CIA expands Obama-approved training of Syrian militants

This is sheer insanity.

Obama is increasing training and weapons to so-called “moderate” rebels in the Syrian civil war, although those “moderates” are defecting to al-Qaeda jihadists by droves. Also, never forget that the head of the CIA, John Brennan, is himself a Muslim!


Consortium of Defense Analysts

Syria militantsIran’sPress TVreports Oct. 3, 2013:

US officials say the CIA is expanding a covert effort to train militants in Syriawho have been fighting the Syrian government forces for the past two and a half years.

The CIA’s mission is expected to produce a few hundred trained militants each month, a level that US officials say will do little to bolster militant forces, according to The Washington Post.

American officials are concerned that the militants fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are rapidly losing ground in the country’s unrest, the newspaper said.

The CIA has sent additional paramilitary teams to secret bases in Jordan in recent weeks in an effort to double the number of militants getting CIA training and weapons before being sent back to Syria, officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity told the Post.

The CIA has trained about 1,000…

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6 responses to “CIA expands Obama-approved training of Syrian militants

  1. Covert;
    1.concealed; secret; disguised.
    I guess that’s only covert to the American public??


  2. Thomas Jefferson was the first American president to stand up against muslim fanatics. I wish I could ask him what he thinks about Obama.

    (There are many other things I would like to say here, and you can probably imagine what they might be.)


  3. The CIA is an occult satanic organization. They most definitely are working for the oligarchs who worship mammon not God. They are getting rather bold in their sinister goings on and it’s high treason for Congress to allow it. The members of the House & the Senate need to be shutdown YESTERDAY. They allow this and pretend to care about the Affordable Healthcare Act.
    Give me a break.


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