Citizen journalist’s raw footage of Sandy Hook school

Five days ago on Oct. 17, I did a post on contractors demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School being required to sign confidentiality agreements gagging them from disclosing any information about the building where Adam Lanza allegedly had shot 26 people (20 students, 6 adults) to death on December 14, 2012.

FOTM reader Seumas wrote, “What we really need here is someone within relative driving range to go to the site, slip through, and take photographs.”

On October 20, 2013, citizen journalist Brendan Hunt (aka Xrayultra Studios) did just that. He went to Newtown, CT, and took raw footage of the outside of Sandy Hook Elementary School, beginning at around the 14:12 mark in the video below.

In the video before the 14:12 mark, Brendan gives an introduction to the video; discusses the “second shooter,” the SWAT man in camo pants seen fleeing from the school on the day of the massacre whom police apprehended, then released — news clips about the “second shooter,” Brendan’s attempt to talk to Roy Low, a Newtown resident who had seen police arrest the “second shooter,” — and Brendan’s discovery that the house of Marilyn Gudsnuk, who saw Gene Rosen driving around at the time of the massacre, is now empty and for sale.

The school is completely blocked to public access by a wire fence, punctuated with “No Trespassing” signs, which runs along the entire perimeter of the school. So Brendan could only walk along the wire fence, videotaping the exterior of the school.

Some points of interest:

  • Brendan says he got glimpses (through windows) of the interior of Sandy Hook Elementary School showing walls with peeling paint, which suggests an asbestos problem. Indeed, a local paper’s report of the Oct. 5 city referendum that passed by over 90% authorizing Newtown to move forward with the state-funded demolition and rebuilding of Sandy Hook School, says this: “Anticipating the referendum would pass, town officials already filed environmental paperwork with the state to move forward with asbestos abatement at the former school, which will dovetail with demolition crews who could be on site by the last week in October.” What this means is that even without the alleged massacre, the school would have been demolished because of asbestos.
  • Several broken and boarded-up windows raise the question whether they had been broken by bullets.

Here are screenshots I took of broken windows and holes in the wall from Brendan’s video at the 16:17, 17:04, 20:49, 23:37, and 24:42 marks:

Sandy Hook 16-17Sandy Hook 17-04Sandy Hook 20-49Sandy Hook 23-37Sandy Hook 24-42

H/t Before It’s News and FOTM’s Grace

For all the posts FOTM’s published on the massacre, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page. Click here.



18 responses to “Citizen journalist’s raw footage of Sandy Hook school

  1. Anybody seen a DC for even one of these supposed murdered kids?

    Yeah, I though so.



    • Nope, or BC. Heck, at one point early on they were using a picture of a little girl that her mother had put on her personal page a few years earlier.
      I found so much on YT early on.


    • Dave, Newtown’s town clerk — supported by the Connecticut legislature — refused Freedom-of-Information requests by media to provide death certificates on those killed in Sandy Hook, INCLUDING ADAM LANZA. I addressed this in two posts. Go to our Sandy Hook Massacre page.


  2. I have thought since that day, the building had been empty. It had that feel. No playground equipment, no artwork hanging in windows, nothing, souless. then when you watch all the videos of the fire department actions, that sealed it. The same people walking in one door and out the other over and over. Pallets of bottled water stacked up. Lots of weird stuff there.
    Then the videos of Rosen with the same kids used for the big bill signing.


    • Glenn, go to top of page and click “Sandy Hook Massacre”
      You won’t believe how much we have on this. We were on top of this.
      We were in the thick of it for a while.
      Make your head spin.


      • You sure were. You guys did an amazing job. By following Sandy Hook, False Flag and going to every link, I found you. So much is out there.
        What are your feeling of the Aurora shootings?


    • you know ,you would think there would be Christmas decorations since it was the month of December
      when it happened,schools always have some type of decor up


  3. Kind of hard to see a death certificate of a person who never existed to begin with …………….Just another fraud perpetrated upon the people of the U.S…………Pearl Harbor , Gulf of Tonkin , U.S.S. Liberty , Weaver , Waco , 9/11 , the high school in COLO , the movie theater in Aurora Cl , Gabby , Sandy Hook debacle , Benghazi , Fast and Furious , the A.C.A cluster-f3ck , and the list goes on and on . And watch ! This 12 yr.old in Vegas who shot up his school will be another propaganda tool for the bastard in the W.H.


