While senators & representatives acceded to evil, a humble stenographer speaks the truth

Diane ReidyDiane Reidy

Last night, during the House of Representatives’ vote to end the federal government shutdown — by raising the U.S. debt limit, and approving the full funding of Lucifercare until mid-January, including the abortion killing of the unborn —  a lone voice spoke the truth.

The voice was not that of a Congressman or Senator, but of a humble Congressional stenographer — a woman named Dianne Reidy.

Reidy recognized the truth of what was happening, namely, the caving in of our elected so-called “representatives” to President Lucifer and his Demonrats.

Reidy alone has the courage to say what is wrong with America.

For screaming “God will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God!,” she was hauled out of the chambers.

In the words of Patriot Action Network’s Cynthia:

“Dianne Reidy obviously had her fill of working for representatives who do not reflect the soul of America and her parting words were chilling, the devil is here!

The spirit of Pythos is hanging heavily in the air over our nation’s capitol and is suffocating our politicians, one by one, with its powerful stranglehold. The evil spirit of Pythos cleverly mimics the mighty Python snake, a non-venomous snake that kills by by squeezing and removing the breath from its prey, literally squeezing its victims to death. The python has bad eyesight and limited hearing, so it flicks its forked tongue in and out to collect airborne chemicals and dust, and dust speaks of flesh. The more dust, the easier it is for the Pythos spirit to detect its victims. This devil spirit, also known as the familiar spirit, first gets to know you and then begins to swallow you, beginning with your head.

One of the ways a familiar spirit attaches itself to a nation is when evil is legitimized and pronounced good. Once a politician convinces himself or herself that sin is justified for whatever reason, the Pythos spirit coyly attaches itself to that official and becomes his or her friend. The ripe smell of rotted, sinful, political flesh inside the Capitol building these days provides the perfect environment for this devil spirit to flourish. Slowly, daily, many politicians, with few exceptions, are being squeezed until every last honorable breath is extinguished from their bodies. The affected politicians, are then left to legislate without consciences or souls and we, the public, are burdened with leaders who are more sinful than they are incompetent.”

Have you ever asked yourself why we have a president in the White House who attracts flies, and why at least two of Obama’s minions — Secretary of State John Kerry and former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn — flick their tongues like a snake?

H/t FOTM’s Alice Wolf


19 responses to “While senators & representatives acceded to evil, a humble stenographer speaks the truth

  1. And EVERYONE demonized her!!! God bless that woman for “speaking truth to power.”

    I saw it this morning on Fox and Friends. It was clear the show was not on her wave length. None of the hosts stuck up for her. I’m hoping Glenn Beck, Alex Jones (FOTM 😀 ) and others in the “5th Estate” start speaking.


  2. Righteous indignation is all we have left… the money changers controlling the purse strings are in charge…. Both Democrats and Republicans feeding at the trough like little piglets.


    • Folks, don’t hold your breath on this one heroine’s actions, as TPTB will see to it all trace of it happening will be buried or at least discounted, i.e., “Clearly she is a deeply disturbed person…. blah blah” What we need is an official Court Jester to point out to our king or soon-to-be Queen [ain’t that the truth!] that s/he is fallible. Where is Mort Sahl when we most need him? Or even more to the point, George Carlin?


    • So true Maui Jim. So true.


  3. Thank you Dianne for the simple truth


  4. I am pondering who is going to hold this Republican Party accountable for the pain and suffering these Hoodlums of that party caused our nation. I have seen people mentally disturbed to a point of self infliction of death, I have seen kids suffering in more hideous captivity due to social injustice by all who have been trusted to render righteous judgments for our nation. I am grieved behind all of this indignation from both sides of the house. I served this country for 13.5 years, six of which I was a Navy Seal and now I find myself fighting another war trying to get my benefits.

    I am not waiting for the fight to be staged on Fox or MSNBC, I am putting my hope and faith to work now and watering it daily with prayer. Please to all of you who have chosen a side, let God lead you in this mess that isn’t new to God.


    • Great thoughts, blessedaaron08.
      We need to make room for the Holy Spirit to get involved in this mess. It’s clear that without God’s help, we are in a ditch.


  5. Hey, I don’t know about the Freemasons or whatever… but the God stuff is right on.


  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for spreading the word around FOTM. This is amazing the second day in a row, yesterday Alice Cooper’s testimony and today this lady speaking forth God’s word in the House of Representatives.
    He is pouring out his spirit on all flesh just as it says in Joel. Like you were saying, just look around you and see how many angels are looking out for us and fighting our battles and carrying our messages every place. It’s a great day for the truth………………………………..what’s his name, JESUS!!!!!


  7. Parker L.Orfield

    Don’t look for MSNBC to say anything against their King Obama or the DEMON-c-RATS! Have you ever noticed they hardly if ever have any opposing views on their shows?


  8. No one knows what she said while at the podium!! watch this-

    The audio is from the elevator. We are not being told the complete truth. What was her message to congress??????


  9. Alice Wolf, thank YOU, too, along with our dear Dr. Eowyn, for bringing us the GOOD news!! God bless you all on FOTM, truly a meeting place for those of us who yearn for God’s news.


  10. The Holy Spirit prompted her to come forward because of her name. Diane Reidy=DIEING READY.So,be ready because the U.S. is dieing.


  11. I dont know a thing about free masons, but it is evident that God was using this woman.
    She said what she said to the best of her ability.
    God bless her.


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  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. I admire this woman and her courage.


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