Tom Hanks wants a 3rd term for Obama

 . . . which, of course, is against the U.S. Constitution.

Tom HanksTom Hanks giving America the finger (Source)

In 2010, demonstrating he really is “stupid as stupid does,” Tom Hanks told Time magazine during a presser promoting his new HBO miniseries, The Pacific, that the United States got into the Pacific sphere of  World War II because Americans were a bunch of “racists and terrorists” who viewed the Japanese as “yellow, slant-eyed dogs that believed in different gods.” Hanks obviously forgot about Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

Tom Hanks voted twice for the POS — in 2008 and 2012.

But Hanks isn’t content with two terms of President Lucifer destroying this country.

Tom Hanks at 57

Cheryl K. Chumley reports for the Washington Times that when Hanks, 57, was in Washington, DC last week for a premiere showing of his new error-filled movie, Captain Phillips, he declared that his choice for president for 2016 is Obama.

“I’m voting for Barack Obama, 2016,” he said. “Yes I am. Four more years.”

Nor is Hanks joking. A Bing search on “Obama seeks third term” yielded more than 2 million hits, which means the revolting and anti-Constitutional notion is both widely discussed and widely reported.  MSN, for instance, in August reported on investor Porter Stansberry claiming Obama is secretly planning a third term. (Watch out for Stansberry: he’s been convicted for swindling  customers with false investment information.)

The 22nd Amendment limits the number of times a president can hold the high office to two terms. That amendment came as a response to the election to a fourth term of another socialist, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who died in the first year of his 4th term after being president for 12 years.


45 responses to “Tom Hanks wants a 3rd term for Obama

  1. Good post, Dr. Eowyn. Hanks is the stooge who made the anti-Catholic movies The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons. He has a JFK film coming out that will undoubtedly further the single bullet, lone nut conspiracy theory.

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  2. Here we go. It is very hard for a despot to step down. We can hope for some competing interests in the Democratic party to block Obama’s desire for a third term. It’s been reported that the Clintons would like to have another day in the sun. However, if he tries for a third term, and wins, we are in for an awful ride.

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  3. I’m giving Hanks “the finger”! Won’t go see any of his movies!

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  5. Eowyn, let me correct you because it is worst than you say. FDR was elected FOUR times, and died at the start of his fourth term. He thought our system was a monarchy. Even worst, if they are not able to repeal the 22nd amendment, MO will be our next president.
    Here is an excerpt from the Afterword to my book, A Changing of the Guard. The Afterword is for real, the rest of the book is fiction.
    The problem now is that events seem to be way ahead of
    the book. And after the 2012 election, we can all expect a quantum
    leap toward socialism. Some friends tell me that it will just be
    another four years of this and then things will change back to
    normal. Yeah, right.
    I’m not talking about a repeal of the Twenty-Second
    Amendment. But remember that there is also a potential candidate
    with the same last name and the exact same ideology in the White
    You have to be kidding me, you’re thinking. I know,
    because that’s exactly what I thought when the idea first crossed
    my mind. But then I remembered Lurleen Wallace, former
    governor of Alabama and wife of former Governor George
    Wallace. It’s just one, you think. Not really. There have been about
    twenty governors who have succeeded their spouses, by operation
    of law or by election. But it’s not the same. These are governors,
    not presidents.
    Oh, yes, I forgot Isabel Perón, of Argentina, who just
    happened to be the vice president, and succeeded her husband,
    Juan Perón, when he died. But that doesn’t count either. It was
    succession because of his death; she wasn’t elected. While we’re
    on Argentina, what about Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, current
    president of Argentina? She succeeded her husband, Nestor
    Kirchner, as the elected president. I’m sure there are others but
    from small countries; there is no comparison. It would never
    happen here.
    Well, it almost did. Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for 2008
    and would have been president if the country had not found that
    someone else. But even if she had been elected, it wouldn’t have
    been the same because of the eight-year interruption by President
    She’s now in the process of being anointed by her acolytes
    in the press and other bastions of delirious leftism. Now she’s a
    shoo-in for 2016. That’s unless the country finds again another
    someone else. It would be a political ménage-à-trois: the president,
    the surrogate president, and We The People.
    Who wouldn’t want to be an observer inside Mrs. Clinton’s


  6. I no longer believe our elections are real or fair anyhow. Tom Hanks must not care about the America he made his fortune in.


  7. And silly me thought Tom Hanks was capable of seeing through the PoS, and that Hanks was at least 20 IQ points higher IQ than the so-called average voter [anyone see one lately?]. Fool me once, OK. Fool me twice, no way, as I’m getting smarter now. There won’t be a third time, or term, except under martial law.


  8. Robert McElhaney

    Hanks is a girlie boy like the rest of the scum in hollytown


  9. He is definately a fan of the Kool-aid. I don’t know why the weirdos in Hollywood think they are so much smarter than the rest of us. I just wish we would show them that we do have a few brains among us as well and will NOT see the crap they put in the theaters and on TV.

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  10. Left/libtardism is a mental disorder…


  11. this is for tommy H. from a Man who lived & was tortured under castro.
    ★ Rafael Cruz (father of Sen. Ted Cruz) Delivers Epic Speech Lambasting Obama’s ‘Socialist’ Inclinations ★

    ~ & THIS is a photo of fidel hedging his bets:

    ~ & THIS is Hugo jus’b4 his meeting w/ the Lord God:

    the irony here is that @ least THEY know Who IS IN CONTROL!!
    Tommy on the other hand is in for a very big & rude awakening.


