John Kerry flicks his tongue like a snake

Human beings don’t flick their tongues out; snakes do.

Like this garter snake:

When you speak, do you flick your tongue out? Not once, not twice, but throughout your speech?

I can truthfully say that when I speak, I’ve NEVER EVER flicked or stuck my tongue out. Nor have I ever seen anyone speaking either privately or publicly flick their tongue.


Yesterday, I asked why Secretary of State John Kerry, who will be 70 years old in 3 months, mutilated his face with plastic surgery.

Today, I draw your attention to something even more disturbing about Kerry — his flicking serpentine tongue.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the video below (red arrow is pointing at ghoulish Kerry’s flicking tongue):

Kerry tongue

Here’s a video of John Kerry delivering his statement a week ago at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s hearing on Obama’s proposed war against Syria, Sept. 3, 2013. Watch him periodically flick his tongue out — at the 01:28, 02:13, 02:16, 02:49, 03:12, 03:35 (and so on) marks:

Infowars‘ Alex Jones has a loop of Kerry’s tongue-flicking in this video at the 06:05 to 06:35 mark:

I’m reminded of another tongue-flicker — Anita Dunn, who was Obama’s White House Communications Director from April through November 2009. She is married to Robert Bauer, an attorney who was Obama’s White House counsel from Jan. 2010 to June 2011.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the video below (yellow arrow is pointing at Dunn’s tongue):

Anita Dunn

Watch this video of Dunn giving a speech at a high school graduation, where she periodically flicks out her tongue in lightning speed, just like a snake — at the 0:06, 0:13, 0:30, 0:44 (and so on) marks:

Here’s a video of her flicking tongue in slow motion:

See also “Exorcists: Demon-possessed ‘can take on the look of a reptile or snake’”.


51 responses to “John Kerry flicks his tongue like a snake

  1. And I thought we were trying to gravitate away from paranormal stuff, like reptilians! 😀


  2. genetic disposition


  3. odo

    Yikes! He really does look like Odo from Deep Space 9!
    Except the Odo, a shape shifter, was a good guy in the series.


  4. Man!!! A president who attracts flies, cabinet members who look like they stepped out of a clown car at the circus, and now tongue flicking reptilians!!!
    Can it get any weirder? Where’s the bearded lady?! Oh, hi Michelle!
    (note to self: don’t listen to Alex Jones on a night when sleep is necessary)

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  5. Next you stupid ass idiots will call him a fish because he drinks water! JUST LIKE YOU DO. And ALL humans lick their lips when they give speeches because of dryness. Get the fk off the internet with that stupid sht.


    • Liz Commons,

      You must be blind or illiterate, because if you’re neither you would have read the beginning of my post: “I’ve delivered countless lectures, talks, and speeches in my profession as a university professor, lecturer, and public speaker. I can truthfully say I have NEVER EVER flicked or stuck my tongue out. Nor have I ever seen any of my teachers, professors, fellow professors, conference presenters, politicians and world leaders I’ve met flick their tongue. Ever.”

      Newsflash! Speakers at congressional hearings are provided glasses of water.

      I therefore can only conclude that you also flick your tongue like a snake. That would explain your foul mouth. Get help!

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      • People such as ‘Liz Commons’ demonstrate why many sites have both a Like & a Dislike button; the sooner foul-mouthed idiots are outed the better. After all, it is not what goes into the mouth, but rather what comes forth is what we are concerned for, and in her case I’d say VERY concerned!

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    • My, what a pleasant mouth you have. Your parents must be so proud…

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    • LIZZARD has a VERY ugly mouth!!! I don’t think washing it out with soap would even help! SO……………I VOTE LIZZARD off this page and off this site!! Do I have a ‘second’ vote??

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    • Is it that time of the month Lizzie ? I guess I’ll make it an even # 10

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    • Liz Commons, it appears that your vocabulary is very limited. Why are you participating on this site if your interest is trashy filth?

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    • Liz COMMONs – a good name for you BTW – YOU remove yourself NOW from this Gentle Lady’s website and take your foul mouth with you! The internet is NOT Gov’t property, therefore YOU have no right of “freedom of speech” here. If you are polite and astute, you’re welcome to stay. If you’re ignorant and foul mouthed, you have no right to remain on this piece of PRIVATE PROPERTY!! If you cannot abide by commonsense adult rules, you will find yourself treated like the delinquent you are, and tossed right out the door. This is a DECENT website, idiots and obscenity are *not* allowed. Which means, you clean your mouth out or GET out! IF you are able, have the decency to refrain from such obscenities around these people who wish to debate things in a more adult manner. Much as it galls me, (and I’M not so chicken as to sign this anonymously either) I will refrain from telling you what you SERIOUSLY need to hear, not that you’d have the smarts to take it to heart…… Now goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish. *flick*

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  6. totally fucking creepy! kill it! kill it! kill it!!!!!


  7. Liz, your last sentence ‘And ALL humans lick their lips when they give speeches because of dryness. Get the fk off the internet with that stupid sht.’ missed the point, FLICKS the tongue and near full extension repeatedly, abnormally so. And take your own advice about staying off the comment section if you cannot communicate without cursing and giving baseless orders.

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  8. Mancunian Catholic

    A much likelier explanation for his tongue flicking is tardive dyskinesia, a common side effect of antipsychotic medications like Haloperidol or Risperidone. It is a more terrestrial diagnosis than Shapeshifting Reptilian Syndrome, but no less disturbing in a Secretary of State.

