Why did John Kerry, 70, mutilate his face?

Kerry on 9.4.13Kerry at last Wednesday’s Senate hearing on Syria, Sept. 4, 2013.

Finally, other people are noticing and whispering:

John Kerry looks weird.

John Kerry doesn’t look like John Kerry.

Even the Washington Post is asking:

In the midst of the intense congressional hearings on Syria, many longtime observers had questions that had nothing to do with a possible military strike: Why did Secretary of State John Kerry look so different? His eyes seemed less droopy than usual, his entire face seemed somehow wider.

Compare these two after and before close-ups of Kerry:

John Kerry

Born in 1943, Kerry will be 70 years old in 3 months, on December 11.

Ask yourself this question:

What could possibly motivate a 70 -year-old man to go under the knife for plastic surgery on his face?

He denies it of course. Trust your own eyes!

The fearless Ann Barnhardt puts it best ( via Western Rifle Shooters Association).


On Psychopaths Who Mutilate Their Faces

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – September 29, AD 2012

Specifically in this essay, John Kerry.

[…] I hadn’t seen John Kerry in a long time because I typically will go out of my way to avoid him because he is such a repellant human being. But I did catch a glimpse of him on a YouTube clip yesterday and was shocked at what I saw and heard. The man has mutilated his face to such an extent with “cosmetic” surgery that he both looks and sounds like a grotesque.

Last year Kerry showed up at some White House ceremony with two HUGE black eyes and a broken nose and told Obama, and had his press office tell Pravda, that he fell on his face playing ice hockey.

Riiiiight. We all believe that.

John Kerry had two black eyes and a broken nose because he had recently had massive plastic surgery. That is why John Kerry today looks like a grotesque freak with his forehead, face, and undereye area pulled completely taut. If you ever watched Star Trek: Deep Space 9 back in the early 1990s, John Kerry looks like the alien character Odo.

But I also noticed something while listening to Kerry speak: he has a distinct speech impediment now that he did not have before. I figured out what has caused the speech defect. Kerry had his lower jaw surgically moved forward in order to strengthen his chin.

Here is a photo montage.

Top-left is Kerry in 2004. Note the crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, wrinkled forehead and the slight, natural overbite. Top-right is Kerry at the White House sporting his post-surgery bruising. Bottom left is Kerry at the same White House event, with Obama in the background. Note the chin. That is not natural. Bottom right is Kerry speaking earlier this month at the DNC convention. Video of that speech below.

Note the bizarrely smooth facial skin, especially around the eyes and on the forehead. Also note in the video clip the strange appearance of Kerry’s mouth and the strange new lisping breathiness with his “s” and “sh” sounds.

Fun experiment. Say the following sentence aloud normally:

“Can I ask your advice?”

Now, shift your lower jaw forward so that your bottom teeth are even with your top teeth. Repeat the sentence. Do you hear how your “s” sounds turn into “sh”? Can I ASHK your ADVISHE?

Now go back and watch Kerry.

Okay, okay. So Kerry had a total facelift and had his jaw moved. Isn’t this trivia? Why are we wasting time worrying about this?

Because John Kerry, along with many of the people running the government, is totally, completely batshit insane, and we need to talk about this, acknowledge it, and parse it so that you guys can disqualify people like John Kerry from any position of governance after the war.

We have been conditioned by the media to shrug off these cosmetic surgeries as no big deal, but they are a big deal. First, let’s just think about how John Kerry views himself. This is a man who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, who ran for POTUS, who has been in the Senate for decades, who is almost 70 years old, who SHOULD have a fairly good grasp of reality.

But he doesn’t. John Kerry is a man who looks in the mirror and thinks to himself, “I need to have my face cut and altered.”

Just stop for a moment and think about that. I would think that if we ranked the most sacred parts of our body, those parts that we deem most important to our identities, those parts that we are most connected to, that our FACE would be at the top of that list. Our faces are the part of our body that most expresses who we are.

John Kerry had his own face mutilated.

