Rev. Manning’s predictions

Rev. Manning

Rev. and Dr. James David Manning is the fearlessly outspoken pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, NY.

Below are 4 predictions he made yesterday, August 19, 2013, on The Manning Report:

1.  By 2015, Congress will pass legislation making it a hate crime to use the words “Nigger,” “Faggot” or “Sodomite” punishable by 15 years in prison.

2.  When the Immigration Reform Bill is passed this year, unemployment for Black people will rise to 75%.

3.  Michael Bloomberg and The Rothschild family will enact laws in NYC to fingerprint all food stamp, public assistant, and public housing persons and recipients.

4.  By 2016, all churches will perform same-sex marriages.

Listen today at 3pm EST at

Here are two of Rev. Manning’s videos:

H/t FOTM’s joworth


9 responses to “Rev. Manning’s predictions

  1. Hey Doc,
    Was curious about this gentleman. Has any of his predictions come true? In at least of the statements he makes. (I know he CAN’T be that far off!)

    I love it when people…ANY people stand to speak the truth! Let us all pray extra protection for him.


    • He’s made a lot of predictions that came true. He was talking against Obama since Obama started running for office, and most of what he said came true. He didn’t just talk about Obama, but global government/NWO, Democrats and Republicans, everything.


  2. I love Dr. Manning, have listened to him for years and he’s right on the money. Thanks so very much for posting him, Dr. Eo. What’s that expression he uses for BO – the “long-legged mac daddy” – I love it. Since he’s black he can say what the rest of us are thinking!!


  3. thanks you guys! …uh and lady. I appreciate the input!


  4. I just watched the second video. It’s pretty compelling. And it fits right into the communist master plan.


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  6. Watching the videos as I type this . Dr. Manning , you are fantastic . Keep up the good work . No pun intended , but this man calls a spade a spade !

    He makes one hell of a point about the psychological effect of Barry’s comment on “Trayvon”


  7. That 75% unemployment figure is meant to start a “race-war” in America!!! Watch it ole Al/Louie/Jesse&others will say it is because of the white man this is happening&”white corporate America!!! They are all conspireing to kep the black man down!!!


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