News of City of Dearborn going sharia is a hoax

A FOTM reader sent me the very alarming news that the city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted to adopt the Islamic sharia law.

To begin with, a city in the United States cannot simply decide on its own to adopt laws that violate the U.S. Constitution. But I followed the link in the email, which took me to a short article on BeforeIt’sNews, which in turn has an embedded link to its source, an article by Chase Logan on a website of which I’ve never heard, National Report.

Logan writes:

In a surprise weekend vote, the city council of Dearborn, Michigan voted 4-3 to became the first US city to officially implement all aspects of Sharia Law.  The tough new law, slated to go into effect January 1st, addresses secular law including crime, politics and economics as well as personal matters such as sexual intercourse, fasting, prayer, diet and hygiene.

The new law could see citizens stoned for adultery or having a limb amputated for theft. Lesser offenses, such as drinking alcohol or abortion, could result in flogging and/or caning. In addition, the law imposes harsh laws with regards to women and allows for child marriage.

One of the cardinal rules I learnt as a scholar-professor is to always, always go to the primary source.

So I went on the City of Dearborn website to see if I could find the City Council’s meeting minutes. But the most recent minutes were for a City Council meeting on October 8, 2013. I read the PDF of those minutes. There was NOTHING about sharia law.

So I searched further on the City of Dearborn website and found this official denial (in dark red italics below):

Satirical website makes up ‘article’ on sharia law for humor; City of Dearborn not amused by falsehood; sets record straight

Published on 30 October 2013

A satirical website called the National Report intentionally made up an article for entertainment purposes on Sunday, Oct. 27 about the City of Dearborn enacting sharia law over the weekend. The article is false; Dearborn is not under sharia law and has never at any time even considered such an action.

“Dearborn has never been, nor ever will be, under sharia law. We are governed by the U.S. Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Michigan and the City of Dearborn Charter,” said Mayor O’Reilly.

“We are a city named after a Revolutionary War Hero. We have lost loyal Dearborn American military service personnel in every war this country has fought to protect the individual rights we are guaranteed through the U.S. Constitution,” he said.

“We are a community that proudly honors those who served our country to protect those rights. We have annual observances on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Korean War Armistice Day and Veterans Day,” said Mayor O’Reilly.

The phony article appeared on the National Report, a website meant to be humorous, and has since been posted on other websites and circulated over the internet.

It also has been reposted multiple times on Facebook by people who are taking the fictional article at face value, and then expressing outrage about something that is simply not true.

“The National Report’s misguided attempt at humor furthers the goals of some people who have tried to suggest that the City of Dearborn is anti-American because our population includes residents who are Muslim,” said Mayor O’Reilly.

People from across the country, state and region have been contacting the City of Dearborn upset about the false news story. Many understand that it is not true, but are angry at the National Report for purposely making up the story.

Mayor O’Reilly said the phony story could impact people’s image of Dearborn, which is a city with strong community connections, excellent public services, and well-tended neighborhoods.

Dearborn has a diverse population, originally attracted to the city because of well-paying jobs at the Ford Rouge plant, the Ford World Headquarters and the Ford Research and Development Center.

The city also hosts other major employers, and remains a regional employment center, as well as a destination for shopping, cultural arts, recreation, night life, health care and higher education.

It is home to internationally-renown visitor attractions, led off by The Henry Ford: America’s Greatest History Attraction, which beckons more than a 1.7 million guests each year.

“This hoax has confused people, even some who are familiar with everything Dearborn has to offer, and who have enjoyed visiting our town in the past,” Mayor O’Reilly said.

“The National Report is not a news site, but is only pretending to be one. Its purpose is entertainment. In this case, its outrageous story, with no basis in fact, has ended up fooling people in part because it mirrors allegations made by others in the past with less than humorous intentions,” said Mayor O’Reilly.

“One unique aspect of our community is the strong working relationship that exists among our diverse faith leaders, who foster understanding and tolerance,” he said.

“It is in human nature to fear the unknown, which can lead to hate and attempts to deny the rights of others. But in Dearborn, that fear of the unknown is mitigated because leaders of many faiths regularly come together for dialogue and to celebrate the significant events of each others’ religions,” he said.

“We invite people to learn more about the real Dearborn,” Mayor O’Reilly said. “We want people to know we represent the best of America, our traditions and values, including following the rule of law under the U.S. Constitution.”

Something this radical should be double-checked before it’s published on any site, including BeforeIt’sNews (BIN).

I wrote a comment on BIN, asking it to remove the post if it has any journalistic integrity. At least ten minutes have passed, but I do not see my comment, and the article is still on BIN.

As for Chase Logan and National Report —  Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12 responses to “News of City of Dearborn going sharia is a hoax

  1. I heard that they were actually going gluten-free.


  2. Did you mean ‘glutton’ as in “one who’s a glutton, free for punishment under sharia insanities”…. Just kidding! Eo happily put this to rest ASAP, while I trusted the BIN site, as it had good conservative stuff in the past. I need to become less literal-minded….


    • Joseph!!!! You’re back! That must mean your surgery was a success!!!


      • Well, yes and no. It’s a convoluted tale of too many things going on, so someone one [not I!] dropped the ball. I waited an hour in the Surgery Intake room, and at 1:00 my surgeon opens the exit door and asks to see me in the hallway. It turns out that
        1. no one told me I was NOT to eat or drink –not even water– after midnight, and
        2. some one was supposed to make sure I had a cardiac sonar scan, in addition to the EKG last Friday.

        I dutifully reported for the EKG, but no one said anything about more than that, so I departed. As far as the food & water, well I knew it was never a good idea to eat before anaesthetic, so I didn’t, BUT I drank a litre of low-salt V8 juice, which I love. And that, dear friends, was enough to disqualify me.

        But tell you all what: from the wave of feelings I received from your prayers and thoughts and from my Meeting for Worship, though I’d gone along w/this whole WCB work-site related rigmarole I got an increasingly eerie feeling about it, and now I’m GLAD it all turned out as it did. Because I STRONGLY believe your prayers were communicated to me as a ‘Don’t go there!’ message, albeit one I did not twig to at first. I’ve ALWAYS been up for operations, had so many it’s hard to recall all of them, but this one was different, and as Jeshua reminds us: “Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No’. Do not equivocate!” and that was good enough for me!

        If my surgical team couldn’t get their prep of meself correct, far be it from me to second-guess them. I know it’s not time to go Home yet [I’ll hear my call, loudly and clearly!], but this just felt weird, and I do believe you all held me from the precipice, and for that I deeply and soulfully thank you. I will send this out after it’s posted, so all my long list knows what’s up.

        God bless you, now and always, in every way and time!


  3. Well there you are! LOL, that’s too, too true! And Dr McAllen is supposed to be one of the best of the best, so how did her office get it wrong? I FIRMLY believe you all got it RIGHT, so here I am!


  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for setting forth this important clarification. Shame on these people! I find no humor in such misrepresentations as more particularly communicated by the City of Dearborn.


  5. I haven’t been following this discussion. Were you at the VA, Joseph?
    Sounds to me like it’s time to change doctors.


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