Are we seeing the problem here? Guys, these people are insane. They are malignant narcissists who are driven by a core of self-loathing.

Next, let’s ponder what John Kerry’s objective is in having his face mutilated. John Kerry is almost 70 years old. John Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz Kerry. John Kerry’s political career has maxed out. He will never run for POTUS again. He will probably never face any real opposition in Massachusetts for his Senate seat.

So, why is John Kerry mutilating his face? What is the objective?

Simply put, John Kerry thinks that if he mutilates his face that he will look younger, and thus he will be able to have more sex with younger girls that he picks up in the halls of the Capitol and in Georgetown bars.

Don’t kid yourself. This is all about John Kerry getting laid.

Again, stop and think about this. This is a man who is so weak and emotionally needy that he will mutilate his own face and turn himself into a grotesque freak because he is convinced that by doing so he will be able to convince more 24 year old morally degenerated, slack-jawed, gold-digging beltway skanks to have meaningless sex with him – and this will make him feel BETTER about himself.

We have to start acknowledging the fact that these people are dangerously insane and are a massive risk to all of us. We have to start acknowledging the fact that when people do horrific things to their bodies, including self-mutilation AND sodomite abuse of the body, THAT MEANS SOMETHING. We have to start judging these people by their actions. God gave us brains. He wants us to use them, and that includes discerning and judging.

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Mitt Romney, Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi, Cristina Kirchner, all of these people and many, many more have had their faces altered. Sane people don’t have their faces altered. Sane people age gracefully and accept the changes that happen to their bodies with the passage of time. The people listed above are all – every one – psychologically unfit to hold ANY position of power.

People who mutilate their own faces and bodies are not fit to hold public office or have any governing power. After the war, remember this. When you are rebuilding this nation and this culture, PLEASE use common sense and good judgment and never, ever allow these sorts of people to hold any power because it will all end in tears and death, as we are seeing now.

See also “Why does John Kerry flick his tongue like a snake?”

63 responses to “Why did John Kerry, 70, mutilate his face?

  1. Hey, face it, when the world wants you, you gotta look your best. Besides, the deed fits the man so well!


  2. He’s looking more and more like Lurch.


  3. I still think he looks like the guy in Mask. The Cher movie, not that Jim Carey crap!


  4. Wow, so I wasn’t the only one who thought he looked weird. Now he looks even more like the Frankenstein monster.


  5. Hilary joined the club recently…..they all deserve each other. Kerry’s face is so plumped up, he looks like he’s got a bloating problem.


  6. What the heck is he prattling on about? Bush and Romney bashing? Still? That’s it, huh. That’s all they’ve got. Oh, look Squirrel!
    If people were a bit smarter, rather than get caught up in these heavy handed diversionary tactics, they’d sit back and ask why they’re so intent on refocusing attention over there. And then be honest with themselves about the answer.


  7. On Psychopaths Who Mutilate Their Faces
    That say it all!


  8. Watch ARSENIC AND OLD LACE comedy with Cary Grant. Kerry looks like the crazy killer played by Raymond Massey. Anyway, Kerry will be a rich widower and wants to pretend he can attract some hot gold digger to chase him. He looks like a freak, and looks like a Dick Tracy cartoon villain.


  9. LOL – Maybe he decided to get that plastic surgery out of the way before Obamacare kicks in in earnest.

    Either that, or he’s constipated.



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  11. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    Okay, with everyone going on in the country, I had convinced myself not to go there. However…………I simply cannot stand looking at this man. Moreover, every time I see his face, I think to myself, “IT’S ALIVE!” but is is really??????


  12. Finally read this post. What a riot!


  13. How sad that a person must seek facial perfection as a goal and end up looking ghastly. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for informing us about this most poor decision.


  14. Folks- they are not mutilating their faces, they are clones that are malfunctioning!! no face lifts or other surgeries but clones. WAKE UP FOLKS!


    • You’re joking, right?

