thanks Dr. Eowyn for this post. I have long held, read as much as one can about Kennedy and am convinced 100% that the American people were lied to from day one about this plot to eliminate Kennedy. There was more than one gunman, the evidence is too overwhelming and as time goes on, more is revealed.

    I too, avoid stuff about Kennedy but I shared this with many many folks. The vast majority of whom were alive when this happened and many who are much younger than me. I was 10 and remember being called in from playing a rousing game of that evil game dodge ball from the playground. We were told what had happened in an assembly and were only released to our parents to go home. Most kids did not comprehend the gravity of this tragic assassination. I did more than most because of mom being an activist in many liberal causes and she loved JFK.

    LBJ was a nasty POTUS and did much damage to our country. It would have been very interesting to what JFK might have accomplished had he been allowed to live.

    Thanks again for such an excellent post.

    Too much has been been withheld from we the people.


  4. As I recall, President Kennedy in one of the videos is shown as raising his hands to his throat, ostensibly because he was shot there. Two shell casings were purportedly picked up by Secret Service near the curb next to the storm drain on Dealey Plaza. The storm drain tunnel is supposed to have led to the railroad yard. It was the perfect location for the shots to have struck from a concealed position. Bob Groden, a longtime Kennedy Assassination investigator was there when I visited and advised me that the storm drain had been sealed. You will also notice in one of the videos that the Secret Service agent running along the passenger side of JFKs limo was called back by the detail commander in the next car. The agent was incredulous but obeyed otherwise he could have been in direct line of fire.

    Consider for a moment, had JFK gone to Gettysburg on the 19th of November to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, his schedule may have been altered and his assassination may not have taken place.


  5. Excellent post!

    We were lied to then, and we’re being lied to today.


  6. Kennedy’s murder, in fact the murders of both Kennedy brothers and Dr. King, in a brief time period are far more than I can swallow as mere coincidence. Perhaps this is just my emotions demanding a reasonable explanation, but I can’t escape the feeling of a sinister plan being hatched against all these men, with the rest of us as collateral damage.

    Look at what came next! The table is swept clear, and now LBJ breaks all election promises and engages in an insane buildup in Vietnam, with a conscript (enslaved) army, which he happily turned into cannon fodder in a war of attrition. With who knows what kinds of secret rewards from weapons manufacturers, President Johnson had an army that was strong enough to devastate North Vietnam, and silence all neighboring critics, but instead settled in to take and re-take ground inside South Vietnam, vastly multiplying the casualties on all sides. Was he a madman, or was he running up the tab for the military industrial complex we were warned of by both Kennedy and Eisenhower?

    Yikes, that flings me back so hard, I feel like reaching for a bag of pot and lighting up! But my leftist ideas (and habits) are long gone, having been abandoned in bits and pieces over the last 40+ years for ideas that actually work. Crosby, Stills and Nash are still on my shelf of musical and poetic favorites, but their political rants have not stood the test of time for me.

    Was Kennedy’s era a golden age, a Camelot? Not to me it wasn’t. The Cuban Missile Crisis wasn’t exactly the good old days; I still remember a series of nightmares where I stepped out of the remains of our house to see my parents and our neighborhood incinerated by an atomic bomb. No, not the good old days.

    But Kennedy was trying to rein in crazy forces inside our government, and move us away from the Vietnam involvement. And if he were warped into our culture today, he would look a lot more like Ronald Reagan than most of the current Republicans in office.

    Okay, Dr. Eowyn, what do I owe you for this visit to the psychiatrist’s couch? You must have other patients growing restless by now. 😀


    • Wow.

      Reading this, TD, I’m reminded of the comment you recently left on my “mysterious Google barges” post: “Like a dark shadow creeping up.”

      The dark shadow began creeping across America from Mordor a long time ago . . . .


      • There are so many seemingly prescient observations by Tolkien and his friend Lewis, I almost wonder if they knew they were writing for us at this hour.


        • TD,

          John Ronald Reuel Tolkien had always bemoaned the paucity of English myths. So he wrote Lord of the Rings and sub-created Middle-earth to fill that gap. What he probably never anticipated is that his mythology is not just for the English people, but is embraced and loved by peoples of all cultures across the world. And the most powerful myths are timeless. No wonder we resonate to Tolkien’s, as will future ages, long after you and I have gone past the “gray rain-curtain of this world . . . to white shores; and beyond them, a far green country under a swift sunrise.”