  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. It is most suspicious that children would be allowed to attend a school that has asbestos hazards. And the knowledge of the asbestos being in the school was known at what time and through what means? Usually, buildings are regularly inspected for asbestos before people can even be in them – and children? Good grief, this all seems so convenient for a staging. Choose a school that has to come down anyway so that the evidence can be destroyed. Very interesting my dear Watson!


  5. It could have been lead paint also. Whatever it was, it wasn’t in use that day.


  6. Well that sure is an interesting screen grab of a brick wall, If any readers here shoot perhaps the question can be asked of them whether the guns that allegedly were utilized in the shooting can make that sort of hole in a brick wall. (My guess would be that they couldn’t, the hole much resembles a hit with a sledgehammer moreso, but then I am not versed in ballistics.) In addition the school looks derelict, which is to say it looks like it was decidedly abandoned well before the incident in question, perhaps because of asbestos presence? Although if that was a trail to anything I imagine it is covered now, not that it doesn’t merit looking into, of course. Furthermore, the best way to make “conspiracy theorists” go away is to provide them with something acceptable that proves the story is legitimate, boo-hooing about privacy and emotional damage, as well as trying to lock down information is the single biggest way to Draw the attention of people, not diffuse it.

    Remember awhile back when someone was saying something cryptic about “sandusky has the key”? well perhaps what was meant is sedensky, it certainly is a close enough name, and he is certainly barring information, isn’t he (and what do we know about this guy anyway)? Suffice it to say those who perpetrated this are trying to “patch” holes as they are found, so folks must think about little details that might be tells to what actually occurred, and of course ask… who profits?


  7. Wolfgang Halbig

    Wolfgang W Halbig How dare you insult and offend everyone by publicly doubting that kids have died at Sandy Hook. This is what I get attacked with every-time when simply questioning the facts they the police have provided to me. You cannot ever have a mass casualty event such as Sandy Hook and have NO Trauma Helicopters landing at the school, you cannot never ever stop paramedics and EMT”S from going inside the school after it has been cleared by police 8 minutes into the shooting event. Why were they never allowed inside and I mean never? Who declared all those children and school staff dead when the law is crystal clear that police cannot have that authority. Why do you have the National News media setting up their satellite trucks at 8:00:am on Dec 14, 2012 before the shooting has even taken place at the park were they hold news conferences? Why do you have 26 small christmas trees hiden behind the fire department on Dec 14, 2012 and then brought out the next day to be decorated by other children on behalf of those who died? David it did not happen and I will not stop even if it means me going to jail by doing something so stupid but I promuise you the truth will come out.


  8. “…town officials already filed environmental paperwork with the state to move forward with asbestos abatement at the former school, which will dovetail with demolition crews who could be on site by the last week in October.”

    Asbestos-laden buildings seem to make great “movie sets” for “disasters.”

    There was much “chatter” re 9/11 that the WTC also had asbestos problems:
    –The NY Port Authority evidently ditched the idea of getting rid of the asbestos back in 1989.
    –So then they sued the insurance companies in 1991 hoping to get THEM to pay for the asbestos removal. They sought a $200 Million asbestos abatement for WTC alone. That case conveniently lasted 10 years & backfired on them as the judge decided it was not the insurance companies’ problem to pay for removal of the asbestos. That judgment was on 5/1/2001, a few 4+ months before 9/11.
    –The NY Port Authority was not allowed to demolish the WTC themselves, so if they had to disassemble it floor by floor, it would have cost them $15 Billion total, as just the scaffolding alone would have cost $2.4 Billion.
    –Only 6-months prior to 9/11, the new owners (Silverstein & Lowy) took out “terrorist insurance” on the WTC & hired a new security company for the WTC, Securacom, whose CEO was a cousin of Marvin Bush, & Marvin himself was on the board of directors of Securacom & was also the brother of sitting-Pres. GW Bush (no wonder he looked so “Cheshire Cat” guilty at that school that morning, eh?)
    –Securacom not only provided security cameras for the WTC, but was also the security company for Dulles Airport & United Airlines, two other parties involved in (or helped facilitate?) the 9/11 “hijackings.”
    –It was often “rumored/reported” that the WTC were suspiciously “closed” the weekend prior to 9/11 — maybe for Marvin to flip off the switch to the security cameras so those “demolition crews” could be let in to do their thing(?)
    –Kill 2 birds with 1 stone: Save yourself $15 Billion by selling the WTC to low-bidders (friends?) Silverstein & Lowy whose new “terrorist insurance” would eventually pay off the “demolition” by way of a convenient (CGI? or “crisis actors”) “terrorist event.”