      If they’re clones (CLONE = duplicate), then why does the present John Kerry look so different from every past versions — young and old — of John Kerry? Explain that.


      • because all twins have differences. You have seen twins in your life, and can tell them apart. They age too rapidly and have to switch a new one in from time to time. In order to hide the facial differences, they make up ruses like the surgery ruse, accident ruse, etc. Or change the hair, add a beard etc. The bruise photos are purposeful so you will assume he had surgery – that is a different man. Kerry and Obama are cousins, his real surname is Kohn and a rothschild.


        • al ehrt,

          To quote Lewis Carroll’s White Queen in Alice in Wonderland: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

          It is astonishing to what lengths you would go, believing in John Kerry having a twin — for which there is ZERO evidence — rather than the simpler explanation that he had cosmetic surgery. You evidently know nothing about Occam’s Razor.


  15. How do we know if it is even John Kerry. It could a surgically enhanced impostor like the fake pope Paul VI—-look at the photos there were indeed two Poe Paul’s. Could there be two John Kerry’s?


    • Good grief, Les. Ever heard of Occam’s razor? The simpler and more probable explanation is that Kerry got plastic surgery.


      • Actually, if you look at pictures of John Kerry from his youth and then later, you will notice that he had mandibular reduction surgery and comprehensive porcelain crown work done (at least on his upper teeth because I can’t ever see his lower ones). The angle of the mandible changed considerably.

        Now he appears to have had significant amounts of filler placed along the lower jaw and chin region to minimize his narrow pointy chin. He looks a somewhat George Washingtonesque in this area. His lips have become narrower.

        He’s had Botox injections to reduce the wrinkling of his forehead.

        The really strange thing is his right eye became small and is smaller than his left eye This is very bad because it looks as though he’s had a stroke.

        The speech impediment is probably because of Botox injections because his masseter muscles appear flabby.

        I’m not sure he had his face pulled up and back because it would look thinner not wider and flabbier.

        If it’s a load of filler and Botox, he’s in for three monthly treatments and filler gradually disappears. So he’s going to need re-treatment on a regular basis.

        Regardless, he looks very strange.


        • Thanks, gkadar.

          But what about Kerry’s two black eyes? Does one get black eyes (bruises) from Botox injection?


          • I’ve seen filler injections cause black eyes especially in the pattern he had in the photograph with Obama. Obviously none of us saw the full extent of the bruising and surgery of the eyelids definitely also does. Maybe if he did have surgery it was only to get the fat bags out of his lower lids. That area looks very flat in the photograph illustrated above so that’s a dead giveaway, it’s not prednisone. Besides large doses of prednisone don’t make people lumpy, just super puffy especially the upper lid area and his is not.

            I was wondering if the Botox may have affected the functioning of his upper right eyelid. I know two people who ended up with this but one of them also ended up with a bit of double vision as well. The effect increases over the first two weeks and then it takes another month of so to reduce. Maybe he now views Assad as a double threat! Sounds like it. 🙂

            If he’s got a bunch of filler injected, his face will deplump over the next 6 months. None of this stuff lasts indefinitely.

            Really, I hope the hamhanded cosmetics person has good social and communication skills because the job is somewhat botched.

            You know, if you look at some or most of the men elected president of the US there is a propensity for American voters to elect men with lantern jaws. or prominent and wide mandibles. Naturally owned, it makes men look robust. But if Kerry is trying to create ‘faux robust’ his attempt falls entirely short.


            • Okay, I’ll keep going since analyzing faces is in my profession.

              If you look at pictures taken during his youth, you will see not only that his lower jaw is extremely long but that his upper teeth are tiny and not terribly visible. What you can see when he talks are his lower teeth. At that time his lower teeth would be significantly ahead of his upper teeth, like a bulldog. Like a Hapsburg. He did not appear to be a robust young man because he wasn’t. His maxilla is extremely narrow. Airflow is somewhat restricted when the palate is tall and narrow. Don’t ever choose a guy with a mouth like that for heavy duty aerobic activity.