  7. Congress created the Kennedy Collection when it passed the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. This statute directed all Federal agencies to transmit to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) all records relating to the assassination in their custody. The Kennedy Act also created a temporary agency, the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), to ensure that the agencies complied with the Act.

    Do you believe this? I don’t. Anything probative that could indict previous administrations is long gone. And the people who knew what those records were are long gone also. It’s surprising that more Secret Service agents haven’t come forth, but then again, mebbe not.

    In all cases where the ARRB agreed to withhold a record or information in a record, they stipulated a specific release date for the document. In addition, according to Section 5(g)(2)(D) of the Act, all records in the Kennedy Collection will be opened by 2017 unless certified as justifiably closed by the President of the United States.

    Yeah, the most open administration EVAH is gonna unseal all of Jack’s records for us to pore through.


  8. Regardless of the politics and theories involved in this tragedy the wound depicted in this photo shows an exit, not an entry wound. The cartilage in the throat region is semi soft and a bullet striking that region of the body would leave a circular or semi circular hole in the skin as it traveled backwards through the throat. A bullet striking the back of the skull would mushroom or fragment carrying bone/skull and bullet fragments foreword along its trajectory and exit the body leaving a much larger exit trauma as is depicted in this photo. Sorry, I think this photo does nothing more than sell books for its author.



  9. I forgot to add that this is my humble opinion.


  10. Ya I got an F in school in this topic because i knew Oswald didn’t do it. It was a CIA hit, the Guy was hiding in the storm drain.


  11. I watched an interesting video clip yesterday that helps piece the puzzle too. Abby Martin interviews Roger Stone. Of course the government lied. It’s what the government does best anymore.


  12. I’ve always believed Lyndon Johnson had something to do with this. It happened on his home turf, and his mistress claims he was involved!


    • Me too. I was a child in another place across the oceans when I heard that Kennedy had been assassinated. The first thought that came into my mind was also that Lyndon Johnson was behind it. I knew very little about politics, so I had no articulated reason to suspect Johnson, other than a gut-level instinctive reaction.


  13. Well, why not go back to where he left off, we have wasted fifty years being embarrassed about him being murdered and the list of things he was in the process of getting accomplished isn’t often talked about. We need to get some patriotic Congressmen and Women to read up on his ideas and get behind them at an accellerated pace. This would put our people back to work and his idea to go back to the greenback was great too.


  14. Hey there, just in case anyone’s interested, one of the projects he was into was water management, and the NAWAPA project I keep going on and on about was put together at his request and his brother was also interested in this, but the oligarchs really don’t want anything good to happen anymore in the US because too many people were enjoying the opportunities that progress afforded them.


  15. We would also have been desalinating water from the ocean in the meantime to meet our water needs and we would have nuclear power and nuclear fusion research would have us on the brink of that form of energy. This really isn’t what the oligarchs want for us, cheap energy, more power to do things with, oh no, they want us crouched in our micro appartment with a little windmill clipped onto the ledge and a tiny solar panel powering one light bulb. The oligarchs had Kennedy rubbed out and they are using the current administration to rub all of us out now in short order unless we put our feet down.


  16. Brings to mind what PRince PHillip said about how terrible the growth of the planets’ population is and that if he could have his wish he would reincarnate as a deadly virus. Looks like he won’t have to bother because we got an administration that is doing the job for him. Weird how Prince Bandar is being prosecuted now because he broke ranks and met openly in secret? with the Mossad and the Saudi top Royals are upset. They in turn are being accused by the Arab League of financing mercenaries to kill other Arabs. Duh…….When is an Arab not an arab, when he’s and oligarch. Ha ha ha. Hollow laughter.
    Thank you for the Blood of Jesus without his atoning for our sins we would be o our way to hell in a handbasket.


  17. The video of Mr. Connolly in his hospital bed 5 days after being shot, where he plainly says, there were more than one shot. That he was turned around and saw the first one hit.
    From day one I thought it was LBJ, he was making too much on the war and he had bones to pick, he hated playing second fiddle to JFK. The route taken, and the guards turned the wrong direction on the route, so many weird things. Having it done on his home turf would have been the feather in the cap of a very mean demented man. Any man that picks his dogs up by their ears and claims they love it, is down right mean.
    Jackie O had said in her tapes, it was LBJ that did it.


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