    Just a little “asbestos reminiscing.” 😉

    Info came from these links:


  9. What? Asbestos can be removed without tearing down the structure. This happens often. My junior high school had it done 30 years ago, it’s still standing and operating as a school.


  10. I watched the video 2 times and something didn’t look right about the school. I know nothing about bullets, trajectories, or the laws regarding asbestos exposure. What I feel comfortable commenting on is the “growth rate” of weeds surrounding the school, in asphalt cracks, and along the school building itself, especially in the back of the school, which was “out of camera shot” on all the news reports. If this alleged tragedy occurred in December of 2012, during a dormant period for plant growth until the following spring of 2013, then the scale of some of those weeds and plant overgrowth is far too “old” to have been just 6 or so months of growth. Also, I have never seen a school look so unkempt, especially for a middle to upper class town like Newtown. There’s no way a school maintenance person would not have noticed the weed growth and addressed it before the start of the school year. In your still pictures above, there appears to be a rather large clump of tall weeds growing from a crack in front of a large brown door. That door is a means of egress and should be clear (isn’t that a law?) but looks as though it hadn’t been opened in years. I do believe this was a hoax, but I can’t believe how many loose ends and lack of attention to detail there are. I also was wondering if you noticed that in some of the classrooms there appears to be a calendar on the wall. It is on a piece of 8.5 x 11 bright orange paper. There’s a title at the top and below looks like a calendar of some kind. Were you able to zoom in and read any dates? The school looks like it was unoccupied, like how a school looks at the end of the year with everything up off the floors and stacked along walls as though preparing for the floors to be polished, which most do every summer. Is it your thinking that the school closed in 2008 and most everything in the classrooms was left behind? Or do you think the classrooms were staged?


  11. Maybe I’m naive but the evidence of deception for this hoax is so provable with the film footage available, the crisis actors accidentally shown laughing while getting coached by “producers” and then mourning for the cameras, the photoshopped family photo with the little girls legs “missing” where she sits on her fathers lap, the choir of the “victim” children singing at some big event a few months later in front of the world, the recycling flow of people through the fire station, the doctored photos of the school with and then without its outside surveillant cameras, the strange “agreement” by the main stream media to not “bother” the residents of Newtown on the one year anniversary (when has the media ever respected the privacy of a “grieving community” on a one year anniversary?). The strange coincidence of the corporate relationship between the father of the Aurora, Colorado shooter and Adam Lanza’s father has never been discussed, at least not with the “public”. With all of this information, why doesn’t someone organize it (like a TV producer might do) and present it to someone like Bill O’Reilly on the “no spin zone”. The liberal media would never consider touching a story that might disprove something that supports one of their top agenda items, gun control.

    Most people would rather not even know that this was a hoax. It’s too much to swallow in this already crazy and dangerous world. Its so much easier to believe it, not question authority, pray for the victims, send some money, and feel so thankful that it wasn’t your child. Propaganda has been used to manipulate populations for centuries and it is always used for very specific outcomes. The easy assumption here is to render the “general public” of their firearms. Really? It seems to “want” more. I’m just not sure what. I don’t own a gun but believe that any responsible and sane American has the right to own one if they choose to. I don’t know if there’s a greater motive for these false flag events, it just feels like there’s more going on than we could possibly imagine. It’s scary


  12. So boarded up windows and large holes in the exterior walls so I guess kiddies could go crawl in them so crawling into brick walls is a schoolyard pastime. Yeah, clearly THAT’S a school that was in use, not to mention everything else that shows it wasn’t being used.

    What a damn farce. It’d be great if the day came where people involved in this spilled the beans and said it was a complete hoax. Maybe some of the kids will when they get older and won’t just be influenced by what their parents and other adults tell them.

    Liked by 1 person

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