              Even with the porcelain teeth if you look at a photo taken from directly in front of his face, you will notice that the arch of upper teeth is narrow. One would except that the oral surgeon and the orthodontist managed to align his bite so all of his teeth are touching when he bites and the upper front teeth are ahead of the bottom ones when he puts his teeth together. He also had narrow but reasonable lips which moved when he spoke.

              He should have got his ‘chin button’ modified in those days so it would look so pointy. But he didn’t and he is now attempting to camouflage it by using fillers.

              Except for the mandible, he was not a bad looking kid. But he has not aged gracefully.


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  17. It’s not so much about his ugly mug folks…let’s face it he has never been a good looking guy. What is important is the plastics surgery this horrible administration is doing to our nation! We are beginning not to resemble the America we used to be! Completely unrecognizable!!!! And…we can’t even find the surgeon to sue!


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  19. So true, personal vanity has no place in national governance. It just shows a weakness others can exploit.


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  21. He may be taking steroid medications like prednisone.


    • John,

      I know people who are/were on prednisone. Their faces do get bloated, but Kerry’s face is beyond mere bloating. Where are the many frown lines of yore? Use your eyes, for heaven’s sake.


  22. Are you sure its John Kerry and not a look-alike?


  23. Janina Giedraitiene



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  25. Wow. I saw him and figured he was on Prednisone. It often causes shovel-face — The face gets squarish and puffy like, er, well, John Kerry’s new look! Odo indeed! It never occurred to me Kerry did this to himself for cosmetic, or carnal, purposes.



  26. Strangely persuasive analysis. I only wish it were about skanks. It would make his actions half-way rational. (More nookie is good for you at any age – I am 70.) I don’t think it’s what it is. It goes deeper than this. It’s profound madness about self.


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  28. In this one minute video, Kerry appears to admit that Building 7 was brought down by controlled demoliton on 9/11.



  29. Dr. Eowyn, maybe it deserves its own posting? Could get lost here. It seem like it would take weeks to rig a building for demolition. So it had to be planned months in advance…

    BTW, Kerry is much better looking here than in the pics above..


  30. Well, his grandfather changed his Jewish name to sound Irish, living in a largely Irish city, so why not have a fake face to go along with your fake name?


    • Ah Kate, your Irish wit precedes your name, and welcome to our sandbox. I feel this may be the best answer yet –or ever! LOL, J


      • Kerry’s over-botoxed right eye has maxed out in the eyelid droop department. Some of the initial swelling from the fillers has subsided. But his filler augmentation on either side of his chin is still making him look like George Washington. But poor George looked like that because he wore dentures.

        If I’m right about the botox, his eyedroop should get better after a couple more months. Botox maxes at 14 days approximately. Whoever did this botched work on him, it’s amazing to me that a guy who has so much money and access to potentially the ‘best of the best’ when to some amateur.

        Liked by 1 person

  31. Kerry has two faces? So what else is new!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Cause that’s what snakes do…he’s probably just shedding his skin earlier outta fear that Russia is going to rid the world of poisonous and venomous creatures and vermin like Kerry …

    Liked by 2 people

  33. You have a wonderful way with words! I loved reading this because you don’t bullshit around with what you really want to say. Thanks for the entertainment. He does look awful!


  34. Like Kerry’s new face. Hope he’s comfortable with it.


  35. Well, ever since his old show, “The Munsters” ended he’s had little to smile about.


  36. Hmmm! He’s either practicing “male genital mutilation” and it shows, or all that baby’s blood and hormone treatments are catching up.


  37. This is a “no-win” situation: no matter what, he still looks like John Kerry to me.

    And by-the-by—I’m more interested in this: -has he secreted his wife, Teresa Heinz, into some guarded room? I can’t hardly find out if she’s still alive or not (I think so, but can’t prove it by me). Since her seizure in 2013—I can’t find a time when she’s been in public with him again. (PPS–she was a Republican, widow of a Republican Senator, until Kerry’s run for office).


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