The Fall of America – in one pic

Are Americans completely devoid of a sense of propriety?

This pic was taken in a store (drug store? supermarket? Walmart?) somewhere in America . . . .


Note that while she’s wearing a bikini (not that it’s okay to wear a bikini in a store), what he has on is clearly underwear — of the translucent variety.

I suppose we should be grateful we are spared a frontal view . . . .

“Do As You Will” is the motto of the Church of Satan. DAYW can more crudely be rendered as “F-You.”

See also FOTM’s “People of Walmart” posts:


16 responses to “The Fall of America – in one pic

  1. ugh…. i was trying to figure out what store this was…
    This scares me as this might be in the middle of the day!!


  2. Perfect, just what I needed before I had my Wheaties. Helps my diet, now I have no appetite.


  3. now my head hurts again is there any hope for America?


  4. I am beginning to speculate that those photos may be either photo-shopped or in some other way in-authentic — I have seen a great many of them but never with store location or photographer credit. I am sure it was not our local store.


  5. eyebleach!


  6. J

    Sent from my iPad


  7. He really should do his shoe laces up, it’d be quite dangerous for the person he falls on to :p
    And for the eyes of the people standing behind him…lol


  8. I scream “eye bleach” as well! These people are so lazy they refuse to put on clothes so that we have to look at their ugly bodies. Notice that the guy’s shoes are untied – how lazy can you get?


  9. I know these two! They teach history, social justice and multiculturalism at the college in my town. The girl’s name is Hope Smith, and the guy is Thomas Change.


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  11. Mark 5:15 (CEB)
    “They came to Jesus and saw the man who used to be demon-possessed. They saw the very man who had been filled with many demons sitting there fully dressed and completely sane, and they were filled with awe.”
    This is my proof verse that we are to wear clothes!!


  12. They should not be allowed inside a public place. I am loathe for those with no self-decency. As for naked people wearing clogs only, in public,and naked pudgy men, crossing the street, they should be arrested for public lewdness. I, for one, do not want to see their repulsive bodies. Also, I am a bit on the outspoken side, and would be telling them to cover up. Even in places like Chuck E. Cheese, where children are playing, some adults will have their buttocks hanging out of their jeans, it does not bother me in the least to tell them to pull up their pants. I have a friend, in Florida, who owns a store, and his policy is to deny access into his store if anyone is wearing only a swimsuit. As for the above store, the manager should have a “zero tolerance” for exhibitionists and other nasty creatures that only look human. I don’t care if someone has “body beautiful” or “body barf”, have some decency. Leeann Springer


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