People of Walmart Go to the Beach: The Gals Edition

There’s a website called, to which readers can send — and get published — candid photos they’ve taken of odd-looking shoppers in various Wal-Marts across the U.S.

Periodically I go on the website to cull pictures for my “People of Walmart” posts on FOTM (scroll down for our collection). I do them as a way to chronicle how Americans have lost our sense of propriety. Too many of us don’t make even a minimum effort at pulling ourselves together before we go out of our homes, but instead parade our slovenly appearances for the world to see.

By now, the term “People of Walmart” has taken on a meaning that goes beyond Wal-Mart stores, referring in general to men and women whose appearances make us reach for a bottle of sanitizing eye-bleach and, sometimes, mind-bleach as well.

It’s summer and it’s Friday! It’s beach weather!

And so, I give you “People of Walmart Go to the Beach”!

Here is Part One, on the gals. Part Two, on the Men of Walmart at the Beach, will be published tomorrow. 😀



Be here tomorrow for “People of Walmart Go to the Beach: The Guys and ? Edition“!

See FOTM’s “People of Walmart” collection:

H/t FOTM’s Ken L.


9 responses to “People of Walmart Go to the Beach: The Gals Edition

  1. Narcissism, exhibitionism, and self-delusion make for a powerful — but deadly-to-the-rest-of-us — potion!


  2. The little boy second to the bottom…he has my vote!


  3. If the ” Jane’s ” look this bad , One can only imagine what the ” Dick’s ” look like . Pun was heavily intended . The women look like they went on an “Auschwitz” diet , or straight to the fat farm . Total lack of self respect . And the 2nd. from last woman has more lines on her than a road map !


  4. That would be an insult to the dog !


  5. Wow–are you sure they’re humans?


  6. Oh my eyes!
    ! Do people really go to the beach (un)dressed like that??? UGGH! Thank God I never go to the beach! (I hate sand and burning in the sun)


  7. I’m pretty sure the first one with the black girl wearing nothing but CDs is at Burning Man.


  8. This all makes my oh so fragile body image feel ever so better. Bless you people of Walmart at the Beach.


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