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    • Great line, Mancunian Catholic! With the current Sec State, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. At age 70, he could be suffering with any number of health issues he doesn’t want to tell the, sometimes hostile, public. Even emotional issues are possible. His wife has been fighting her own health battle, and that may be taking a toll on him.

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      • Mancunian Catholic

        I have some sympathy for him because of his human suffering, but wonder if he is capable of the same sympathy for the many people whose lives will be destroyed if we strike Syria. The “collateral damage” (I hate that expression) is always worse than what is estimated.

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  9. Would that explanation work for Anita Dunn also?


  10. Because they are the spawn of The Evil One!


  11. Even if they had their tongues on fire which is how the bible describes talk that ignites mayhem and destruction it would be a symptom of their state of mind and the degeneracy of their characters to associate with a genocidal agenda and the leader who is permitting it to abound. Drinking water is a telling remark by the lady who says these guys are behaving just like everyone else.


    • Dear Alice Wolf: There is an old Buddhist teaching on this water topic:

      “The water that a cow drinks turns to milk;
      the water that a snake drinks turns to poison.”

      This is, I think, exactly the same as our NT teaching on what goes into our mouths.


  12. Maybe she was imagining the water putting out the tongues on fire and gave herself away. Well the fire of the Holy Ghost that fell on the Day of Pentecost and appeared as tongues of fire has not yet been quenched the same fire that illuminated the burning bush in the desert when the Angel of the Lord spoke to Moses.
    John Kerry is playing with fire at present. REMEMBER THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS THAT SAUL WAS ON?

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  13. Well, snakes flick their tongues for smelling their prey, I haven’t the foggiest what he considers prey.
    As for all the flies, well back home. We always said, ” you can’t fool a fly.” I guess that is an appropriate fit here.

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  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post setting forth some noteworthy observations that are indeed, weird. As you said, one cannot make this up.

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  15. Makes me think of that NBC Sci-Fi show “V”!

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  16. OMG!! For one, that’s too much botox probably, but eeewwwwww! I watched the Alex Jones video showing Kerry in many different angles (Miss Foul Mouth should have seen that one – NOT natural!) and oh nasty!! I had an uncle who had his whole jaw out like that, a war injury I think, and I HATED to watch him talk, and thinking about it, I think I remember he stuck his pointed tongue out too cuz that’s what I hated so bad, so creepy. My uncle’s lips moved more, so that’s why I say Botox there, but the rest?? *shudder* EEEWWW NASTY!! I was working in politics when he tried to run, his face wasn’t shaped like a shoebox (however, I do remember thinking his profile looked like one of my Dad’s loafers, come to think of it!) and didn’t move like one either. I wouldn’t mind losing a double chin or a too-large belly, but through hard work, I don’t trust those facial surgeons – I’ve seen some MIIIIGHTY bad work in like TMZ, etc – and what they do to break up the fat to suck it out of your belly, makes me cringe and gak at the same time!

    MARANATHA Jesus Lord, Come Quickly! I don’t know how much more sensible humans can take!

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  17. Don’t forget that Dunn is the chick that digs Chairman Mao.

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  22. weird o ramma! creepy,that this woman is communications director! what we have here is a failure to communicate!

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  24. Until white Kerry, only low-IQ blacks licked their lips when they speak. It’s a mental issue with those blacks. We’ve known this since WWll and after. If a German captured an Amerikan black who licked his lips, they would shoot him. Watch NFL after-game interviews. Watch blacks in prison speak. Called “lip lickers.” Dead giveaway to the police that this black is stupid. Intelligent blacks do not lick their lips. Ever. Ever see Dr. Ben lick his lips? Ever see MLK lick his lips when he gave speeches? See what I mean? If an “intelligent” one licks his lips, then he ain’t intelligent. Also, only black males like their lips when they speak. Almost all blacks repeat themselves. “Hey, man, haven’t seen you in a long time, man, haven’t seen you in a long time, man. Know what I’m sayin? Know what I’m sayin?”

    Putin calls Kerry “horseface.” Yes, something is wrong with Kerry’s look and his speech. Man comes from reptiles, not apes. Reptilian brain?
    Koskinen (IRS) looks like a lizard. Oily skin and almost a beak face.

    These reptilians are here and have been for 10,000 years. Get used to ’em. Learn what to look for and what to listen for. Then don’t tell anyone. They ain’t your friends, so just shoot ’em.


  25. Jen Psaki does the same all the time. pharrell williams had the same strange lizard tongue when he spoke at wef in davos 2015. really strange..

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  26. Ok, that jaw wiggle and tongue flick thing Anita Dunn does just makes her look like a tweaker! She talks awfully fast, no? Let’s have a look at those pupils.
    Although I don’t think it’s demonic, I had a boyfriend who did the tongue thing while he ate. Demonic? no. Annoying? yes.


  27. It’s tardives dyskinesia, usually caused by taking L-dopa. It’s not uncommon for someone of his age to have some Parkinson’s, the L-dopa helps him with that, but too much L-dopa and you get unintended movements like the tongue darting out. It can can be a different medicine, but it’s usually something that affects dopamine.

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  28. Are you kidding? I, too, have noted Kerry’s reflexively darting tongue. It may be a medication side effect or symptom of a nascent disorder. It is very odd and distracting; however, the wild implications on this page that it is indicative of some fiendish essence are patently absurd. President Lucifer? Please, tell me this is satire! 0.o


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