  12. Hanks made his Hollywood bones by cross-dressing in a ridiculous 1980 sitcom ” Bosom Buddies”. It was cancelled after two seasons. If only he would disappear that quickly again. He has not aged well, the soul rot is quite apparent.

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  13. Hanks can get bent…


  14. This poor excuse of an actor needs to go back to la la land and keep his dam nose out of our country. People need to quit financing these idiots in the hollywood cesspool by shutting out their movies. Make them get a real job and quit living off the backs of hard working Americans. Look at how many tax dollars this pos has given these idiots in the name of art. They are no better than the rest of the leeches sucking off the government teat. Go figure this idiot would back lucifer, the one who defiles our honored vets instilling pain and suffering on them and then blames his devil deeds on everyone else.

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  15. The way things are going, we probably are going to be toast as a nation before the POS’ second term ends.

    There will be no need for a third.



  16. He lost me after the dispicable tirade on just how stupid Republicans are. We no longer support any movies with any of these blaring idiots in it.

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  17. Not only did Hanks fail to consider the Japanese surprise attack on Peal Harbor when he considered Americans racists and terrorists, he obviously never read: The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang. Perhaps Hanks, instead of portraying an American officer in Saving Private Ryan, would have preferred a role as a Japanese POW commander in a Bataan Death March movie. In any event, I was disenchanted by Saving Private Ryan the moment that Hanks allowed the German prisoner to be released. Common practice, if you are unable to secure a prisoner and return him to your lines, he is to be disposed of. Political correctness in war will kill you.

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    • Thank you, Mr. Molloy, for reminding us of a little-known fact — the Japanese were uber racists on a par with the German Nazis. They regarded Chinese, in particular, as subhuman, and thought of the Japanese “race” as superior — descendants of their pagan sun goddess Amaterasu, who should rule over all the “inferior” peoples of Asia. Imperial Japan also had its version of the Nazis’ lebensraum (living space).


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  19. Reblogged this on Articles,blogs,books,videos,etc. and commented:
    Hanks, Redford, they all seem to have the same mindset. Hollywood is made up of atheists and most seem to be socialists. How or why Americans idolize actors or put any credence behind what they have to say makes no sense to me. Actors are clueless about how the average American lives and could care less. Actors epitomize what is wrong with America.

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    • Thank you, Jerry. Well said! I’ve always thought it’s the height of irony that multimillionaire Hollyweirdos are socialists, Sean Penn being a good example. He practically idolized Hugo Chavez. It must be their narcissism that prevents them from clearly seeing themselves and the sheer hypocrisy of their pro-socialist politics.


  20. How did the man with the teleprompter manage to follow Mr. Cruz around so that he could read the screen? What, there was no teleprompter? Is that possible? By the way, his English as a second language is better than many peoples’ first.


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  23. The real shame of it is that Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln through his mother’s side. Can’t make this stuff up.


  24. Awesome posts! Yep, ole Hanks gets uglier by the day. What is it with these Follywood zombies? It’s like someone has taken over the mush in their skulls. “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.” 2 Corinthians 4:4.

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    • LadyVeteran_NGRetSFC

      Very well put, pnordman, as a lot of others who have left our great Lord, there does seem to be changes in their aging processes, and that is quite a good observation to make. As God’s “watchman” (Ezekiel 3:17) I will continue to “watch” the LA “elitists” as much as the D.C. “elitists” change their makeups as well. You have a good point there. God Bless.


  25. LadyVeteran_NGRetSFC

    That is a side of him I’d didn’t think I’d ever see, esp. after making that one war movie, where he was a Captain of a patrol, in WWII…”Saving Private Ryan”…..not the way I would think of such a movie actor, but then again, they all seem to just be “actors”, acting out what they want us to believe what we’re supposed to believe them to be in those movies….not Tom Hanks, not anymore~.BOYCOTT HIS MOVIES!!! ALL OF THEM!!!! Even FUTURE ONES!
    Thank God, I have have the Lord’s blessing in knowing the truth behind all of this, and I will not fail my Lord’s request (Ezekiel 3:17, “…I have made you a Watchman for the House of Israel”) and I will continue to WARN my America of this evil amongst us until I can’t type anymore. I wore a uniform for 25 yrs service to my country not to have this shamble of a deviant in MY White House (yes, it’s MY, and your, White House, we pay taxes for it, we own it)! I protected it as I said the same oath, “to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic” – and BOY do we have the most horrid DEVIANT, Narcissist in the White House! As long as I’m still alive, living on one kidney (had removal of the other one that was cancerous), with diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, I still have capable fingers to keep on typing and warning others, and as long as I have a voice, I will keep calling my Reps and Senators to take us out of this God-forsaken socialist heading that we are now beginning, and I will STILL uphold my oath to the Constitution and my Second Amendment Rights as well!

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  26. Forrest Gump was to me a nauseating film, work of NWO statists that encouraged blind obedience. Believe the lies, get well off, and you will not become drug addicted and die of Aids. Do not complain about a war into which we are lied, even if that war costs us close to sixty thousand lives, indebtedness to the banks, and inflation, and usurious interest rates. Follow the lies of the liars, and your life will become a box of Ex Lax. I believe that Gump-Hanks knows better, but in case he doesn’t, the anti-Japanese attitude came during wartime, it was not the cause of conflict. It was done against the Nazis as well. The population of our country then was more Germanic than other ethnicities, so of course we hated them. We still do, which is why sales of Toyotas and Volkswagons never did well in this country.


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